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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AnonCMD, Sep 14, 2011.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    Would that it were. Sweden's a lovely country, the USA could to worse than follow their example.

    The problem I have with it is that it's a call for nothing-in-particular.
  2. xenubarb Member

    Caine is amazing...a black hatin' Nigra. Reminds me of those closeted Rebub fags who keep bumping into Tom Cruise in there. And Lemmiwinks.
  3. Orson Member

    It is interesting to watch what began as a disorganized mess coalesce into a movement garnering support across demographic lines and spreading out organically to other cities in the U.S. I'm fascinated by that process (which is why I didn't want this thread to get caught up i the pseudo-philosophical bullshit of the other thread).

    If my earlier post in this thread had chilling effect on discussing these events, it was not intended to do so. Rather it was meant to keep the discussion here elevated beyond the repetitive, single-minded thinking that political discussions seem to devolve into here. Edit: To focus on the news and developments and their implications, not the politics of right v. left, or right v. wrong.

    Having said that and in an effort to generate some discussion, it seems three things have occurred to keep this Occupy movement from fading from lack of support: 1) the video of Tony Bologna (what an name) macing those women, 2) the "99%" theme and 3) the support of the unions.


    Note: JS said it well above.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    No we don't. Inaccurate.

  5. xenubarb Member

    That's pretty funny shit right there. Yeah, a black man who lived through the 60s is mistaken when whitey spits on him and calls him a nigger. I'm sure it's a mistake anyone could make, right?
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  6. 00anon00 Member

  7. Glenn Beck Member

    <--needs more coffee

    I feel ya' Bro, not a bad start although there are far more laws that will need to be changed to accommodate transition. International and other Mega Corps are allowed to much power, how do we contain whats been released.

    *repealing laws is passing new laws.
  8. Glenn Beck Member

    Ahhaha, Herman Cain hates black people is what your saying. Go ahead, just call him Uncle Tom from now on and we'll know who you're talking about. I love HermanCain, hes not perfect but the best man on the line IMHO. Why does it even matter that he happens to be black.

    So what do you think about Allen West babz?

    As far closetfags? So what! So if a homosexual person is not militant about their sexuality they they become degraded beings to you? -- chalk another one up for individuality.

    I guess I see people as individuals and not as another piece of the Borg collective. YMMV -- Diversity and all that.

    Sure looks like he was mistaken. there is absolutely no proof or indication that the incident ever happened, despite the efforts from all sides to discover any.

    With all due respect for a man who march for civil rights, he was mistaken or he made it up. There were calls from both sides to have anyone who might have spit on a congressman, and call him a nigger, arrested and prosecuted. Thew police were 100% ready to make the arrest, the Congressman had a civic duty to follow though on such blatant public act of criminal racism. So why didn't he?

    Doubt isn't a crime, racist assault is.
  9. Glenn Beck Member

    I've been following this fairly closely. The stream is quite entertaining. They stream the GenAssembly, and then someone begins to speak about something you might not want streamed and they switch to recorded loops. Its almost as if they know it might harm their cause, transparency???

    I also can't help but to notice the choice of loops they are using. "Peaceful protest" happy-happy-joy-joy then violent imagery of violent resistance, then back to peaceful protest, and then a militant musical video. The programming is astonishing. I see a number of other programmings being repeatedly streamed. What other reoccurring themes am I seeing beyond the preparation for violence? Variances of socialism, anarchy and marixsist themes. The concept that you are with us or you are against us is bold and alarming.

    I myself do not see a solidified message either. What I see is an army being prepared for war, the undertone of which I find to be disturbing.

    Has anyone ever a read a book called 1984?
  10. Glenn Beck Member

    Seems to be mass arrest happening during the occupation of the Brooklyn Bridge. I guess the rights of other taxpaying citizens to drive across the Brooklyn Bridge is less important than the 'solidarity' display of the Borg collectives insistence to occupy a public highway.
  11. slobeck Member

    I hardly think you speak for America.

    What I'm interested in is whether or not protests, which are essentially just political street theater, can be focused into something that can actually bring about economic justice. Is there any talk about people who can actually DO something about economic justice picking up the mantle? (Besides Van Jones, who btw, made a great case for #occupywallstreet on Real Time this week)

    What I'm thinking about is the fact that no anti-war protest has ever stopped or prevented a war. That work is done by insiders not outside agitators. Sure, massive popular demonstrations may demonstrate the will of a group of people. A will that may or may not inspire the insiders to actually legislate change, but in and of themselves I don't know how helpful they are outside from allowing the participants to FEEL as if they're working for change and stroking their egos.
  12. Anonymous Member

    That's how I feel when I see a Tea Party rally.
  13. Anonymous Member

  14. Glenn Beck Member

    I believe #ows only represents very small minority of the population. I know they imply they are speaking for the 99%, that's not really the case.

    As this unfolds, it is becoming more apparent that is developing into an amalgam of liberal and leftist causes. Witnessing such 'beautiful' displays as Egypt, Libya, Greece and the UK, has a certain romantic attraction for some people. We all watched as Wisconsin rolled out and the politicians abandoned their duty, and in the name "democracy" they abandoned it.

    I believe there are TWO aspects driving this event. Disappointment in the results obtained from President Obama and the fear of what the 2012 election will bring. Facing the facts that most Americans do not actually support the agendas of the radical left, they are making one last stand in the throws of a death rattle. -- 2012 will be a very interesting year.

    Your premise that most American might support #ows is nonsense.
  15. Glenn Beck Member

    What part of "Constitutionally limited government" is difficult for you to understand? Maybe I can help you.

    Can you explain the cause people are getting arrest for right now?
  16. Anonymous Member

    Did the real Glenn Beck already comment on #ows?
  17. Glenn Beck Member

    I bet I did, and I 'prolly mention Geo. Soros a few times.
  18. Anonymous Member

  19. Glenn Beck Member

    You post changed, so I'll continue.

    I contend that much of it IS street theater "OH THE INJUSTICE."

    You mention Van Jones as being a proponent of #OWS and you would like to see "Economic Justice." Can you explain to me what 'economic justice' is, I can't seem to find a wiki for it.
  20. Glenn Beck Member

    I have read the thread. So far I've seen little to dispel the notions I mentioned, often I get NO U or dismissive nonsense, of course the clever ones post .GIFs.
  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Anonymous Member

  23. slobeck Member

    That wasnt my premise. It was only that two "celebs" who conservatives hate did not cause a loss of "popular support" - I only suggested that SOME people who might have agreed with it but hated Moore or Sarandon might abandon their support but I rather think people can be more nuanced than that. Sorry if I was unclear.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Nuance is lost on some posters in this thread.
  25. Glenn Beck Member

    It seemed as if you stating more with less. There have a been a few more 'celebs' promoted at #ows, none of which do much for me personally. Thanks for being clear.
  26. slobeck Member

    I have to say before this little interaction, I really really just thought you were trolling. I see now that you're a "true believer" and even though we may disagree on the effects of policy that we're not that far off one another on questioning the efficacy of this approach.

    To answer your "economic justice" question, or at least to respond: "economic justice" is a huge phrase and what exactly constitutes it is variable. I personally feel most strongly about trade in so far as it relates to jobs. I tend to take a more protectionist approach than the Milton Friedmans of the world. I know that's a terribly simple answer to a very complex question and it doesn't really cover it. Sorry if that's not a very satisfying reply.
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  27. adhocrat Member

    a protectionist approach is also known as mercantilism. It's what capitalism replaced.

    One reason being the concept of 'comparative advantage,' which is a way to figure out who should make what.

    And of course raising tariffs are a contributing factor to the Great Depression.
  28. Glenn Beck Member

    No ill taken.

    While I don't think I'd call myself a protectionist, I do not agree with the many of the "free trade" agreements we have entered into. Nor do I support policies that drive job over seas.

    I believe that economic justice is closely related to social justice and incorporates the idea of an socialist style redistribution of wealth.

    From teh Wikigawd
  29. slobeck Member

    I agree to a point. I don't necessarily think that a "redistribution of wealth" of the type that conservatives get crazy over is necessary for achieving economic justice. I do think that economic justice is about equal opportunity to participate in a market that favors innovation over the preservation of established fortunes and power. And i know "equal opportunity" can (from me) sound like a liberal catch phrase, but I don't mean it like that. I mean that the guy starting a widget business in his basement should benefit from the same tax environment that large corporations enjoy. That and I'd like to see free trade dialed back a bit (not eliminated altogether) It kills me thaT we invent shit and China makes all the money off the invention.
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  30. slobeck Member

    Am I wrong for getting the impression that with economic justice of the type that I am talking about actually creates social justice in that social values are all about quality of life? And from that, there is little need for things like affirmative action and those other social engineering experiments that get conservatives so upset.
  31. Glenn Beck Member

    It clear to me that we are not all that far apart. It's unfortunate that creating a widget has become so difficult.

    Tax breaks are inequitable for sure, I also believe the upper ends should pay more (%). By the same token I think everyone needs to 'pay a share', even if it's only 5% on the lower end.
  32. Glenn Beck Member

    No your thinking is correct IMHO. Unfortunately that is not seen as "social justice" as called for by the left, despite the imagey of equality they present, their actions clearly favor specified groups.
  33. exOT8Michael Member

    I see photos of the Wall Street protests on facebook, and tons of accusations of shooped images. Can any NYC anons get dox and not GTFO? :)) it would be great to see what IS happening.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    This is nothing to do with "redistribution of wealth".

    This is everything to do with "where the fuck did all our money go and which motherfucker is spending it?"
  35. whosit Member

    geez, I thought you would be on the side of Wall Street seeing how much art has been historically funded by evil rich people.
  36. whosit Member

  37. whosit Member

    But on a follow up note. Do you think art throughout history has been enhanced because of evil rich people? I would be interested on your perspective regarding this and whether or not things would be "better" or "worse". Do you think art would have progressed in the same way?

    Do we need a new thread for this?
  38. whosit Member

  39. greebly Member

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  40. whosit Member

    I agree with the first point and I think you're dead wrong on the other two.

    Hold please. I need to respond to the other post ITT.
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