[Oct 15, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Washington D.C., DC)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by MrAnonization, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. MrAnonization Member

    This thread is for the planning of the mega raid which will be known as Anon-Coming, an anonymous homecoming. Basically you would dress up, and all tons of music dancing megaphones, masks. etc..
    The date is not set but i put one up as a example. Please tell your friends and plan accordingly.

    We want a large show up rate for this and not being a fluke would be great
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  2. MrAnonization Member

    Supply check list (What we need so people can bring stuff if they wanna help out a little)

    • Dress Clothing
    • Fake king and queen voting slips
    • tons of noms
    • tons of drinks
    • inflatable xenu in a dress
    • some kind of mat or something
    • Decorations: Streamers, balloons, etc..
    If you think of anything else please say so
    I so far think i can get:
    • Speaker
    • Microphone
  3. 3rdMan Member

    Okay but should we hold at the national mall or Dupont Circle? I recommend Dupont to troll Scientology in the neighborhood close to their org.
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  4. anonsparrow Member

    That neighborhood is NOT close to their org. I can't believe you're even making me capitalize shit 3rdMan.. 16th and P Street. Bring microscopes and sit still ALL DAY. That is where we will have the most impact.

    Don't make me come back to this thread and explain things. I mean it.

    3rdMan: All that being said will you still go on a play date with me sometime? I'm not even gay. I can't believe you would imply that which you've clearly done by reading this post. Dam.
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  5. MrAnonization Member

    Okay guys we are going to be doing this in front of or across the street from the org WITH permit so we can has enough people and be close enough for major trolling. Unless we find out if they have something on the mall in October, but we would need EXACT date.
  6. nightfire Member

    OOOoooo this looks interesting...
  7. Anonymous Member

    If I can get a deal on a flight I am there!
  8. 3rdMan Member

    Well duh, of course we'll pay the Scifags a visit. The main event, I am saying might work better if held someplace where there is more space. Problem is we need tables and room to work with if we are to accomplish the homecoming raid as desired, IMO. I doubt the police will grant us a permit to close the sidewalk across from the org. Dupont is closer to the org than the National Mall and it has the room. Suggestions?
  9. Anonymous Member

    If y'all can't stop bickering imma stay in Nashville.
  10. MrAnonization Member

    Well why doesn't someone find the date for the Scilon's event in OCT? If we don't know when it is us being on the mall would be a huge waste. I'm the idea guy we need a lot of people pulling together to pull this off
  11. MrAnonization Member

    Also i know there isn't many, but lets hope for some amount of FemAnons to show. Also anyone know anyone who can get us a small stage if we going to do this at mall?
  12. Anonymous Member

    Now you're just hurting my feelings. Sparrow, do something.
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  13. MrAnonization Member

    Wait what'd i do O_O
  14. MrAnonization Member

    Our amount of femanon go from 1-3 i hope for more so that it'l be a little more evened out i didn't mean so say something wrong.
  15. MaidOfWin Member

    oh god Mailman stop freaking out you gotta lrn2intertrolls

    zonker I think you've just volunteered to show up in a prom dress

    re: space, there is actually a lot of space in front of the Carnegie Inst. across from the org. I don't see why we couldn't just get a permit for that area and keep the sidewalk open - throw down some red carpet or equivalent, have a voting table off to the side, maybe a mic stand, no stage required. It is a pretty dramatic spot with the stairs and columns behind it. It would be silly and fun and wouldn't even really need to be the same day as the IAS event, if we can't get confirmation on that date in time. I'm willing to help plan and already have a list of thrift stores to check for dresses.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Of course!
  17. 3rdMan Member

    Okay could someone contact Schumin to get that permit as early as possible? A) I think we'll have to talk to the Carnegie Inst about it. B) Get info from the police on holding an event in that area. C) Estimated headcount.

    Also, need to find the protest sites of other Anon cells and viral the shit out of this cause not all of them come here.
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  18. MrAnonization Member

    Yeah i agree completely. We should try to find out if some ex scilons would like to join, and all. Actually I'm going to need that head count to for my planning.
  19. MrAnonization Member

    I'm going to try to get some coverage for it, also anyone wanna have a speech for it or anything?
  20. MaidOfWin Member

    speech can be cranked out in an hour, I wouldn't worry about that right now. this phase of planning should be about getting bodies to the same location at the same time in a legal and non-disruptive fashion

    I think we can edit the permit to revise estimated turnout upward if needed, but I'd ballpark a few dozen people - could be more, could be much less depending on whether this date works for people. Committing to the date/time is the first step of bootstrapping an event like this, spamming it all over the internet comes after.
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  21. 3rdMan Member

    Okay but we should choose this location ASAP. Tomorrow I will make phone calls to the DC police asking about the location and what needs to be done about it (fees, etc).
  22. This.... Date is uber important. No other plans can be laid in concrete until a date is set.
  23. MrAnonization Member

    Okay im going to say this
    1. Date = Oct 15, 2011. We setting this in stone so we can continue planning
    2. Locations = The sidewalk across from "Ideal Org" of the Scilons so we can get a nice amount of room i scoped it out a day ago to decide, and it looks as if it will be plenty big enough once we get a permit.
    So yeah that is what i say to make it easiest for all, and so we can get to planning cause even if Scilons don't have some kinda party on the date they will still be covering it possibly, or doing some kinda anti-protest
  24. A raid, eh? It's been a while, but I am always up for a troll. Zonker, you better come see me after that Rally to Restore Sanity visit failure. I owe you a beer.

    I know all about permits, I have a ton of crap, etc etc. Let me know what you need and I will help.

    FYI, Halloween is the anniversary of the Ideal Morgue's opening. I dunno their celebration plans. I am sure there's a few others as well.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    If I can swing it I am so there and will def take you up on that beer bb! I think we would have a blast trolling your org. Can't wait!

    You got a prom dress? I'm thinking I'll go with something short, show a little leg. You think the noobs in this thread know I'm a girl? Wait, I forgot, there are no girls on the internet. Guess its just you and me bb!
  26. A prom dress. urgggggh. I'll think about it. I do have a tiara and a blonde bimbo wig.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Ok, no prom dress for you, but the wig and tiara are a must!
  28. nightfire Member

    HOLY CRAP SHE LIVES!!!! Listen to this woman she knows what is up when it comes to megaraids! HT we miss you on IRC.. come back to us bb
  29. MrAnonization Member

    Anything you can bring shall halp. I'm working on a checklist that i shall put up later today :)
  30. 3rdMan Member

    I called the # for special events for DC Metropolitan police. No answer. :-\
  31. MrAnonization Member

    well if you try again later you may get answer
  32. MaidOfWin Member

    They never counterprotest, they suck too much
  33. MaidOfWin Member

    I just assume everyone whose handle I don't remember is a guy between the ages of 14 and 27, it's statistically safe
  34. MaidOfWin Member

    I'm telling you, the thrift store is amazing for hideous prom dresses, especially in the off-season when nobody with a legitimate need for the things is looking
  35. anonsparrow Member

    Hubbard Telescope Hubbard Telescope Hubbard Telescope

    Please come back.
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  36. MaidOfWin Member

    Uh oh, he's giving you the puppy eyes, better do what he says HT
  37. For reals. A friend and I used to watch protest vids, and we'd straight lol at some of your antics. I remember one time you were chalking the sidewalk at the old D.C. org and some d-bag of a Scn purposefully stepped in your way, so you just kept right on chalking around his foot. Hahaha, classic.

    Gonna look into seeing if I can possibly make this event - I wouldn't bet on it, but I'll try.
  38. Mahluhu Member

    this sounds like it will be a great raid.
  39. MrAnonization Member

    Anyone have a status on the permit ?
  40. 3rdMan Member

    I cannot get the permit, only Schumin can. Someone with Schumin's contact # should ask him to get it. I don't have it anymore.

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