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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AnonCMD, Sep 14, 2011.

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  1. slobeck Member

    if this is true then the whole thing was a strategic fail. What good has ever come from Phish heads?
  2. Snag Member

    Whatcha think?
  3. I'm not trying to address the overall hygeine of the attendees. Is anybody really surprised that there were a lot of hemp-wearing, djembe-banging, hackey sack-kickers there? It's a protest, against corporations, no less.

    I'm trying to show the fact that people apply such broad labels and make snap judgment based on dated stereotypes.

    BTW The plan is no fun anymore.
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  4. The Wrong Guy Member

  5. Anonymous Member

    Lost a tooth. Stood on an ankle.


    Police brutality - doinitrite:
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  6. Anonymous Member

    where is the ACLU in all of this?
  7. Anonymous Member

    If you're really interested, ask 'em.

  8. Anonymous Member

    ITT: Anons who liek the status quo.
  9. Anonymous Member

    If folks in this thread are actually interested in helping the protesters, has anyone arranged for some hygiene care packages to be sent? Pizza's all well and good, but some biodegradable soap, waterless toothbrushes, and baby wipes would probably help the less prepared folks in that crowd.
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  10. so, the industrial workers union are a bunch of hippies?
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  11. slobeck Member

  12. Glenn Beck Member

    No. Bolsheviks would be more accurate.

    We need more right to work states, liberty and all that.
  13. ItchyScratchy Member

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  14. *shakes his head*
  15. Glenn Beck Member

    Proles & Bolsheviks united against the Bourgeoisie. Whats so difficult for you to understand?

    Don't let the hopey changey emotional feel good fool you. Have you ever heard of Yuri Bezmenov?
  16. slobeck Member

    "right to work"™ = dismantling of unions = destruction of middle class
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  17. Glenn Beck Member

    lol, you really believe the crap you've been fed. The problem is central government policy not the citizens.

    Hope for austerity measures soon because the alternative will be much worse.
  18. Anonymous Member

    in US middle class = working class. there is no bourgeoisie.
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  19. slobeck Member

    try taxing corporations and ending the Bush tax cuts. Problem solved. Insert coin to play again.
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  20. Glenn Beck Member

    And why are you against people having the right to work? Why do you believe they should be forced into unions? This ain't the early 20th century.

    The middle class is being destroyed by insane government policies.
  21. Anonymous Member

    The middle class has been destroyed by insanely inequitable distribution of wealth and its own addiction to debt. That part is over.
  22. slobeck Member

    wow you're not to bright. I dont think "right to work" means what you think it means
  23. Anonymous Member

    There are several posters trying to defend the dirty hippies here. I just figured they might be better off cleaning them than trying to argue with us.
  24. slobeck Member

    Right to work = union busting. Unions are the REASON you have a 40 hour work week, sick leave, and overtime pay.
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  25. Glenn Beck Member

    LOL, no. It may feel good but there's not a chance in hell that it will recover the economy, in fact it will have the opposite effect.

    Truth is that tax cuts increase federal revenue by increasing available funding for the wealth producing economy. Works every time it tried.
  26. slobeck Member

    w/e you're not gonna troll me any further. Have fun.
  27. Glenn Beck Member

    No, I get it.

    Why is it a problem if Boeing wants to open a 787 factory in South Carolina? Is it wrong that they want to employ over 1,000 people in SC?
  28. ItchyScratchy Member

    Except when Raygun raised taxes and also raised the revenue base.

    I only need to look at history to figure out the last great depression was conquered with GDP growth being covered with massive government spending. They called it WWII, borrowed cheaply today to infuse cash to pay it off tomorrow. Works every time.

    I know, cutting taxes is what creates jobs blah blah blah. The truth the only thing that creates jobs is demand and giving some one with 10 million another milliion does nothing to spur economic activity. It's actually a disincentive (ie if things get worse less on!!!).

    Your cereal box economics have shown that the "republican" model currently being used today only works if you create ever expanding bubbles. Party is over and the bill is due.
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  29. Glenn Beck Member

    Unions have the right to organize, by the same token an employer has the right to oppose the union demands and hire a more reasonable work force.
  30. Anonymous Member

  31. Glenn Beck Member

    Again, NO, you're wrong. You're talking about Keynesian Economics. We thought Keynes was dead after Jimmy Carter. Unfortunately It came back, hopefully for the last time.

    It has become accepted by many economist that Roosevelt's National Recovery Act extended the great depression by several years. WWII, sure it energized the economy, ...only everyone was employed for the war effort and only 61,000,000 people died world-wide <-- Great plan you have there!

    We just spent $700,000,000, where are all the jobs?
  32. Glenn Beck Member

    You assume we still live in world where people are limited by horse & buggy, where jobs are only posted in the window or the daily paper. That communication takes days or weeks. "Come up to present time."

    You didn't answer the question as to why people shouldn't be able to take good paying job and rewarded for their ability to preform the job? Are you against individual liberty to make you own choices of employment?

    #OccupyWallStreet certainly has the scent of an anti-capitalism movement. Classic class envy. -- Either you have a diversity in economics status or you get an equality of poverty.
  33. Anonymous Member

    You got all of this from "k."? Are u a wizard?
  34. ItchyScratchy Member

    I didn't saying anything about FDRs failed policies. I stated the unequivocal truth that what brought the US out of the great depression was government spending to the tune of 130% GDP annually for 4 years to get us to the greatest economic growth period the world has ever seen. All this with marginal tax rates in the 70% range.

    You could A) start a war to produce this kind of spending or B) just spend it on infrastructure / anything that will last say 30 at least 30 years. Do it at the same levels borrow money at basically 0% interest short term or even 3% over 30 years and unless you think the US cannot grow at least 3% per annually then it should all be nice and rosey. Yes it involves having a plan that goes out to the point where you pay it all back but it is the solution. That or you could go with the current solution of hyper inflation through monetary devaluation. Also known as the Bernanke plan.

    Last time they tried it bolivia ended up in flames.

    As to the $700M it was spent by idiots who don't understand what it was supposed to do nor how to spend it. I give them credit for in spirit doing what needs to be done they failed at implementation.

    History teaches you everything you need to know, the isolationism of Paul, the debasement by the tea party of the tax base and the corruption by the left is basically a replay of the 1930s. If it all holds true, you should expect the real market crash and the true beginning of suffering to occur in the next 3 to 5 years. The same exact mistakes and idiocy is being spouted by Beck, Limbau, Maddow and everything other extremist be they left or right out there.

    Cereal top economics at it's best.
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  35. Glenn Beck Member

    I certainly do believe that something needs to be done about corruption at Wall Street, that there is unearned money flying into people pockets. I don't see #ows getting close to any real solutions as I had hoped. When the federal government gets involved with propping up their buddies, that is problem. -- Bush did it as does Obama (including the congress').

    We need fair and stable market rules. The government should not be in the business of choosing who survives the financial game, that opens the situation for corruption.

    As someone in the Tea Party, we want to remove politicians from both parties who play the buddy game. We want stop the cronie capitalism.

    Again: Here is a very basic view into opposing models of a capitalist economy.

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  36. Its not an anti-capitalism movement. You're following the fox news bullshit that they spout.
    "You want to tax the rich?"

    Heaven forbid we get rid of corporate personhood, hold Wall st accountable with new laws in place and tax the richest 1% oh, I don't know SOME AMOUNT OF MONEY.
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  37. Glenn Beck Member

    This isn't 1945. No longer are the days where you can have an idea and do it. Shovel ready jobs no longer exist as they once did. In modern times you have to navigate a plethora of federal alphabet soup, then face a decade of lawsuits. The manufacturing base is not what is used to be, much of it comes from China. -- You couldn't build the Hoover Dam today, it would never get out of court.

    Both parties are responsible. We have created too many laws and taxes, and control to the federal government, it's overwhelming to the private sector. We want to return the power to the states where competition for business will give balance.
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  38. adhocrat Member

    You named it for sure. You analysis has been debunked for decades, yet you still cling to it. you might do some real research about the causes of the depression and what got us out of it. It wasn't government spending so much as government smoke and mirrors, the same thing happening now, only now we know how destructive it is, yet the government still insists on using means that have been shown not to work.

    The government hides the true costs, and we are paying now for the horrid policies of FDR. FDR had no theoretical backing for his policies. His early policies contradicted his later policies, showing he had no idea what to do. Sort of like Obama, who is in way over his head. Expect things to get much worse.
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  39. Glenn Beck Member

    I've been watching the #ows live feed, and elsewhere. (I don't watch TV). I've seen and heard enough from edgy people who are all about fight the powah of capitalism to understand what is happening.

    I also have issues with the person-hood thing too. I believe someones ass should be on the line.
    • Cut the civilian federal government by 1/2.
    • Return power to the states (let the states tax the people, powers enumerated)
    • Address the entitlement issues.
    • A temporary increase of 5% across the board (yes, everyone pays something)
    Open this nation back up for business.
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