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    993404-gerard-depardieu-en-juillet-2013-fier-580x0-1.jpg 993404-gerard-depardieu-en-juillet-2013-fier-580x0-1.jpg basrt 993404-gerard-depardieu-en-juillet-2013-fier-580x0-1.jpg bastard
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    1062849-gerard-depardieu-950x0-3.jpg depardieu and a democrat friend from ural
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    melanchon de merde.png â lire le dernier exemplaire de franc tireur ....
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    FB_IMG_1646741980599[1].jpg для вас...комбо
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    FB_IMG_1646057276284[1].jpg collaborationists
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  12. John F. Kennedy on American/Canadian relations. "Geography has made us neighbours, history has made us friends."

    Putin on Ukraine/Russia, "Geography has made us neighbours, history has made us Master and Slave."
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    soldant russe se rendant.jpg russian pow
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    FB_IMG_1648593800901.jpg not very nice , bad ukrainian boys
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    FB_IMG_1617226893526.jpg mr trump after golf
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    I do agree with you I would just add FUCK KOMMUNISM & CAPITALISM ! BOTH ARE EVIL !

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    Who is Loïk Le Priol, suspected of the assassination of ex-rugby player Aramburu?

    Loïk Le Priol was arrested overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday in Hungary Loïk Le Priol, the main suspect in the death on Saturday in Paris of former Argentinian rugby player Federico Martin Aramburu, was arrested overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday in Hungary. He is suspected of having fired a weapon at the former international who died on the spot, in the early morning of Saturday, after an altercation in a bar in Saint-Germain-des-Près, Le Mabillon.

    • Loïk Le Priol, the main suspect in the death on Saturday in Paris of former Argentinian rugby player Federico Martin Aramburu, was arrested overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday in Hungary.
    • He is suspected of having fired a weapon at the former international who died on the spot, in the early morning of Saturday, after an altercation in a bar in Saint-Germain-des-Près, Le Mabillon.
    • This figure of the ultra-right movement, aged 27, is a former soldier and member of the GUD, but also an entrepreneur.
      Known to justice, the young man will also be tried, with four other people, in June for the beating of the former president of the GUD in 2015.
    Five days after the assassination in Paris of former rugby player Federico Martin Aramburu, the main suspect, Loïk Le Priol, a far-right activist, was arrested overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday in Hungary, near the border with Ukraine, confirmed the Paris prosecutor's office.

    The 27-year-old is suspected of shooting the Argentina international after an altercation at a bar in Saint-Germain-des-Près.
    Another man, also affiliated with the ultra-right, who also allegedly shot the ex-rugby player, is still wanted.
    A young woman, suspected of having driven the car from which two men allegedly fired, was indicted for "complicity in murder" and remanded in custody on Tuesday.
    Dismissed from the army
    Go back a few years.
    We are in 2010. Loïk Le Priol, 16 years old, joins the School of foams of the National Navy, in Brest.
    Subsequently, he joined the marine commando of Montfort, as a rifleman, with which he participated in external operations in Mali and Djibouti between 2013 and 2015. Services which will also bring him two individual citations and two medals of Overseas and National Defence.
    But on July 7, 2015, Loïk Le Priol, in his twenties, was repatriated to France on the recommendation of military doctors.
    The latter detect a state of severe post-traumatic stress in connection with his function, adding "that the intake of alcohol [...] would have altered his judgment", explains the administrative court of appeal of Marseille in a decision that the StreetPress online media,
    But that's not all.
    According to our colleagues from
    , who also worked on the young man's career, he was also implicated in Djibouti for having "hit and strangled a prostitute".
    In its decision, the administrative justice explains that the soldier was placed on long sick leave on July 9, 2015, which was renewed until the end of December 2017. But even before the end of this judgment, Loïk Le Priol was dismissed from the army on October 2, 2017, due to the opening of a judicial investigation against him for acts of aggravated violence.
    A regular in the courts
    Because the young man is well known to the judicial services.
    As reported by
    and AFP, Loïk Le Priol has already been sentenced at the age of 19 for violence and to four months in prison, suspended at 23, for willful violence in a meeting and drunk driving. .
    But the case that earned him his removal from the army is the attack on Edouard Klein, the former president of the Union Defense Group (GUD), an ultra-right group in which Loïk Le Priol militates in 2015 .
    On the night of October 8 to 9, 2015, Loïk Le Priol and four other "gudards" violently beat up and humiliated Edouard Klein.
    Filmed, this ultra-violent attack was revealed by our colleagues from Mediapart.
    As the Administrative Court of Appeal pointed out, Loïk Le Priol allegedly "filmed the scene, interrupting the victim's apartment for the purposes of a punitive expedition, ensuing lynching, insults, humiliations and threats by means of a knife ".
    After his arrest on October 14, 2015 at his home, a judicial investigation is therefore opened against the former soldier for “aggravated violence resulting in an eight-day ITT”.
    The young man, aged 21 at the time of the events, was remanded in custody and imprisoned in the Fleury-Mérogis remand center,
    After two dismissals, the five suspects prosecuted for this attack must appear on June 1 next before the criminal court for "aggravated violence" with ITT greater than 8 days, committed in a meeting, under the threat of a weapon, with premeditation.
    Facts for which some defendants – repeat offenders – face up to ten years in prison.
    “Babtou solid certified”
    After his military career, Loïk Le Priol launched into entrepreneurship.
    In 2016, he launched with Louise, his girlfriend at the time, Babtou solid certified – “toubab” backwards, a nickname given in some African countries to Europeans, whites – a clothing line that is a hit in nationalist circles.
    "Move your ass off your chair, lift some heavy iron, learn your fucking history by reading books as big as the balls of your ancestors, puff out your chest, look up, look up at the sky and finally join your destiny .
    Become a certified solid babtou!
    “, can we read on the Facebook page of the brand.
    The very young entrepreneur is "tired of seeing young people vaping cotton candy-flavored smoke choosing their latest slim jeans", he explained in 2016 to Streepress,
    who asks him about his very young company.
    The creation of the brand will also earn him an interview in
    The New Edition
    , on Canal+, in 2016, in which he assumes his nationalism.
    To promote Babtou solid certified, Loïk Le Priol surrounds himself with several far-right personalities, such as the nationalist YouTuber Baptiste Marchais or Julien Rochedy, the former president of the National Youth Front, whom he asks to pose with his clothes. .
    And the relations are not only professional, as evidenced by his Facebook and Twitter profile photos, where we see him in particular alongside Jean-Romée Charbonneau, candidate of the National Rally in Niort during the last municipal elections of 2020 and Julien Rochedy .
    If the latter acknowledged, Tuesday on Twitter, that Loïk Le Priol was "a friend", with whom he hung out "sometimes around 2012-2014", he explained that he had "moved away [from him] following the Edouard affair Klein”.
    “Those who knew Loïk all thought he had calmed down.
    He had always been cracked, he was followed by an army shrink, but the last time I saw him in Paris, he had a girlfriend, plans, seemed peaceful.
    We were happy "that he was better" [...].
    Then comes this horrible piece of information out of nowhere.
    A fight, alcohol, firearms, Loik who freaks out and commits this unspeakable act…”, adds the one who now presents himself as an author, trainer and polemicist.
    Now in the hands of the police, Loïk Le Priol will now be heard as part of the investigation opened by the Paris prosecutor's office for "assassination", entrusted to the criminal brigade.ïk-le-priol--suspected-of-the-assassination-of-ex-rugby-player-aramburu-.BkmJSv5OMq.html
    Nathalie Loiseau : what is the GUD and is it really approached as a boy ?

    View attachment Nathalie-Loiseau-what-is-the-GUD-and-is-it-really-

    The candidate for the european elections for LaREM was recognized to have been featured on a list of affiliated unions to GUD and to the far right when she was at Sciences-Po. An information that revealed the journal Mediapart, and she had at first denied.

    Summary Nathalie Loiseau candidate in the european Nathalie Loiseau : catholic and pro-FAM Nathalie Loiseau : the program LREM
    [updated 23 April 2019 at 22h28] the head of The list LREM to the european it was close to the GUD ? It is a revelation which would be well-placed Nathalie Loiseau. Médiapart has disclosed that, when she was a young student at Sciences-Po, in 1984, it had joined the list of a trade union close to the GUD. The head of the list had to recognize a “mistake”, but has confirmed the information. According to the candidate Nathalie Loiseau, she would not have “not seen” then the affiliation to the extreme right of the union, called the Union of students of the right (UDS).According to médiapart, this union would be born “on the ashes of the GUD”. For the former in charge of european Affairs, it’s all a misunderstanding. It would have been “approached to participate in a list that wanted to accentuate the pluralism at Sciences Po, then almost non-existent, and who was looking for women”, and would not have to search further. Nathalie Loiseau is back on his first statements since the onset of the controversy. When the article came out, she had first denied the facts, before changing his statements, saying that she had “completely forgotten about this episode “.

    This episode goes back to 1984, Nathalie Loiseau has then 20 years and is registered on this list in the context of the elections of the delegates of the students to the board of management to the joint commission of Science”. On the list in question, the student Union of the right (UDS), it is in the sixth position appears the name of Nathalie Ducoulombier, her maiden name, alongside Christophe Bay, which, according to Mediapart was the adviser of the FN during the campaign of Marine Le Pen to the presidential 2017.
    Nathalie Loiseau : “true bullshit”
    While Nathalie Loiseau he wanted to make a dam in the national Rally during the european elections, the one who was director of the ENA for more than four years explained, always with Mediapart. “At that moment, I was, after my overlap – because to be quite honest I had completely forgotten about this episode -, approached to participate in a list that wanted to accentuate the pluralism at Sciences Po, then almost non-existent, and searching at women. I said yes,” she says. And to add : “I probably should have a closer look at what it was”. On France Info this time, Nathalie Loiseau speaks of the “real bullshit” that have “been on a list where there were people from the extreme right”. “I would have had to investigate, I would have had to look at who were the other colistiers”, she says.

    Nathalie Loiseau has resigned on the 27th of march from his post of minister of european Affairs. It has been invested in the stride, the head of the list LREM/MoDem for the european elections of 2019. An amazing array, as long as she is unaccustomed trays tv. “This is someone who is very good off camera, but in front of the goals, it is blocked”, admitted to a deputy on the radio RFI there is little. The media has reported that, since its response to Marine Le Pen, Nathalie Loiseau its follow-up coaching his team communication to appear more incisor in the face to the viewers. Until a role-play where his advisors were Marine Le Pen, but also Manon Aubry and François-Xavier Bellamy, who have been identified as the main opponents of the majority in this campaign.Already a candidate in the european 30 years ago.

    This is not the first time that Nathalie Loiseau is on a list in the european elections. As reported by Le Parisien, in 1989, she was on the list “Initiative for a European Democracy”, when she was aged only 24 years. This list was led by Franck Biancheri, pro-european and one of the fathers of the Erasmus programme. It had submitted lists, and similar in Spain and the netherlands. Under the name of Nathalie Ducoulombier, she was in 49th place in this list pro-Europe, who had little ambition and who will finish last in the voting, with 0.17 percent of the vote. Of course, this severe defeat was not a setback staff for Nathalie Loiseau, who had no real desire to return to the european Parliament. It is something quite different today. Nathalie Loiseau : feminist, pro-european, catholic and pro-FAM.

    Nathalie Loiseau is the result of environment rather traditional and conservative. But this did not prevent him to build over time a reputation as a woman of power, up to the Prize of the Woman of influence 2014 category policy. She has a long career in the diplomatic and administrative : the ministry of foreign Affairs, cabinet of Alain Juppé at the time when he was at the Quai Branly, the spokesman of the embassy of France in the United States at the time of the Iraq war… later, in 2011, she assumed the general management of the administration of the ministry of foreign Affairs. After his departure in 2012, she became the director of the National School of Administration. A position she held until 2017, where Edward Philip was appointed minister in charge of Affairs hadcurrent european.
    If she worked for the government under Nicolas Sarkozy, Nathalie Loiseau is claimed, however, in 2012, “label-free” policy.

    Moreover, it has also made his own, during his long back, the fight for more equality between the sexes. She has long championed the cause of women in the media still very male and very stereotypical of diplomacy and administration. She has published in 2014 “Choose any”, a book in which she invites us to rethink the relationship of women with the work, the company, and the men. Claiming practicing catholic and accepted, it also said “not always agree with the official positions of the Church.” It is particularly favorable to gay marriage, to the LDCS and, as a very personal, recourse to a GPA of “ethics”. “I am against the commodification of the body. But I don’t see why there is concern about the commodification of the body when it comes to GPA, and we do not ask in what conditions works a labourer in Bangladesh who has 12 years”, she advanced on RTL last February. Nathalie Loiseau : “My ambition is to make a difference in Parliament,”
    In an interview given to the Figaro, Nathalie Loiseau does not hide his ambition. Committed “since adolescence” for Europe, it seems decided to get a place in Strasbourg. “My ambition is to make the difference in the european Parliament, to have a powerful group essential to advance our ambitions,” she said.

    Pascal Canfin figure in the second position of the list written by Nathalie Loiseau, composed of politicians and citizens. Three great topics, very general, are at the center of the program LREM : the social, the environment, and immigration. At the beginning of the month of march, Emmanuel Macron had referred to several projects for a “european renaissance”, a slogan taken up by the list of the majority. Among the proposals, notably the creation of a european Agency for the protection of democracies, a european bank climate, a new treaty of security and defence or even the revamping of the Schengen area.

    Nathalie Loiseau has also made it known that she was planning to find many supporters in the european Parliament. She hopes to find some support among the parliamentarians of the center-left and liberal right. In Figaro, she announces to rely on “those who want to transform Europe among the democrats, the liberals, among the social-democrats, […] among the elected representatives of the european people’s Party (EPP)”. It also hopes to build on the ALDE party, the european centre for liberal, which is already part of the IDU. An opportunity to enter for european training, which has now 70 seats. According to the latest surveys on the european elections, LREM is currently credited 23.5% of voting intentions, is a twenty seat.
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    Senate report links Hunter Biden to ‘prostitution or human trafficking ring’

    Hunter Biden allegedly sent “thousands of dollars” to people who appear to be involved in the sex industry, according to Wednesday’s report released by Senate Republicans.

    The report claims unspecified records show that Biden “has sent funds to non-resident alien women in the United States who are citizens of Russia and Ukraine and who have subsequently wired funds they have received from Hunter Biden to individuals located in Russia and Ukraine.”
    “The records also note that some of these transactions are linked to what ‘appears to be an Eastern European prostitution or human trafficking ring.’ ”
    The allegations are contained in a footnote to a section of the report that details potential “criminal concerns and extortion threats” involving Hunter Biden and other members of the Biden family.

    The report also cites “extensive public reporting concerning Hunter Biden’s alleged involvement with prostitution services.”
    “Records on file with the Committees do not directly confirm or refute these individual reports,” the report says.
    “However, they do confirm that Hunter Biden sent thousands of dollars to individuals who have either: 1) been involved in transactions consistent with possible human trafficking; 2) an association with the adult entertainment industry; or 3) potential association with prostitution.”


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