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Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Sep 27, 2011.

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    One of the benefits of this is the addition of witnesses and less chance of inappropriate police action.
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    Now that OWS has it's own set of forums, there is no longer a need for megathreads. That means all you beautiful, caring people are welcome to start threads about your own special areas of concern.

    C'mon, branch out a little--spread em (in a good way).
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    Remembering "Street Poet"

    A man thought to be a protester was found dead Monday inside a tent at Kerr Park, police said.

    The man's name has not been released by police, but he was thought to be in his 20s. The man is part of Occupy OKC, a group of protesters who have been camping since Oct. 10 in Kerr Park near Robinson and Broadway avenues.

    Organizers refer to the man as "Street Poet," a homeless man provided with food, clothing and shelter by others involved in Occupy OKC, according to a news release written by Mark Faulk, who referred to himself as a moderator for the group.

    "At a candlelight vigil last night to honor first responders, Street Poet delivered a powerful poetic commentary about the complexities of homelessness and drug abuse, and the system's failure to adequately deal with these issues," Faulk wrote.
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    This thread is not for debate, it is for updates. Please discuss in the proper thread.
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    CNN had a clip of this occupation on Halloween, so the costumed protesters look like nut cases.
    There were a lot of older/middle aged people there showing support. The #Occupy has moved to Seattle Community College.
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    OWS has succeeded in changing the dialog in America
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    fify :)
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    Stephen Colbert Infiltrates Occupy Wall Street Dressed As Che Guevara


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    This is a duplicate post from

    Police abusing power on protesters in Colorado

    Over the weekend things heated up a bit in Denver, Colorado. In the light of recent events the focus has shifted to the role of the police, who turned out to be very violent to the protesters. The officers intent on dismantling the Occupy Wall Street Camp there and used tear gas, batons, and rubber bullets. This arises questions: what's going on and were the tactics necessary? Jacob Crawford, Copwatch filmmaker, joins RT's Kristine Frazao to answer those questions.
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    US Bank President Richard Davis to disillusioned country: "Get over it" - Minneapolis News - The Blotter

    US Bank President Richard Davis addressed the 1% at a Minnesota Chamber of Commerce luncheon this afternoon while the 99% protested outside.

    The banker began his speech to the assembled fat cats by introducing the Boy Scout motto, "Be Prepared," and Minnesota's state motto, "Get prepared."

    That, Davis said on numerous occasions throughout the speech, was the key to making it through this world. If it's raining, he counseled, "get an umbrella."

    Davis did comment on the economic woes facing the country, saying "fear," "loss of faith," and "uncertainty" were damaging American society. Davis called these feelings "really lame reasons to not get up in the morning."

    "'Everybody's breaking the rules, blah blah blah,'" Davis said at one point, mocking the general sentiment behind the public outrage before admonishing them to "Get over it."

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    Taking a quick break from scrubbing the lab to post this:

    Anonymous - Operation Fox Hunt - November 5th - Fox News and Individual Targets

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    I guess this qualifies as an update so have cross-posted from the discussion thread.

    Occupy Saskatoon will be breaking camp soon (cut them some slack people, COLD is happening) with a very interesting twist. They're not going to leave until the homeless population that has joined them has someplace to go.

    Some said they want to ensure first that homeless people, who have joined the camp, have some place to go.
    mi-occupy-goff.jpg Graham Goff says the Occupy Saskatoon group wants to find housing for homeless people who joined their camp. CBC"Our city has quite a problem with affordable housing and people not being able to have homes," Graham Goff, one of the Occupy Saskatoon people, said. "It's just very hard for us to pick up and go and turn a blind eye to those members of our community most in need."
    Go Graham.
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    That's a pretty good plan, actually.
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    Goldman Sachs Threatens Small Community Bank For Banking With OWS Protestors | MTR

    Last week, Democracy Now! and The Guardian ran our story about Goldman Sachs yanking financial support from a community credit union for honoring one of its largest customers. The customer: Occupy Wall Street.

    Our report so enraged Goldman that, within days, it doubled down on its attack on the little community bank.

    Goldman had already demanded the return of its $5,000 payment to the Lower East Side Peoples Federal Credit Union. Now, sources say, the trillion-dollar Wall Street mega-bank sent the following message to the not-for-profit community bank: ”You will never get a dime from any bank ever again.”

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    Some of the protesters are learning how to doitrite:

    "He has a right to speak," said the cop to the banker

    by marvinborgFollow

    Like most bullies, the banks are cowards. They talk a big game, but if confronted with their crimes, they run for cover and go whining to "mommy".
    Today, I walked up and down a sidewalk, in front of a branch of Chase and a branch of BofA. I handed out about 250 flyers during lunch hour.
    They panicked and called their private security people, then more private security and finally the cops. That's when they found out that they didn't have a leg to stand on"
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    *confused as to why this is surprising*
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    Occupy Tulsa Arrests and Pepper Spraying Raw Video

    Note: Pepper Spray section starts at 5:40.

    In the early morning hours of November 2nd police raided Tulsa's Occupy Wall Street protest. The Tulsa police chief arranged a bargain with Occupy Tulsa earlier in the day where the volunteers would have a sit in arrest, they were to be carried off without the use of pepper spray.

    In the video you can see that several protesters were pepper sprayed while sitting down on the ground, they were clearly not posing any sort of threat. They were sprayed directly in the eyes at close range. If there isn't a legal question here there certainly should be an ethical question. Is it right to use excessive force and torture just to prove you can do it? If the police chief were actually interested in discouraging arrests it would make more sense for him to let them know pepper spray would be used in the situation.

    I decided to present the raw footage from the time police moved in throughout the entire arrest proceeding to eliminate accusations of deceptive edits. There is a small 5 second break in the middle of the video due to file size limits on my DSLR where I had to restart the video portion.

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    Occupy Riviera: Thousands rally against G20 politics of profit

    Political uncertainty in crisis hit Greece is dominating the G20 meeting in France. There were reports the Prime Minister Papendreou was about to resign, but now it looks like he could even end up as head of a national unity government, and scrap plans for a referendum on an EU bailout. Which would please the global leaders hoping to prevent Greece collapsing in debt and taking the Eurozone with it. Away from the actual summit, anti-G20 marches have been held across the French Riviera.
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    Some sound Halloween advice via Twitter:

    delrayser delrayser
    Only giving out candy to kids whose bags are already full; assume whatever they don't eat will trickle down to the others.
    31 Oct
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