October 11th - Manchester, UK - post game

Discussion in 'Europe' started by strobe, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. strobe Member


    Terrible dancing, great coffee, shame about the rugby.

    Our monthly protest against the cult of Scientology started much the same as any other - almost everyone was late and our newfag nearly didn't find us. Once the raid was underway we got through hundreds of fliers and the public (which included a lot of fans for a rugby match in town that day) were initially receptive to our bizarre mix of music:


    I had a rare chance to speak to a random Scientologist leaving the cult, but unfortunately it was the most formulaic 'conversation' you could imagine (asking a question, cutting me off after one second, asking why we weren't going after drug companies instead, and repeat, eventually walking off mid-conversation.) All other visitors to the initially busy cult building tried their best to pretend we weren't there, as usual.


    Later some of the (drunker) rugby crowds started interfering with the protest, to the point where it was looking violent. Thankfully we narrowly avoided this and managed not to have any of our gear stolen - and someone from Grindsmith Coffee (who make great coffee, by the way) across the road gave us the details of a local police contact for future use. It wasn't all bad though, some members of the public did our job for us...


    ...but following the stupidity shown earlier, the day was only truly salvaged by a group in fancy dress channelling the Village People.

    Next month's protest is November 8th - come down and join us.










    Even moar.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Bravo Strobe, and all the Manchester Anons! Love you guys! <3
  3. jensting Member

    That's a decent crowd - lovely work!
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