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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HANS DIETER, Feb 27, 2022.

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    this is ukraine
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    blablabla from a putin's poodle , wagner in action
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    the kgb technique,always go ahead ,davaye davaye
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    freedom of speech 'russian way
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    russians flee outside russia
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    tough luck ,guys ?
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    Activists held after occupying Biarritz villa owned by Putin’s ex-son-in-law

    Two Russian activists have been arrested after breaking into and occupying a luxury villa in Biarritz owned by Vladimir Putin’s former son-in-law. Pierre Haffner, of the Svoboda Liberté Association, whose blog appears on the Mediapart news website, and Sergey Saveliev entered the eight-bedroom Alta Mira property in the French coastal resort, popular with Russian oligarchs. They announced on social media that they had changed the locks and would offer it to house Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war.

    The property is said to belong to Kirill Shamalov, a Russian billionaire and former husband of Putin’s younger daughter Katerina Tikhonova. Haffner and Saveliev claimed to have found one of Shamalov’s passports and a translation of a Moscow electricity bill. A photograph posted on social media shows one of the activists on an upper-floor balcony with a Ukrainian flag. Haffner, who said he was renaming the property “Villa Ukraine,” said he would ask human rights activists and lawyers to ask Biarritz city hall and the police prefecture to use it to house refugees from Ukraine. French police later broke down the door, arrested the two activists and were now holding them in custody.

    The exiled Russian dissident Vladimir Osechkin, founder of a human rights group that has exposed alleged rape and abuse in Russian prisons and who is on Russia’s most-wanted register, told the Guardian: “This isn’t fair. This isn’t justice … My friends were not doing any damage to this property, they were preparing it so that refugees from the war in Ukraine, including children, could stay there. That’s all they were doing. They had asked me to buy some sheets and linen for people to stay there.” On Facebook, Osechkin wrote: “In Europe, hundreds of villas were bought by Putin’s family and their oligarch accomplices. Their luxurious bourgeois life has come to a logical end, for war crimes and crimes of the regime will have to pay … Now it’s not about glamorous parties and parties in villas. It’s important to be responsible and fair in the 21st century. We continue. Stop the war.”

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    All children of the world should live in peace there are no distinctions to be made.
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    You're unmasked Candide2020 !

    You should lead the whole world Candide2020 ! You know everything Candide2020 ! You're THE MAN Candide2020 ! A BIG TUFF GUY Candide2020 !

    As you're a big boy and get used to weep to delete/move posts you do not like, you could delete this one ASSHOLE !

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    jebo te kurace..... mots damour en croate pour toi ma biche et kurva
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    put in 9441334533972_n.jpg eat your shite 6666666 from number 6
  24. RT used to give freedom of speech to :

    Richard Stallman

    Julian Assange

    John Mc Afee

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    ruski propaganda
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    Best wishes to the young marrieds.

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    It’s almost like you think I’m Candide.I’m not.
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    iзбираюся поставити вас
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    російські солдати, будуть вирощувати гарні квіти в україні
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    The National Assembly backs down against tax evasion

    French deputy Maillard said he was fighting against tax evasion

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's speech to the French Parliament

    When McKinsey swore to pay its taxes in France
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    I do agree but our fight and help goes to our sisters ansd brothers and neighbors ,we do not acccept children suffers else where in this world , war is an abomination no one should never experience
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    69004253_118680969480586_2563670218115121152_n_118680966147253.jpg the useful idiots
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    put in 9441334533972_n.jpg dooby is a bad boy ,naughty ,naughty ...

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