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Discussion in 'Kyle Brennan' started by YouSeeNothing, Sep 17, 2012.

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    Try going through their 990s! :confused:
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    Kyle had placed heavy water bottles in front of the door on the night of his death. Kyle was frantically calling for help within twenty minutes of his estimated time of death. Why was Kyle so fearful of his father?

    Tom Brennan had stated to a family member the Kyle and he shared a wonderful day together before he took his life. Brennan stated that they went to Kyle's favorite restaurant and had a large meal.
    The autopsy report states the Kyle had no food in his system? What was the timeframe involving Kyle and his father in the hours leading up to his death?

    We have a video from Kyle's cell phone showing him holding a note up to the camera that said something to the effect of "My name is Kyle T Brennan. Years ago my father started a fire. If Kyle took the time to film this, it was obviously a high priority project in his life. He may have written plans/goals/facts/notes on what he remembered...many things having to do with this. We know that Kyle was a planner and a list writer, especially during the last phase of his life.

    ^above from documents.....below some thoughts of mine
    He was a planner yet few documents were found on the laptop that his father never mentioned at the crime scene. Then his buddy Jerry get's a hold of it and few documents are to be found. My own personal laptop that I am typing this with is so full I have an extra external hard-drive to keep documents. Yet this 20yr old somewhat computer savy student did have loads of documents on his own personal laptop?
  3. Anonymous Member

    Jerry the buddy who took Kyle's laptop is an admitted IT computer guy and he said the machine did not have a printer driver. This was his reason for copying the files to a thumb drive onto another computer so that he could print out some files. Then recopy them back...but oh No he copied back to many files he said were copies so he deleted them from Kyle's computer.

    Why would he do this Kyle's laptop had;
    The Profile 4 had one PC card slot. It also had ports for network and modem connections, two USB 2.0 ports.

    He could have easily plugged the printer into the computer and downloaded the drivers. It is what this guy does for a living right?

    It's what I would have done and he has more technical knowledge than I do that's for sure.
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  4. YouSeeNothing Member

    Do we know which door? Front door or Brennan's bedroom door? Read Brennan's depo briefly and remember him saying that the door was blocked, but I can't remember which door.
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    I wish I had a 200gb thumb drive.

    EDIT: I reviewed Yuen and Bohling's depos and haven't been able to determine if the computer was even in the apartment at the time of death. Yuen says he never saw it. So, it could have been a bag they never searched or it could have already been in Jerry's hands. :(
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    Entry way door
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    Thanks. I'm still going through Bohling's deposition and making notes and comparing to Yuen's.
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    ^Yousee, I don't know about the location of the laptop however I do recall reading the father turned it on for some reason to find any documents while stating he was computer illiterate. So Thomas Brennan knew the computer was on the premises as well as the Ipod.
    From Online Files;
    Kyle's laptop computer had the contents deleted with a memory key two hours after his death. Who did this, and why?
    2 Hours after his death this conflicts with later depos given in this case by Jerry

    The computer was delivered to Kyle's Mother on or about Feb 23 or 24th
    At a later date Kyle's Ipod was returned with the contents deleted.
    ^ Oh and a 20yr old would have an empty Ipod? NO
  9. grebe Member

    Evidence of tampering with evidence. That is bad, amirite?
  10. Anonymous Member

    YES, but unfortunately for Kyle there is a city full of streets and avenues that were never explored in his case.
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    Thank you for showing me I'm not losing my mind.
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    Great thread(s). Too much to keep up with it all though. :-/

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