OH EXPLOITABLE 'undercover' security

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lamont Cranston, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. OH EXPLOITABLE 'undercover' security

    At melbraid while the main security guys were in neon yellow at the front entrance, some guys in suits and glasses and ear phones (and maybe another guy in 'plainclothes'? he's in this pic too) were hanging around the two carpark entrance pretending to work for a hotel, anyway one of them the whole time had a serious butthurt expression on his face: [attachment=0:1ufd3clk]handler.jpg[/attachment:1ufd3clk]

    Get to work shooping!
  2. Anonpower Member

    Lulz. That guys face is probably the best thing i've ever seen.
  3. Einstein Member

    that man would be my partner with some clients. Ugh I hate that type.

    They think that certain types of looks/activities work. You need to know your opponent, not just use same ole same ole..
  4. Dubber Member

    I thought Telly Savalas was dead?
  5. number 6 Member

    If I see any security guards photographing and taping us, I'll give them a taste of their own medicine. No one likes being photographed with their cookie in the jar.
  6. 6, it's "hand in the cookie jar."

    Don't antagonize security guards. Be polite, don't be all up in their face, "HURRR I'm takin ur picture cuz you got the cookie..or sumthin."

    I'm still not too sure about you.

    <edit> I'm sorry, I didn't phrase that correctly. Yes, it is important to get pictures, but no, don't be aggressive with it. Just do it, don't make a big deal about it.

    6, I think you're either stupid or a plant, but that's just my opinion either way.
  7. no I think they should be thoroughly documented
  8. El Gato Member

    Thank you for the avvie!
  9. Harbinger Member

    Is that Lex Luthor?
  10. ElrondHubble Member

    Shoop complete. :D

  11. That guy looks like he could spontaneously break out into a kung-fu battle with Jackie Chan at any second.
  12. Whitehat Member

    Security guy: WRONG!!!!!!
  13. hahahaha oh my god

    what is wrong with his face, it looks like he's some sort of anon wearing a really ugly latex mask
  14. over9k Member

  15. MollyBloom Member

    needs moar ex-lax
    needs moar ex-lax

  16. Re: OH EXPLOITABLE 'undercover' security

    After this, I'm just gonna crack down and get me some photoshop. Paint sucks and I don't know how I've tolerated it for this long.

  17. Freyja Member

    Re: OH EXPLOITABLE 'undercover' security

    Over 9000 hours on MSPaint

  18. Refugee Member

    Re: OH EXPLOITABLE 'undercover' security

    (°?°) Holy shit, Agent 47 is a Scieno!

    And butt ugly to boot!
  19. aceanon Member

    Re: OH EXPLOITABLE 'undercover' security


    i joined just to comment on that 300 edit.

    lovin it!
  20. Slab Bulkhead Member

    Re: OH EXPLOITABLE 'undercover' security


    What do I win?
  21. ElrondHubble Member

    Re: OH EXPLOITABLE 'undercover' security

    You win a million internets for Weegee alone.
  22. slashteegee Member

    Re: OH EXPLOITABLE 'undercover' security

  23. southernstate Member


    He hates all of us. Not as a collective. Each one of us personally.
  24. googoomuck Member

    Re: OH EXPLOITABLE 'undercover' security

    Ok, I lmaoed at these shoops. Thx guise, with all the labor camps and shit I needed a laff.
  25. ZOOMzoom Member

    Re: OH EXPLOITABLE 'undercover' security

    I believe you meant to post this:
    I would not let him near my children.
  26. Slab Bulkhead Member

    Re: OH EXPLOITABLE 'undercover' security

    I whipped up a quick and dirty WEEGEE Playset for all your Co$ exploitable needs.
  27. slashteegee Member

    Re: OH EXPLOITABLE 'undercover' security

  28. Slab Bulkhead Member

    Re: OH EXPLOITABLE 'undercover' security

    Can love bloom on the battlefield?
  29. Re: OH EXPLOITABLE 'undercover' security

    Not on this battlefield... this BATTLEFIELD : EARTH!
  30. Randomness Member

    Re: OH EXPLOITABLE 'undercover' security


    Very happy.

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