#OccupyWallStreet Updates

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Sep 27, 2011.

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    IDK if this is the same protests or a Boston variant.
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    October 1, 2011 in City

    Protesters ordered to be less ‘permanent’

    Tents, affixed signs removed as shelter ordinance enforced

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    Economic protesters take to the streets in L.A.

    'Occupy LA' demonstrators march from Pershing Square to City Hall to call attention to policies they say benefit the richest 1% of Americans.

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    This is why the 99% have to act now. This is a trader. This is the basic premise of Wall Street. Make money, make more money, and make more money of the backs of the people. Economic crashes hurt the middle class, the 99%. This the ultimate wet dream for the money changers. Recessions create opportunity for a very few to make a killing on the ashes of the financial ruin of the masses i.e the middle class. Thta is why right now the big 400 are actually getting richer. Have you heard of any billionaire going bankrupt? Why would they give their CEOs record bonuses after the bail outs? Why were these CEOS responsible not fired? Because their companies actually made more money. Forget your political leaning people. This is classic capitalistic free for all. This system has no morals or ethics. It's all numbers on a spread sheet. When our governments fail to keep checks and balances on the financial institutions to protect its people from a system designed to maximized profits this is what you get. AND it is in their interests to keep people with common interests divided.
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    Yet everyone is quick to attack his character and not the validity of what he said, attention whore not withstanding. Where are the so called "legitimate" traders countering what he said?

    And especially this one
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    Please be careful brothers and sisters. It seems like our enemies seem to WANT us to cause upheavals worldwide.
    Just please pass the word and remember non-violence is the only way to defeat them. They have perfected violence, and have no defense against non-violence!
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    Quoted from

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    Hope some find this commentary as interesting and thought-provoking as I did. Those that would dismiss it because it comes from HuffPo would of course be missing the point altogether. Here are some excerpts.

    Wall Street Protests: A Right-Left Movement Must Emerge

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    Some interesting updates.

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    thats funny, because at the LA rally there where people handing out flyers with a link to infowars

    but yes, there where nutty people hanging around. one chick talked about the zionist, and other people bitched about the NWO.

    also this one might of thought she had or own personal army to back her up

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    Next best thing...
    Wall Street protesters dress as zombies in NYC
    the lulz, it werks. and it helps people.
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    from the halls of Montezuma, lalalalalala

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    "I'll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one."
    —Occupy Seattle participant.
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    Sounds like support, not 'co-opting'...
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  37. Much Kudos to The Wrong Guy for Otacon-ing the shit out of the protest coverage
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    "Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators were arrested over the weekend in New York. But with the mainstream media ignoring or ridiculing the protesters, and politicians turning a blind eye, what other options do they have to get attention to their outrage? RT's Anastasia Churkina takes a look."

    "Over the weekend 700 protesters were arrested for marching on the Brooklyn Bridge. Occupy Wall Street is going into its third week and isn't showing any signs of ending anytime soon. The unions are reported to be joining the demonstration on Wednesday as thousands more will be filling the streets of New York City. Marina Portnaya brings us the latest."

    "Occupy Wall Street is spreading and many American have been inspired by the demonstrators in Lower Manhattan and are starting their own gatherings. Occupy Wall Street protesters in LA have been downplayed by the mainstream media and it seems the media has more interest in the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor. Ramon Galindo, RT correspondent, tells us more about the Occupy Wall Street protest in LA."

    "People from all walks of life have gathered to Occupy Wall Street. Nationwide the protesting has broadened, but with all these widespread protests is the real message of Occupy Wall Street getting lost? Joe Weisenthal, deputy editor at Business Insider, tells us more."
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