October 17 - Las Vegas, Nevada. Org for Sale!

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by avbb, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. avbb Member

    October 17 - Las Vegas, Nevada. Org for Sale!

    Sorry a bit late, been kind of busy. This was taken the day AFTER CA's arrest, Oct 17, 2009.
    Very peaceful day. No ONE cop showed up....

  2. vegnej Member

    Re: Org for Sale!

    A definite win in the close an org competition. LOL
  3. Re: Org for Sale!

    Epic win.
  4. RightOn Member

    Re: Org for Sale!

    yahoo. A real "ideal" org!
  5. Re: Org for Sale!

    I wouldn't call it "epic".
  6. Re: Org for Sale!

    They're just hiding from the evil terrists
  7. BlooAnon Member

    Re: Org for Sale!

  8. Tofuman666 Member

    Re: Org for Sale!

    Sweet. Now I can my dream of being a cult leader.
  9. Re: Org for Sale!

    Unfortunately, this does not mention the fact that the scilons are right now building a whole new Las Vegas org in the middle of a residential neighborhood to replace this one on a public street.

    It figures that the scilons would pick a not-good-for-protesting location, around three blocks away from any real traffic.

    Have their new neighbors been warned yet? They should be. They need to be warned as to what happened to Clearwater - and how that can happen - albeit on a small scale - in their own neighborhood.
  10. Re: Org for Sale!

    the neighbors need to be warned that Moxon is coming after their guns, next.
  11. avbb Member

    Re: Org for Sale!

    Not true. They bought an old synagogue about 3 years ago and are in the process of renovating. It's in the middle of a residential area and the locals are NOT happy. They attended the pubic hearings for the project with many votes against the expansion, city counsel approved it anyway. They have been renting the building out while they raised funds.
  12. whoever Member

    Re: Org for Sale!

    But if they are moving to another location, which it sounds like they are, the org is not closing. Is it?
  13. avbb Member

    Re: Org for Sale!

    Well, they keep changing their story, First they were going to keep the old site for offices, I think, but then one day there's a ginormous FOR SALE banner on the front. They want to sell this shitty, run-down old building. The neighborhood is pretty rundown too boot, nothing but gay bars, poor people and misery all around them, and that building is 40-50 years old. They seem to believe there will be this huge expansion in Vegas so they have this synagogue in a nice residential area. But the thing is, people who live in Vegas, just don't give a fuck.
  14. whoever Member

    Re: Org for Sale!

    I'm sure they're deluding themselves about the "huge expansion." But it sounds kind of iffy to say the org itself is closing (which I do think would be an epic win).
  15. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Org for Sale!

    It's closing; they all are. The only thing TBD is the length of the death throes*.

    * Kenprick: this refers to the "death" of the org, not of any living organisms, be they degraded or deluded.
  16. Re: Org for Sale!

    I'm going to turn it into a parking lot! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  17. the_cloak Member

    Re: Org for Sale!

  18. Re: Org for Sale!

    This has to be win. Anybody choosing to sell in today's market would have to be either desperate for the money, or a complete idiot.

    (Yeah yeah, it's residential property but I'm guessing it doesn't look any better on the commercial side)
  19. TehHerro Member

    Re: Org for Sale!

    as for the locals, we can help make this a big stink, namely by going to the newspapers and asking "Why does the council, which is meant to be FOR the people, keep ignoring them?" Or the like. If the media sinks its teeth in this, this can and will hurt the local council, because the world loves to see teh ebil board get pwned by the voters.

    Maybe our anons can show up at a meeting and ask them point blank why they are ignoring their voters.
  20. Re: Org for Sale!

    LV has an org and a celebrity centre. When I was "in" I was told the plan was to combine the two. That is probably still the plan, i.e. merge them both into one Celebrity Centre.
  21. omnibus prime Member

    Re: Org for Sale!

    If you LV anons can get the Org to sell, that's awesome.
    If they try to build an Org in a residential neighborhood, take a look at the zoning code and you might be able to find some information about Special Use or Conditional Use Permitting.

    If an area isn't zoned for that use (religious or commercial), chances are they can't move there or they'll have to file an SUP/CUP with the Planning Department first. Then they'll have to send notices to the surrounding area that would be affected by the change in land use. Public meetings may also be held. THIS IS A GOOD THING.

    If you can get the neighbors to cry Not In My Back Yard (NIMBY), you've won. Let them know that wherever Scientology goes, masked dancing people with signs and music will follow, which neighbors probably won't like, and it may decrease their property value. You can also claim that the increased traffic will be unsafe for children.

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