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Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Sep 27, 2011.

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    This thread:

    Is now some sort of public economic nerd fistfight. I'm not intereted in that at all, but I'm interested on updates concerning the OccupyWallStreet op. I humbly request any updates on that are published in this thread, since updates are hardly found on the original thread anymore...
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    Let's get this straight from the beginning, so there are no misunderstandings if/when I lay waste to entire strings of posts of trolling/political bullshit that may be coming to this thread.

    There is a whole other thread to debate #OWS, economic theory, class warfare and all of the other bullshit "well-informed" opinions being presented there. OP has made a reasonable thread and a simple request: a thread not focused on the enlightening tedious diatribes being posted in the other thread, but rather a thread focused on news reports, updates, etc.

    As I am personally also interested in what is happening, I'm down with this idea.

    Glenn, take your comments back to the other thread. We gave you a place to do what you do on this topic, you will not shit up this thread with it too.

    Yeah, I'm in a bad mood. Don't push me tonight.
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    On Slashdot:

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    Some recent stuff, posted in the other thread reposted here for review and discussion.

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    This thread is for updates, folks.
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    And it's comin, to my city. Soooooo excited.
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    Occupy Wall Street Protest: 12 Days and Little Sign of Slowing Down

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    Occupy Wall Street Protest Pepper Spray Incident: Was a Permit Needed?

    But the notion of protesters seeking a permit is misleading, according to one veteran of marches, protests, rallies and demonstrations: New York City civil rights attorney Norman Siegel.

    "Of all the times I represented groups that marched through the streets of New York, you don't actually get a permit. There's no piece of paper," Siegel said before heading to Midtown Manhattan to rally organized by a Guinea human rights group.


    There are instances where police will allow groups who refuse to communicate with police, like Occupy Wall Street, to proceed, he said.

    "I've seen the police in those situations allow people to march through the street," Siegel said of. "Very often, my sense is it's selective and that's the arbitrariness. In a sense, they make a decision based on who the group is and who they are."
    IBTimes TV
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    Is Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly a closet supporter of Occupy Wall Street, the anti-establishment protest group that has been camped out in the financial district for the past week and a half? That’s what it’s looking like. Thanks to the N.Y.P.D.’s heavy-handed response, what began as a small-scale and relatively innocuous demonstration has turned into a riveting piece of political theatre that now has the eyes of the mainstream media upon it.
    Read more

    A West Coast offense against banks is scheduled in the city's Financial District for today, according to SF Weekly. Dubbed "Make Banks Pay in California," the protest could feature as many as 1,000 angry men, women and members of Anonymousmarching through downtown,
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    Occupy Wall Street Protest: 12 Days and Little Sign of Slowing Down

    Nearly two weeks ago, an estimated 3,000 people assembled at Battery Park with the intention of occupying Wall Street. They were an eclectic group, mostly young, some with beards and tattoos, other dressed in shorts and sneakers; a few even wore suits for the occasion.


    At small table, posterboards lay out the schedule for the day, which includes marches down to Wall Street for the stock exchange's opening and closing bells, each followed by a "General Assembly" where the various groups gather to discuss their goals, their current status and what might come next.


    A couple of pizza joints, a Burger King and a deli have let the protesters use their bathrooms; some have even donated food. In the middle of the park is a media center where protesters send out Twitter updates and live-stream the latest news on their website. At 1 am Wednesday, more than 3,000 people were sending in questions while a young woman in a yellow poncho answered them on a live feed.



    It isn't clear that they want a single leader, and many think the movement is better of without one.
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    NYC Transit Union Joins Occupy Wall Street

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    So I walk out of work today right into the local version of the Occupation, which is actually a march. A couple hundred twenty-somethings (I'm no good at crowd counts), mostly white, reasonably tidy and well nourished. A lot of them were carrying yellow signs or banners that said "Make The Banks Pay", although there was one greasy looking chick with a giant Zeitgeist sign. *shivers*

    Anyhow a guy from my building walks by and says "another day, another protest", downtown SF having seen quite a bit of action lately what with all the BART stuff and an ongoing labor dispute involving the hotel workers union. I stand there for a few minutes scanning for familiar faces; there were no GF masks, although one guy was wearing a t-shirt that said "Insane Mask Posse" and a hood. As I'm about to head home a pair of Japanese tourists walk up to me and the woman asks "is this a protest?" Yes, I say. "Oh" she says, "what are they protesting?"—

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    John Stewart
    "Tony Balony"
    Could not make this shit up

    "The Vigulony"
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    Boston starts tonight. We (Boston Anons) are not organizing, but we'll have folks there who can update. Looks like tents will be allowed and the city is going to provide protesters with the means to do their own cleanup work so the parks department doesn't shit their pants.
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    Radiohead didn't make an appearance.

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