October 17 - Los Angeles, CA

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by Rawrdy McRawrsen, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. October 17 - Los Angeles, CA

    Anything coming up anytime soon? If so, I would love to hear about it.

    [mod]See updated details.[/mod]

    October Global, Los Angeles/Hollywood
    October 17th, Big Blue
    Time: 4-7 pm
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA


    Last I heard, socal was negotiating terms of surrender, not unlike the ones agreed to in D.C. They were going to drop full dox on AO and the rest of the failures across the country, in exchange for being left alone for good. OSA is getting too scary, and they're fairgamed all to hell, and really all they need is some peace and quiet and not having to deal with Scientology anymore.
  3. Re: Los Angeles, CA

    You fucking serious? A couple of assholes ruin the fun for everyone.
    Anyone else wanna do this shit right with me?
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    I hate you all.

    except Herro
  5. the anti Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    somethings going on around LA?
  6. Re: Los Angeles, CA

    That's what I'm trying to find out.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    Step One: cash pfizer check
    Step two: turn on computer
    Step three: go to internet browser
    Step four:go to Home - Why We Protest
    Step Five: go to global protest planning, under west coast
    Step Six: look for LA protests
    Step Seven:
    Step Eight: do the truffle shuffle
  8. Re: Los Angeles, CA

    Step Nine: Tell you I've done all that shit.
    Step Ten: Find local cell.
    Step Eleven: Find out local cell is unresponsive.
    Step Twelve: Post this thread in hopes of getting some new raids going.
    Step Thirteen: ???
    Step Fourteen: Enturbulate on your couch.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    something tastes funny

    Anyone else taste it?

    there was a badly planned on on the 12

    here's my suggestion for you

    Search Donkeypunch on wwp

    look up posts participate in that

    and than in a couple of weeks if no LA raids are scheduled than make your own
  10. Re: Los Angeles, CA

    Of course you bring that up. Take the tinfoil off.
  11. Re: Los Angeles, CA

    And there isn't anything happening IRL for DonkeyPunch in my area.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    if i said it in a public post i would be bad news,
    hop on to chat room
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    Susan Boyle is in Los Angeles & performs live on the finale of "America's Got Talent," Wednesday, September 16th, 8:00pm PST.

    Rumor has it that her nephew, who oversees her YouTube account, is an anon.

    YouTube - susanboyle's Channel
  14. Smurf Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    Of course, if you want some live action, you can always go down to the HGB or LRH Way on your own & create some excitement for the Scilons, but I'd recommend you take a friend with a videocam.
  15. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    And Smurf knows what happens if you don't...
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA - #socal

    Don't expect everyone to do everything for you. Make your own raids.
  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Killeravocado Member

    Re: October XX - Los Angeles, CA

    What about hemet?
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: October XX - Los Angeles, CA

    a) We don't hold globals in Hemet. It's hard enough to get people to drive 10 miles to Hollywood.

    b) We don't announce Gold raids. They're best left as a surprise.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: October XX - Los Angeles, CA

    Tommy Davis said Anonymous is in its death throws.

    I think we should PROVE HIM WRONG.

    Sending him a message at PAC (Big Blue) in October would be effective, in-your-face, and lulzy.

    October 2009 will mark the 21ST GLOBAL RAID OF SCIENTOLOGY, and the 21ST GLOBAL RAID IN LOS ANGELES. Take THAT Tommy Davis. It ain't over for you and your terror midget yet. We'll see who is in their death throws. You only wish it was over.

    So, bring your biggest signs, your hugest boom box, your moistest caek, your sexiest costume, your smokiest lolcano, your biggest balloons, your best Xenu, your springiest couch for your most ridiculous Tom Cruise mock up to jump upon.

    That's what I'm thinking anyway.

    In Summary, bring:

    1. music
    2. mockery
    3. caek
    4. sexy
    5. signs
    6. ...
    7. profit
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: October XX - Los Angeles, CA

    There's going to be an IAS event in October. Let's keep our eyes open and plan around it.
  22. Smurf Member

    Re: October XX - Los Angeles, CA

    Lay off Tommy, please.

    He talks smack out of his ass because that's his job and he wants to please the boss. Anyone here that has been a Scientologist at one time or another knows what that's like and has done the same thing.

    Yes, there will be an event celebrating IAS' anniversary on October 7. I don't know when & where it's taking place, though.

    From: ASHOFNEWS <>
    Subject: IAS 25th Silver Anniversary Award
    Date: Wednesday, June 10, 2009


    7 June 2009

    To: All ASHO Foundation Public
    From: Captain ASHO Foundation

    IAS 25th Silver Anniversary Award - 2009

    “To keep going on a planetary salvage job you have to have the means to salvage in the frame of reference of the planet. Hence, we need the above things to get the job done.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

    HCO PL 21 Jan 1965R



    Twenty five years ago on October 7, 1984, a small group of Scientologists determined that no one would stop Man’s only chance for freedom. Seeing that the only way to safeguard Scientology and ensure our expansion was through a strong group willing to fight for freedom, they formed the International Association of Scientologists.

    This year the IAS celebrates its 25th Anniversary. Our victories over suppression in the last 25 years have been monumental. Today, our forward advance embraces salvaging the entire civilization, for guaranteeing the future of Scientology means having a planet beneath our feet. Membership support is what makes our victories possible.

    In celebration of this momentous occasion and in honor of all that the IAS has accomplished since its inception, and to assist all members to move up to their next membership or Honor Status level, the IAS hereby announces the IAS SILVER ANNIVERSARY AWARD.

    This award is extended to all members and consists of a 25% Award off the balance needed to complete your next Membership or Honor Status. It is offered from now until the end of the IAS 25th Anniversary weekend at Saint Hill in October 2009.

    Therefore, I expect every Scientologist in the greater Los Angeles area to take advantage of this award and INCREASE YOUR STATUS.

    Lt. Renee Norton

    Captain ASHO Foundation

    Authorized by
    LRH Comm ASHO Foundation


  23. Re: October XX - Los Angeles, CA

    Oh, please find out when and where!!! I shall write beautiful and lulzy things all over mah body, throw on a GF mask and streak the shit out of this thing.

  24. Anonymous Member

    Re: October XX - Los Angeles, CA


    I'll just leave this here.
  25. pinmeup Member

    Re: October XX - Los Angeles, CA

    Hello, I am new to this site. I have a story posted on I would really like to attend a protest; however I don’t know when the next one is taking place. I can’t seem to find any info on this earthier.
  26. the anti Member

  27. Re: October XX - Los Angeles, CA

    Time to pull out my GF mask and my dick.
  28. the anti Member

    Re: October XX - Los Angeles, CA

    hey guys think you can help with something for this? at the last global patty was being annoying as always and said to me &quot;you guys accuse us of killing peoples pets&quot; like what happened to mudkips (Rorschachs cat). and she indeed did say &quot;DOX or GTFO,&quot; and the only info i have on it was this.


    anyone else have other info about it so i can shove it in her face?
  29. i'mglib Member

    Re: October XX - Los Angeles, CA

    TA, this is just my opinion, and I've said this before, but I think it's always better to stick with strong arguments, and strong arguments are

    - The RPF
    - Sea Org lied to about being able to get time off
    - Specific people who can't see their children
    - Specific lies LRH told (his grades, his fake diploma)
    - OT8 Geir Isene's doubt formula
    - etc

    Week arguments are whether they killed pets, and whether LRH said Jesus was a pedophile.

    I think it's good to just bring the documents proving the strong arguments to the raids.

    In any case, trying to get ANYTHING through to Patty, including if you had a video tape of DM beating people up, is pointless, unfortunately. I figure as soon as someone says they have family in the Sea Org, then forget it. They're stuck.
  30. the anti Member

    Re: October XX - Los Angeles, CA

    i guess, knowing her she's just going to act like nothing was wrong with it or "gee i wasn't there."

    i remember last year i was talking to one scilon about that and she pointed at tory saying "you know maybe she did it"

    i don't think there is any hope for patty
  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: October XX - Los Angeles, CA

    There was no real proof that CoS even touched Mudkips.

    Food that smells like ammonia? Cat piss smells like ammonia, and cats don't shit where they eat - cats are extremely clean animals. I find it unlikely that a cat would eat food that smells like cat piss.

    Move on to more compelling, fact-based arguments.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: October XX - Los Angeles, CA

    scientology works and it helps people?
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: October XX - Los Angeles, CA

  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: October XX - Los Angeles, CA

    BSK did Mudkips.
    Rorschach did T-Rex.

    We can have a chat over some polonium tea...

    my org or yours.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: October XX - Los Angeles, CA

    My org has better Kool Aid.
  36. Smurf Member

    Re: October XX - Los Angeles, CA

    Please don't. The whole intent on confront & bullbaiting an SP is take control of the communication and put the SPs (who are the ones with the criticial thinking abilities) to question their own facts & "data", thus giving Patty Putz a psychological advantage over the SP. Take Patty's ranting & raving at me during the Westin Bonaventure protest.. saying I had nothing but "bad data."

    When I stood up top her and asked that she "prove me wrong" and provide the factual data to disprove my data about her (her marriage & separation from Brian Pearce, her business failures, her numerous ethic handlings & comm ev's, etc.), she whined she was not under any obligation to tell me anything & punctuated her denials with her usual MO of forced laughter, clamming up & walking away, or flinging insults, which are the feeble attempts of Patty trying to do her TRs.

    Arguing over something Patty Putz doesn't believe in or agree with is a waste of your time.. her intent is not to have a civil conversation with you or talk facts (because YOU are the terrorist that is seeking to destroy her & her religion)..

    Remember... you come to the protests with the freedom & cognitive ability to think & speak freely... the Scilons do not.. the handlers are crammed & trained imbeciles brain fucked to do the cult's bidding.

    .. they are absolutely forbidden to think on their own... talking to get a brick wall to speak is as rational as asking it trying to convince Patty of anything, factual or otherwise. Ask yourself why Patty Putz is the only Scilon that often rants & raves at raids... the other handlers are controlled & silent except for Tim and a few others who toss insults like 2nd graders.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: October XX - Los Angeles, CA


    (Incidentally, it's also Operation Pattyrelt Technique #1.)
  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: October XX - Los Angeles, CA

    Make sure he's got plenty of condoms on him.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Re: October XX - Los Angeles, CA

    Please check out the poll for the date of the Oct global

    Currently, Oct 24th is winning, but that is the date for the IAS raid....which will mean a small global (as the Shrine is harder to get to)

    But if the global is on another date, we can do both and have a bigger global
  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: October XX - Los Angeles, CA

    Looks like Oct 10th is edging up.....

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