#OccupyWallStreet Updates

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Sep 27, 2011.

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  5. anonymous person on the net hates unions, marked
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    I have hope again. I see far more directions and accidental tactics that are far more right than wrong. It has airlifts and some kind of crazy magnetism that damn I think just might spring something radically new. It has to be radically new and eventually some kind of full bodied developlment. There's not enough makeup in the world to make our current ugly systems attract anyone, anything. But it's going to take persistence on a long, long course. Amendments, I wonder if this will have to be a part of it all. That's a long, upward climb.
    Or maybe a different kind of tea party, withholding all votes, all taxes, all something?

    I would like to see some dox on that $4.3 million JP Morgan was to have sent to NY Police as the supposed reason for batons and pepper spray. I don't understand this police brutality bit at all.
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    Can I leave some videos here from the Occupy Portland event? Or should there be other threads for the different cities?
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    This is kind of a mega thread, but there is a separate Occupy LA thread as well. Up to you, but I think more people will see it here.
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    ok, thanks I'll post it here
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    These are from the occupy portland, the first two were taken around noon on my lunch break. The second two were taken after work around 4:45. The estimated attendance was somewhere between 3-5 thousand people, though there was some one in one of the helicopters saying it really looked like 10k. This was all done with peacefully, as as of about an hour ago was still peaceful. Another protester txted me to confirm that everything was safe. I don't know if they'll be able to actually occupy the waterfront park like they want, it sounded like the mayor was trying to be an ass though I'm not sure the extent. There were hints that he had refused to give permission or permits, but I never heard official confirmation of that.

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    I heard that Rush "Fatso Hypocrite" Limbaugh called the protesters "Human Debris"...

    Go choke on some Twinkies, pain killers, and a fat cock while you DIAF, you fat ass.
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    Here's an update.

    Anonymous duped by Scifag groop-shoop tech, more likely than you think. What ever happened to applying fire to render out the facts?



    Google Maps

    Sauce code.

    So 'anons', how does it feel to be played?

    The truth will set you free.
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    There's a petition at
    (First "dot" in the petition slightshow)

    So far, 141,503 signatures. You need to register with Avaaz to sign.

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    This story is at the top of the Google News page now:

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    Austin police chief Art Acevedo’s thoughts on NYPD

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    BEWARE!! >> occupyparty .org <<

    strange wierdness

    Meanwhile, if y'all want to write me in for Pres. next fall:

    - legal weed

    - de-person corps

    - restore fairness / equal time doctrine, editorial programming must be clearly labelled

    - single-payer healthcare

    - simple three-tier progressive tax structure, no loopholes for the 1%ers

    - public education ends at ten grades, free voucher for 2-year tech or community college

    - hands-off social security -- it's paid for, not welfare, dammit.

    - equal rights amendment with gender preference / gender identity included

    - law enforcement, corrections, and their vendors, consultants et all must operate as nonprofit

    - write-in campaign via free blog(s), zero dollars accepted

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