#OccupyWallStreet Updates

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Sep 27, 2011.

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    Good, because that's goddamn evil.
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    Sounds like adhocrat doesn't believe in Santa Claus, either.
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    guess I'm too dense to get it.
    And FYI, no I don't believe in Santa Claus and I don't believe in the Easter Bunny, but the Great Pumpkin is another matter entirely.
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    Occupy Chicago - Over 100 Arrested in Grant Park

    Over 100 were arrested in Grant Park early in the morning on October 23 bringing the total number of arrests Occupy Chicago has experienced to over 300. One week ago, 175 were arrested in Grant Park when they first tried to setup an occupation.

    Article: Occupy Chicago Arrests in Grant Park
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    Thanks The Wrong Guy. Don't know your favorite so you get mine
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    Thanks for saying Thanks.

    I'm glad to do what I can.
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    MMFlint Michael Moore
    I was to appear live Mon on CNBC @ 11am on Wall St. in front of the NYSE. I've just been told the NYSE will not allow this. On a public st.
    28 minutes ago

    MMFlint Michael Moore
    CNBC, who called me a week ago to schedule this interview, does not want to upset the NYSE so they won't interview me outside on the street.
    26 minutes ago

    MMFlint Michael Moore
    The stock exchange, the banks, the billionaire mayor -- they honestly think these streets are theirs. Just like they think they own you & me.
    26 minutes ago

    MMFlint Michael Moore
    So CNBC has caved to the demands of the New York Stock Exchange, even though its a public street! Well, sorry, not me.
    13 minutes ago

    MMFlint Michael Moore
    Dear CNBC: I will be in front of stock exchange at 11 am for the scheduled interview that you begged me to do. Find some courage and show up.
    12 minutes ago
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    Yeah, dude, you have worked hard on this. Thanks from this Anon too.
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    Read this from bottom to top:

    OccupyChicago Occupy Chicago
    We spent more time in jail than the wallstreet banksters who ruined our economy #wesatinapark
    56 seconds ago

    OccupyChicago Occupy Chicago
    Still waiting for nurses who have yet to be released #wesatinapark
    5 minutes ago

    OccupyChicago Occupy Chicago
    One of the holding cells with about 30 men had no working sink. Their requests were ignored for 5 to 6 hours #wesatinapark
    10 minutes ago

    OccupyChicago Occupy Chicago
    We yelled for about sixteen hours to make a phonecall before they finally let some of us #wesatinapark
    12 minutes ago

    OccupyChicago Occupy Chicago
    This protester asked different police officers 86 times politely to make a phone call. Ignored all night #wesatinapark
    12 minutes ago

    OccupyChicago Occupy Chicago
    An epileptic girl needed her meds. We yelled for an hour before anyone came and then they ignored for another hour #wesatinapark
    14 minutes ago

    OccupyChicago Occupy Chicago
    Any vegetarians were only given white bread. Vegans couldn't even eat the bread #wesatinapark
    16 minutes ago

    OccupyChicago Occupy Chicago
    We were given no food until noon today after yelling for hours they gave us a bologna sandwich #wesatinapark
    17 minutes ago

    OccupyChicago Occupy Chicago
    Two of the people who did get a phonecall report that the bondsmen were playing videogames instead of working on our paperwork #wesatinapark
    19 minutes ago

    OccupyChicago Occupy Chicago
    Most of those of us who were in jail were not even allowed a phone call even though we asked for one repeatedly.
    22 minutes ago

    OccupyChicago Occupy Chicago
    If you have some amazing photos from last night we would love for you to send us your BEST to socialmedia at
    25 minutes ago

    OccupyChicago Occupy Chicago
    They still haven't released the nurses who were arrested last night #americanawakening
    28 minutes ago
  20. Anonymous Member

    Teh Suxxor. I suppose they're getting a good sampling of how the underclass lives.
  21. The Wrong Guy Member

    DenverABC Denver ABC
    Busy day in court tomorrow. 9 #occupydenver arrestees in court at 8:30 am in four different court rooms at the Lindsay Flanagin Courthouse.
    6 minutes ago

    DenverABC Denver ABC
    At least 3 others in court at 10am at the Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center room 2300 from the squat raid today. #occupydenver
    3 minutes ago

    OperationLeakS Anonymous
    Media Team Members at #OWS, now know that they are being followed everywhere they go. Why is that? Wall Street is very scary right now.
    40 seconds ago
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    Chemical bomb tossed into Occupy Maine encampment

    Portland police are looking for the person who threw a chemical bomb at the Occupy Maine encampment in Portland during the early morning hours today.

    Sgt. Glen McGary said police responded around 4 a.m. today to an explosion in Lincoln Park at Congress and Pearl streets.

    Though no one was injured, McGary said the homemade bomb, which consisted of chemicals poured into a plastic Gatorade container, could have caused serious injury.

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    lol michael moore. kiss of death.
  26. Kilia Member

    You do a great job, Guy! Proud to know ya here!
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  28. lulzgasm Member

    OWS aren't breaking windows. Stop confusing them with the Greeks.
  29. adhocrat Member

    OWS, greeks it's all er um, Geek to me.
  30. lulzgasm Member

    Da fuck?
  31. Anonymous Member

    Baking soda and vinegar bomb?

    Man, that takes me back to grade two. Good times, good times.
  32. Zhent Member

    ABC's 7.30 reports again on OWS, this time the localised Australia spinoff :)

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    The Marines Stand With Occupiers

    "Our initial goal by coming forward was to legitimize the OWS argument that should America continue down the path currently set forth, America will eventually cease to exist. OccupyMARINES wants America to understand her military, though employed at the time by the Federal government, are Americans that have freely elected to defend her, to sacrifice individual life should it be required, and will not stand idly by as the 1% continue to rip out the heart of America."
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    TheOther99 TheOther99
    UPDATE: @MMFlint now agreeing to int. at Wall St. & Broadway.. @CNBC claimed there was no wireless capability.. #OWS
    3 minutes ago

    MMFlint Michael Moore
    On b'way and Wall St. now. CNBC.
    2 minutes ago

    TheOther99 TheOther99
    LIVE VIDEO: @MMFlint explains to LIVE cameras why he was not allowed near the NYSE..… #OWS
    1 minute ago
  35. bevansaith Member

    OccupyMaine attacked ...

    Press Release - Lincoln Park Campers Attacked

    Early Sunday morning, around 4am, the members of the Occupy Maine camp at Lincoln Park woke up to a loud explosion. Witnesses who were awake said a car driving by slowed down, and lobbed an IED over the fence. Within a few seconds, it exploded. The blast reportedly lifted a table about a foot off the ground. The table generally requires 2 people to lift and move. The target was the center of camp where the overnight security team was.

    One witness said this type of bomb could have caused a lot more damage if certain things were added and a lot of campers are fearful of another attack. Thankfully no one was injured last night but police investigators were on scene for 2 hours to identify the chemicals used and to try to find out who is responsible.

    The suspect car is said to be a Silver 4-Door Sedan from the late 80s-mid 90s and possibly a Toyota or Nissan and if you have any more information, you are encouraged to contact the Portland Police Department at 207-874-8575 .
  36. The Wrong Guy Member

  37. The Wrong Guy Member

    Right now, it appears as if OWS is going through a consolidation phase. In New York City, where the movement started, occupiers are debating a proposal to create a "spokescouncil" that would enable a hybrid form of direct democracy, with some individuals empowered to speak for their working groups. If they pass it, the Zuccotti Park occupation might be able to scale its efforts a little more efficiently. (The details are here, on the NYCGA's revamped website, which is a beehive of internal conversation.) OccupyTogether, one of several de facto hubs of information, is trying to cobble together a system for different local groups to coordinate communication with each other.

  38. The Wrong Guy Member

    New York cops defy order to arrest hundreds of ‘Occupy Albany’ protesters

    According to the Albany Times Union, New York state troopers and Albany police did not adhere to a curfew crackdown on protesters urged by Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) and Albany mayor Gerald Jennings.

    Mass arrests seemed to be in the cards once Jennings directed officers to enforce the curfew on roughly 700 protesters occupying the city owned park. But as state police joined the local cops, moved past the property line dividing city and state land.

    With protesters acting peacefully, local and state police agreed that low level arrests could cause a riot, so they decided instead to defy Cuomo and Jennings.

    “We don’t have those resources, and these people were not causing trouble,” a state official said. “The bottom line is the police know policing, not the governor and not the mayor.”

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  39. bevansaith Member

    Drug, vandalism arrests at Occupy Boston

    By Christine McConville
    Sunday, October 23, 2011

    Two Occupy Boston members have been arrested on drug charges, Boston police said yesterday.
    Bostonians Isaac Bell, 34, and Charlene Dumont, 31, were both charged with distribution of a class A drug (heroin) and possession with intent to distribute a class A drug within 1,000 feet of a school zone, police say.
    The 6-year-old child who was living with them in a tent is now staying with family members, police said.
    The arrests were made Friday after police said they received “multiple reports of drug activity in and around” Occupy Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway encampment.
    Also this weekend, protest-minded vandals made their mark on 21 downtown buildings, police said.
    At the Bank of America building at 100 Federal St., vandals spray-painted “Occupy,” “Bad for America” and “Yer building is crowding our skyline,” while the international anarchist symbol was painted on buildings at 100 Summer St., 101 Arch St. and 65 Franklin St.
    The words “Burn the Money” was painted on buildings at 99 Bedford St. and 9 East St., and a profanity was painted on a downtown Starbucks.


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