Oh my what is this!?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sue, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. fishypants Moderator

  2. tumblr_mjqss5Rkvh1qzfsnio1_400.gif
  3. rickybobby Member


    Don't know about you all, but I don't live in a binary thumbs up, thumbs down kind of world.
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  4. rickybobby Member

    No button for that. That's just effing scary.
  5. fishypants Moderator

    7VpYImk.png Informative
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  6. HOC Member

    Sorry to be a Nazi, but can we have less random pics for a bit please? Just so that Sue can see feedback more easily. Thanks. :)
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  7. fishypants Moderator

    More specific pics coming right up!

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  8. HOC Member

    Lol good, good.
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  9. Diana looks too satisfied in this photo:
  10. Anonymous Member

    I just got a galaxy note 2 and embedded videos dont show up in the threads. Photos and gifs display but no video. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Anonymous Member

  12. How can we get all ^these pretty pictures on the bottom of our posts?
  13. Anonymous Member

    Shit! They work on tapatalk.

    This is what I see.


    EDIT: I was wrong. Learning curve.

    oh btw, it didnt help
  14. fishypants Moderator

    We have to persuade sue.

    Or bribe him with sexual favours.
  15. Anonymous Member

    What would that be? Hookers and blow? Hamsters? Big zucchini?
  16. Anonymous Member

    We could have a poll.
  17. Anonymous Member

    I don't think sue like polls... try sexy girls
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Sexy girls with poles?
  20. skeptic2girl Member

    Looks like this thread kind of died out, but ftr -- well, I have been b*tching about some of the changes to the site (no events page, loss of fun ratings buttons) but I am finding that although I haven't been purposely avoiding the site, I just don't come here much anymore -- just for the PMs, mostly.

    Anyway, I only mention that because it's not all about whining on this end -- the reasons I would come here (fun/amusement and finding out about raids) -- don't exist anymore.

    Rant: COMPLETE.
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  21. rickybobby Member

    I still mourn the loss of the buttons. They did add a fun factor that is missing.
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  22. Horseradish Member

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  23. fishypants Moderator

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  24. Anonymous Member

    Sue - I realise the BlackBerry browser (OS 6.0) probably represents a minute amount of the site traffic, but it seems to be impossible to log in (or register, if one needed to) using the non-classic theme. It doesn't bother me as I can just switch theme, but thought you might want to know.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for all the things you do.
    So today (and a million other) I seen some o fennsive comments with "likes" but when I click on the like- I can't see who the asshole is that liked it. In the past, I could tell. Any chance that this seeing likes can work?
  26. sue Administrator

    On what kind of BB phone does os 6.0 run? Aren't the new ones running android?
  27. Incredulicide Member

    Blackberry 6.0 runs on BlackBerry Bold 9650/9700/9780, BlackBerry Curve 9300/9330, BlackBerry Pearl 9100, BlackBerry Style 9670, and Blackberry Torch 9800.
    As for the new ones:
    QNX is currently included in the BlackBerry Tablet OS, and also powers the BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system
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  28. tumblr_lytzjbST1Q1qbhtrto1_500.gif
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