Oh, what is Jeff Stone up to now?!

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by Anonymous, Jul 1, 2011.

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    We can't have a 51st state!! If that happens we have to mint more quarters, and change the "fifty nifty" song, and add a star WHERE WILL THE STAR GO?!?!?! Add more seats to the floor of congress... WHERE WILL THE INSANITY STOP?!?!?!
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    It's no big thing...
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    When will it End??? lets look into the crystal ball shall we

    instead of becoming a state-the Republic of Scientologia is created ...with Jeff Stone declared as its puppet dictator

    the town of Helmet will Become Davidmiscavigrad

    All Sea Org Shore Leave is Canceled, and ALL are forced to sign a new improved 2 billion year contract

    By Order of Miscavige all remaining Scientologist are declared and forced to report to the RPF in Scientologia for re-education

    All Ideal Orgs and Missions are closed and immediately put on the real estate market

    by Miscavige's Decree all Scientology Buildings and Properties located in Los Angeles (Big Blue,Celebrity Center etc) and Clearwater (Ft Harrison and Super Powers etc) are to be disassembled "brick by brick" with RPF Slave Labor and frozen in glycol-and shipped to Helmet. (all the construction materials get mysteriously lost in transit)

    former LA county Sheriff Leroy Baca becomes head of the Scientologia state police..his first job hes given is to arrest himself and he is Immediately sent to the RPF

    Louis Farrakhan is declared a squirrel and removed from his post as the head of the NoI-(Alfreddie Johnson is named his successor) Louis Farrakhan is quickly declared a suppressive person and shipped to the RPF, Farrakhan later escapes to Utah and creates a "Scientology Underground Railroad" to help others escape (with the help of Babbles Schwartz) and joins the "Free Zone" and later runs for office as a Tea Party Republican and is defeated by Sharon Angle

    the Fruit of Islam become David Miscavige's personal bodyguards

    David Miscavige starts wearing dresses-gaudy makeup and high heels and promptly changes his first name to "Sha-rhonda X"

    a swanky Palm Springs Resort becomes the New RPF- Tom Cruise becomes the director of rehabilitation/John Travolta-Kirstie Alley and Jenna Elfman become his loyal officers-and all B-List Scientology Celebrities are ordered relocate there-and are forced to redo their OT levels and scrub toilets

    Tommy Davis Becomes the President of the New "Sphan Ranch" Ideal Org

    its single ship Navy the Freewinds sinks itself.. In the Bay of Footbullet Island. Anonymous Naval Admiral Larry Brennan was awarded a "medal of valor" for saving the ships crew and passengers.

    the Dianetics Brigade attempts to Invade Santa Catalina Island.. resulting in the Dianetic's Brigades crushing defeat

    the newly created nation of South Sudan declares war on Scientologia (Rice and Beans War) South Sudan is victorious without firing a shot

    Jeff Stone seeks political asylum in Tijuana Mexico and is rejected-and placed under house arrest (Anon Orange becomes his parole officer)

    David Miscavage Is turned over by his Fruit of Islam Bodyguards to South Sudan and faces a war crimes tribunal...Miscavige pulls a "Himler" to escape prosecution

    Scientologia is returned to the USA-is promptly Annexed by Arizona

    Gold Base is purchased by Donald Trump and is converted into the worlds largest flea market and swap meet (the Angry Gay Pope open a booth there selling Xenu Jewelry and right next to him is Herro's booth selling a cheap "pirated version" of the "slap chop" manufactured in a "sweatshop" by "low paying slave labor" in North Sudan)

    Xenubarb was seen speeding down highway 15 on one of David Miscavige's newly liberated custom motorcycles

    Kirstie Alley opens a Taco Bell Franchise in South Sudan-Organic Liaison becomes the #1 diet program In South Sudan
    John Travolta becomes CEO South Sudanese Airlines and opens a mens only Gay health spa
    Jenna Elfman opens a failed New Age Tanning Salon-and Yoga Center in Sudan and later takes up "goatsie" herding on the south Sudan plains

    Tom Cruise Never Makes another film and is last seen walking the streets of Hollywood SCOHB to pay for his 17 cup a day Starbuck's habit

    Tommy Davis Grows a beard refuses to bathe and starts a hippy commune at the abandoned Spahn Ranch Org and renames it "Helter Skelter Ranch"
    "James Aurthur Ray" is named director of activities and games
    (surprisingly Smurf refuses to join)

    Suri Cruise grows up normal gets a masters degree in Psychology from Harvard and becomes a Psychiatrist and writes several best selling books on Modern Psycharitry-and is awarded a $20,000,000 research Grant from Pfizer
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    The Riverside County Supervisors are meeting tomorrow, and Jeff Stone will present his succession plan. Can anyone, besides AO, be there? I bet the rest of the supervisors are kicking him beneath the table.
    Stone Shin Splints.
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    Jeff Stone's proposal to create a separate state was on the agenda at the July 12, 2011 meeting of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors. A watered-down motion to invite all California cities and counties to discuss how to fix the State of California, with secession as a last resort, was adopted 4-0 by Supervisors Stone, Buster, Ashley, and Benoit. Supervisor Tavaglione spoke supportively, but had to leave early. The motion requires that no county resources be utilized.
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    bwahaha cult-kawk-sucking Stone backpeddling. imagine that.
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    They have already failed at this part.
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    Julie Waltz asked about the status of Ordinance 884 at the July 12, 2011 meeting of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors:

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    I love this woman.
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    Mark Lowell posted on OCMB...

    "I attended the political circus know as the Riverside County Board of Supervisors today. Before the meeting, I heard several elected officials and staff members ridiculing Jeff Stone's State of Southern California proposal. County Counsel, Pam Walls, asked Board Chairman Bob Buster if he was wearing his confederate grays before the meeting referring to Buster's Gray suit. Two other officials referred to it as “Stone's dumb proposal”. Another staff member carefully remarked to me simply that the Bakersfield newspaper had published an editorial saying Stone's proposal would create a state similar in Mississippi's in terms of lack of education and poverty. I replied Stone should propose the new state be called Texacali as his brand of politics would be more at home in the state house of Texas.

    Stone said he was tired of having California be the laugh stock of late night television shows. I wonder if he made his proposal to intentionally become laughing stock himself.
    Stone looked visibly stressed when constituents spoke who seemed to share his general political ideology but did not favor Mr. Stone's proposal.

    The board pointed out to Mr. Stone that his proposal was nothing new and that over 200 such proposals had been made to split up the state. None of these past attempts had been successful. They also told Mr. Stone that the County had serious problems of it's own that needed attending and that his proposal should not interfere with efforts to do County work. They also told Stone that no County money should be used for his project. Stone pleaded like a child to the board to pass something in his favor and they ultimately did.

    I am reminded of his antics as a Church of Scientology shill parroting their hate propaganda against people protesting Scientology’s human rights abuses and his efforts to pass a law aimed to stop such protests. He efforts resulted in a picketing ban that did not apply to protesting the cult but instead placed new restrictions on other free speech activity in the county. Jeff Stone then changed his story that the reason for the law was to protect an unnamed Mormon priest. Scientology's advocate on that issue, attorney Samuel Alhaldeff was in the audience today and seemed to be snickering as Jeff Stone squirmed to get something passed.
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    Thus ensuring more county money than they already spent discussing "his project" would be spent recording their vote etc.
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    On YouTube, the discussion of Jeff Stone's secession proposal at the July 12, 2011 meeting of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors:

    Jeff Stone's 51st State Proposal Changed to Summit of All California
    Cities & Counties

    Julie Waltz commented on the proposal (40:04 - 41:41) and began by saying, "I haven't seen you guys since the ramrodding of Ordinance 884!". She concluded by quoting Abraham Lincoln: "What kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself."
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    "She concluded by quoting Abraham Lincoln: "What kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself."

    COS in a nutshell
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  22. Well worth listening to old-timer Robert Maby at around 48:00 - 50:00 in the vid - short and sweet cataloging of Stone's crimes.

    Don't know what he's talking about in the final item that he says has not been exposed yet - anyone know?
  23. TomVorm Member

    Stone's proposal is right out of the Scientology playbook.

    Caught with his hands in the cult's cookie jar, Stone is attempting
    to overshadow his impending conviction by the FPPC by "expanding"
    his influence by assuming the mantle of some kind of reformer
    of all that ails present-day California.

    Evidence is how Stone's proposal is flawed right on its face.

    Infrastructure is too entwined between the 2 proposed states:
    "Old" California gets its water, electricity and gas through
    pipelines which originate or run from "South California".

    I'd guess there are 1000 roads crossing the proposed state border
    between Los Angeles County and Orange County, which means LOTS
    of roadblocks, signs and border stop facilities! Is this idiocy the work
    of someone who was responsible for providing medication to the public
    (and maybe a sample or two to himself, judging from his numbed-
    cheek mumbling at the start of his presentation: Vicodin, anyone?)

    Speaker Robert D. Mabee had it right about Stone: The same man who
    was busted by the Pharmacy Board in 1999, the same man who
    diverted over $300,000 in campaign funds (and a county car)
    for his sister, the same man who just paid $16,000 in an initial
    settlement with the FPPC, isn't ethically qualified to represent anything.

    (I'm not sure about the "fraud" of Agenda Item #330 of April 2011,
    and Mabee didn't even have to mention the Ordinance 884 cult fiasco,
    the March Family trust, or the conflict-of-interest with County funds
    for the Senior Services Center Emergency Food Program going right
    back into his own pocket in the form of rent to landlord Stone in
    Murrieta). See:

    Now Stone wants to solicit private contributions on behalf of his
    proposal, to convene a convention in Riverside County.
    (Anyone want to bet, Stone or his family will skim from the proceeds?)

    Members of the public need to be warned about the background of
    Jeff Stone: Does anyone want to compile an informative website?
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    How many of those emails supporting Stone's proposal came from
    Scientologists? Inquiring minds want to know!
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    I think your looking too much into this. There are hundreds of secessionist groups on both state and federal contexts who advocate for dumbass shit like this. None of it ever goes through cause nobody wants to handle the extraordinary complications resulting. This isn't Scientology, its just a "look at me! look at me! I'm doing something out of the ordinary!" In the long run it just makes him look foolish.
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    As always with your conspiracy-laden drama... tin-foil-hat-3.jpg
  28. xenubarb Member

    What does that even mean? Stone is a crook. His record confirms it. So you think this is "conspiracy laden drama?"
    Where's the conspiracy? Exposing the character of a man who seeks higher office is almost a duty to the community.
    So shuddup and get out of the way if you're not going to help.
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    No U, old fart. Jeff Stone is an oily, smarmy, low-level politician that enjoys being the center of attention and being cozy with a cult. He is not the Anti-Christ. Members of the public don't need to be "made aware of his background". It's been publicized often in the past. TomVorn has a record of turning ant hills into mountains.
  30. TomVorm Member

    I advocate compilation of Jeff Stone's misdeeds on an easy-to-access website as a response to Stone's "split the state" proposal.

    Reporters nowadays are underpaid and lazy, and when there's officially-sourced material that's easy to quote they often will. Right now, virtually none of the media reports has taken Stone's proposal much deeper than the curiosity level.

    Providing text of past critical coverage of Jeff Stone from articles of the Riverside Press Enterprise, as well as images of official settlements of investigations from the Pharmacy Board and the Fair Political Practices Commission to back that up, will help the media and interested citizens to think twice before they generate additional publicity (or financial donations) for this self-serving sleazoid. Collecting this information in one place like a simplified easy-to-read "Jeff Stone critical website" would enable that, as information now is spread out in various bulletin board threads and 2010 election commentary sites.

    Ultimately this will help the cause of Anonymous, as it will help everyone to recognize Jeff Stone as a scam artist who denigrated citizen activists in exchange for the cash of cultists. Stone's efforts to fund his personal ambition, may also not be as successful when his next group of would-be suckers learn of the character of who they are dealing with.
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    I was on the treadmill at my gym today & was aghast to see Stone's smarmy mug on ABC News & CNN. He was being interviewed about his split-the-state proposal. Thankfully, the volume controls on the TVs were turned off.
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    You're stupid.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Some counties to secede from California? 3:16
    Jeff Stone and Julie Waltz
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    He said "Now listen" twice in less than a minute
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    "Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone said Thursday he launched a website to promote three initiatives he intends to place on the June 2012 ballot to fix the state's ills, and is moving forward with plans for a local government summit. Stone said he intends to circulate petitions to create a part-time Legislature, tighten rules for a balanced state budget and require pensions of all public employees in California be reformed."

    "Jeff Stone got the go-ahead from fellow Riverside County Supervisors Tuesday to explore the options for solving problems they see with the state’s operations, but he got neither an endorsement for his secession proposal nor permission to use county money or departments for his quest."
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    Julie Waltz asked him if he wanted to be governor. : D
  38. Anonymous Member

    lol, that lady kicks ass.
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  39. Sorry for the wall of text. Maybe I can say this. Everyone remembers the Sharon Angle deal last election cycle, ie Narconon. Everyone in Anony (or nearly everyone) has known about fundraising in hollywierd. Since the last election cycle we now have the scienos switching sides. Hmmmm!!! Why would that surprise anyone? They're worried about power. Does anyone here think that socal will be better off as a seperate state? For me, and me alone maybe, Anony has been incredibly effective. It demonstrates what the scieno game plan was from the start. CULT + POLITICIANS=SLAVERY PERIOD.
  40. Yes indeed, like the sign on the hill says "welcome to hollywierd mexico."

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