Oh Egypt.

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by whosit, Feb 16, 2011.

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  5. Good for you.
  6. Iraq-
    Saudi Arabia-
  7. whosit Member

    meh. I was pointing out the general hypocrisy of the earlier thread and how people discounted how I was telling them Christians were being persecuted. But, if you want to jump in with this kinda gore feel free.

    Oh Egypt...... btw.... how does everyone feel about what's going on there now a days. You know, after the Brotherhood took over, then started murdering Christians (like I said they would), then the brotherhood getting ousted like they needed to. Then not supporting the terrorist HAMAS in GAZA this year (because you know; they aren't the terrorist Brotherhood).

    Next thing you know we might start calling out CAIR in America.
  8. re: The photoshopped gory picture for hate propaganda
    Your derail has nothing to do with this thread topic.
  10. Egypt bad
    Israel good
  11. whosit Member

    ISIS bad.
    Hamas Bad
    PLO Bad
    Hezzabolah bad
    Crazy Muslims Bad
    Crazy jews bad
    Crazy Christians bad
    Crazy Agnostics bad
    Crazy Athestis, well your just a bunch of assholes - and you know what I MOVING YOU IN Position 1 because you killed a lot more people in the 20th century then all the religions before you. But you probably won't get fhis far down the list you fucking MAOIST AND STANLINIST.
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    Another day in paradise where nobody sees de trees :(

    the good must grow bigger.
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