Oh my what is this!?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sue, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. King Nerd Member

    Sue sucks my dick. Like, really; just gets in there and bobs for sweet apples.
  2. rickybobby Member

    If Sue is gay, he will break my heart.
  3. King Nerd Member

    I just thought a remake was in order.
  4. cTp Member

    I like the new Windows 8 look!

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  5. Anonymous Member

    Oh dear! Someone left the keys in the WWP bus and the thunderdomers took over for a bit,

    Just because I think Sue, who does a lot for this site, with little time, little resources and little help, has been getting a buttload of grief over this. I thought I'd send a burst of positive reinforcement his way.

    Oh and as RickyBobby just said, We love you Sue! :)
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  6. cTp Member

    I like Windows 8
  7. rickybobby Member

    Windows 8???? My god..... We need to stage an intervention.....
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  8. White Tara Global Moderator

    Hhhmmmm is this really to do with the new theme?
  9. Anonymous Member

    And you've done usability tests with these groups, have you?

    I thought not.
  10. Anonymous Member

    /r/ Sue change thread title to USER BAAAWWW FEST !! eleventy !
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  11. Anonymous Member

    p.s. this has come along way since Enturb crashed. Change and tweaks are good. Hats off to Sue and team working their asses off (and getting paid massive jewgolds) to improve the site.
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  12. fishypants Moderator


    View attachment someecards-has-a-humorous-take-on-facebooks-consta

    Plus, I already covered all the Stages of User Interface Redesign Grief way back in post #25, so anyone making any comment already included there is a


    (actual bug reports e.g. the 'images/files not visible' thing excluded, because those are a legitimate issue. but fuck all this moaning-about-colour-preferences)
  13. Anonymous Member

    Don't worry, King Nerd doesn't actually have a dick.
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  14. I'm sure I will get used to it, I went onto preferences and ended up with blue and orange which is even worse. I would give myself the dumb button if i could:oops:
  15. Anonymous Member

    Go to bottom left corner and click 'Metro'. Then click 'default style'.
  16. Missfit Member

    it looks like a geocities website from the early 90's. Childish and it really does bother my eyes. whatever.
  17. cTp Member

    Don't worry, I wrote you in my journal as dumb.

  18. Anonymous Member

  19. I just want to know..
  20. How can I join a member in this forum
  21. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Go here....
  22. King Nerd Member

    I really don't give a fuck.
    It looked like shit before, looks like shit now, and will look like shit tomorrow.

    When it first changed, I thought it was Sue fucking with me. Now my only gripe is the nearly invisible logo on the home page that links one back to.... the home page.
  23. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

  24. Thank you Sue for all you do for us ungrateful bastards, you and the mods should have your assholes licked every day.
  25. Good plan.
  26. Anonymous Member

  27. Logo-Boiseedit.jpg
  28. King Nerd Member

    Bro, I ain't even excited.
  29. You should be, this place just keeps getting better thanks to Sue.
  30. rickybobby Member

    OH.MY.GOD! Just discovered the "top" button. Has changed my life.
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  31. OTeleventy Member

    [face palm] ;)'s even better now that it works again!
  32. Anonymous Member

    My top button doesn't work, so my trousers keep falling down ;)
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  33. Is this WWP's final form?
  34. Anonymous Member

    I like both layouts! I can switch between them because I'm not a retard. Also when the hell did Kerd resurface? Talk about faggotry... still convinced that Jennifer Emick understands the deep conspiracy that is the internet?
  35. rof Member

    The greatest thing about Chanology is you can just walk away.

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  36. Anonymous Member

    I disagree, job incomplete, more lulz to be milked.
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