oh crap, it's the cops, run!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jan 26, 2011.

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    So many good fights caused by WWP.

    I challenge Scientology to respond.
  3. Anonymous Member

    inb4 King Arthur demonstrates the 'violence inherent in the system'
  4. Anonymous Member

    What's with the fighting talk, seems Sir Hugh Orde is the one being aggressive with his threats and bluster. Good policing responds to the situation appropriately, our protests in London for instance were by enlarge well policed.

    The problem is in part they police according to the subject and target of the protests. Protests against the state position seem to get policed "harder" than protests that are either in keeping with the state position or not specifically against it, which tend to get policed more appropriately.
  5. OTBT Member

    uh oh
  6. Anonymous Member

    What concerns me (a little) in the bluster, is that he's inferring a lack of structured "leadership" is in and of itself, sufficient excuse to "police hard"; if we don't send forward an official emissary, they won't bother trying to talk. They will assume we're anarchists and act appropriately.

    Crazy-talk, and seems a far cry from how we've actually seen police respond to Anons, everywhere. I hope that PCs in Britland are not ass-hatted enough to take these words to heart. (or use them to excuse being ass-hats when they've otherwise had a rough day) :I
  7. Anonymous Member


    I don't see how this is caused by wwp or why scientology should respond?
    It's about hacktivism, protest and anonymous.
    Things that wwp are just a small part off.

    I'm probably totally missunderstanding you.
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