Oh Egypt.

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by whosit, Feb 16, 2011.

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  2. Anonymous Member

    You weren't suppose to notice let alone talk about it.
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  7. whosit Member

    Boy, I would think all you people stuck in a shit place might like to be here. I guess America isn't that bad. Maybe you should try and do something silly like institute comparable government in your own country.

    Silly, I know.
  8. Zak McKracken Member

    I haven't had time to digest,
    but I DO take the reports slightly more seriously when sourced from a news bureau that's not principally a cult mouthpiece.

    (aka "thanks")
  9. whosit Member

    K. Go digest all the other reports from other news sources about the coptics getting killed - even though the copts only want to be left alone. Plenty out there.
  10. Zak McKracken Member

    Read what I said.
  11. whosit Member

    I did. Sorry, didn't mean to be rude.
  12. whosit Member

    Can we take a poll of non-americans that would like have our options? Excluding China, of course.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Source aside, this article is a critique of the western media for not properly preparing female journalists--not of the Egyptian uprising.
    This one doesn't even mention the Muslim Brotherhood.
    Thank you for finally posting something relevant; brb, reading over 3000 articles...
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  14. Anonymous Member

  15. whosit Member

    thx. I'm sure you'll be right back with how dumb people like me pointed out the fact minorities in the middle-east aren't going to be killed or run out of whereever they are living.

    I'm an idiot. I haven't called out all this shit already. I'm sure I'm stupid.
  16. Anonymous Member

    No, minorities get messed with pretty much every time there is a social upheaval anywhere. I might brb with the observation that this is not necessarily the central event of the changes taking place in Egypt.
    Maybe you should just stick with what you know, like the angst of the Irish-American in the 21st century.
  17. whosit Member

    Who is the minority?

    Maybe you should stick up you ass.
  18. whosit Member

  19. Anonymous Member

    Your point?
  20. lulzgasm Member

    Muslims - Richard Spencer - 7 hours ago

    One Salafi was caught on home-made video chanting abuse at the church, ... In the most notorious case, a group of young women who returned to Tahrir Square ...

  21. Anonymous Member

    Maybe you should troll with a little more this
    and a little less this
  22. whosit Member

    I'm sure all the muslim men will love this one.
  23. lulzgasm Member

    Helll nah. I'd rather troll with these beauties.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    no prob (except that your media failed to embed)--that suggestion was directed to whosit
    Please Take One:
  25. lulzgasm Member

    Yeah. Finally fixed it. whatcanisay? My keyboard sucking fucks. :(
  26. whosit Member

    "I'm one of the sheep. I don't want to think. God help me if I actually do research outside of reuters, I might learn something. Anderson Cooper is the greatest thing ever. Middle-East Spring is beautiful. Bomb Libya, ignore Syria. Iraq being invaded was bad."
  27. Anonymous Member

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  28. lulzgasm Member

    Errrmmmm......perhaps you should Lurk Moar before you open your mouth only to prove your ignorance?
  29. whosit Member

    trollin, trollin, trollin.

    keep those newfags going...

  30. lulzgasm Member


  31. whosit Member

    Enjoy your new theocracy.
  32. lulzgasm Member

    IF they establish a theocracy, we'll just have to tear that fucker down too eventually. You don't think long term, do you?
  33. whosit Member

    K. Good luck with that. Seriously.
  34. lulzgasm Member

    Honestly, this world needs a LOT of luck right now. Not every battle will be won. And what's happened so far is only the beginning. It'll likely get much worse before it finally gets better. :(
  35. whosit Member

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    I like to troll with this:

  38. Anonymous Member

    I like to troll with this:
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  40. I thought it was standard equipment to have......

    Peer pressure gauge

    Desperately seeking kudos attitude
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