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Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Sep 27, 2011.

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    Bird's eye view of the #OccupyWallStreet march on NYPD headquarters in protest of police abuse of protesters.

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    Looking forward to Occupy LA tomorrow, but one report has an Emergency Preparedness event for 1000 at City Hall park, right where the march is headed from Pershing Square, with Occupy LA reportedly having no permits. It seems each side is trying to be accommodating, but we'll see. Young Turks and others pimping this event, should be a good turn-out.
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    Okay, short update from Boston:

    Most important statistic: 0 arrests.
    Estimated 1,000 folks showed up for the first day, large march went around downtown and the financial district ending at the Fed (just past the occupation site).
    About 100 people planning to stay the night in spite of the rain.
    Food and medical supplies are looking good right now, no need for significant donation drives.
    Police were cooperative, tents were allowed to be set up and I'm sure everyone there is very grateful what with the raining and all. There are also generators on site for the live-bloggers and media. for more in-depth coverage
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    @mightygodking Christopher Bird

    Marine vet just posted on Reddit saying that he and 15 others are headed to #OccupyWallStreet in their dress blues to shield protestors.
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  13. xenu2012 Member Global Revolution? The Occupy Movement Spreads Around the World
    Around 52 American cities are now part of the Occupy protest, while other countries are organising too. In NYC, Dr Cornel West led the General Assembly. "Don't be afraid to say revolution." Dr Cornel West told the protesters in Liberty Plaza, New York City, on September 27th 2011.

    It was not prophecy, it was observation. News had spread of another 52 American cities starting their own Occupy demonstration. Occupy Chicago, Occupy Boston and Occupy San Francisco were already a few days old, but now the movement was mushrooming around the United States and beyond. By September 28th 2011, all six of Australia's territories had their own Occupations being organised in major cities. Britain, Canada, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands all had at least one. [more...]
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    Here is update: yesterday ABC News reported that the protestors are planning to go on with the protests for the next 3 months
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    Just stumbled upon this by accident:

    "About this project

    PLEASE KEEP CONTRIBUTING! We don't have billions like FOX News nor are we bankrolled by the Koch brothers. We only have YOU! You have our tremendous gratitude, but this money will only pay for two issues. The more money we get, the more newspapers, posters, stickers and flyers we can print to get out the voice of the 99%! Please keep contributing and encouraging all your friends, family and colleagues to do likewise!
    Occupy Wall Street is the beginning of a whole new kind of democracy: a bottom-up people's democracy led by the 99%. It is a bold vision for the future that is beginning to inspire the nation. However, to pull it off, we're going to need a robust people's media unbeholden to corporate money. If we want people's democracy then we've got to build a people's media -- the two are inseparable.

    We want to be the people's media. Our first project is The Occupy Wall Street Journal, a four-page broadsheet newspaper with an ambitious print run of 50,000. It's aimed at the general public. The idea is to explain what the protest is about and profile different people who have joined and why they joined. We will explain the issues involved and how the general assembly process operates at Liberty Plaza. It will also offer resources and ways to join. The emphasis will be on quality content, design, photography and artwork that uses incisive humor to make it a lively read.

    Future projects include longer editions of the newspaper, bold stickers, edgy posters, colorful palm cards and inspiring flyers.

    This project is a volunteer effort: every penny you donate will go directly to printing and distribution. "


    pledged of $12,000 goal

    days to go
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    As you all may have noticed the main OWS threads are now in the FoI forum where the public can search and read them. Your efforts to keep this particular thread 'newsy' are very much appreciated. Opinionate to your hearts' content in the other thread, but tinfoil and crotch shots will be domed.
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    Finally a guy who makes sense!!! rather than illuminati or lizards.

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    check it before it disappears behind the paywall:
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    Led away in handcuffs. Age? Could be 18, could be 12, who knows?
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    Quoted from

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    The Associated Press report I quoted above has been copied by Fox News and it is now the top story on
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    Remember these guys?

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