OJ Simpson Scientology "CLEAR"

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by Anonymous, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Meet your New Spokeshole for the cult
  2. Anonymous Member

    Murderous bastard joined murderous cult, makes sense
  3. Anonymous Member

    Another wife murderer!?

    Surely David Miscavige is the only cult member to get away with spousal homicide!?
  4. Anonymous Member

    Maybe he personally runs the how to get away with it, if you did it, OT level course.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Did OJ Simpson kill Shelly Miscavige?
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Are you fucking kidding me????? O fucking J fucking SIMPSON!
    He will feel right at home.
  7. DodoTheLaser Member

    Is this real? Because if it is, not just TMZ will be very interested.
  8. Anonymous Member

  9. RightOn Member

    soulds like he is talking about COS in the past. He said "there is nothing after clear" an dhe sounded sarcastic about it and chuckled. I also would never believe anything this murderer says
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  10. RightOn Member

    omg! I never saw those pictures before. sad and gruesome
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  11. Anonymous Member

    LOL at him doing the interview from inside the moving vehicle. Is that the infamous white Blazer. Splains what he was doing in there during the low speed chase.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Wow, they'll obviously accept anyone.
  13. Anonymous Member

    I saw this interview years ago.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Ruby Wax is a comedian. So if this is supposed to be a spoof, they failed hard.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Oh, she is not dead. She is kept hostage in one of CST base. Though she probably thinks that she deserves it.
  16. Anonymous Member

    DOX or STFU already.
  17. Anonymous Member

    NO you.
  18. Anonymous Member

    DOX or STFU.
  19. Anonymous Member

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  20. Anonymous Member

  21. Anonymous Member

    I wondered when I saw this years ago if OJ was acting from a script, the part where he says there is nothing beyond clear makes me think he was reciting a poorly written script. Scientology would have let him know there were greater levels than clear. He would have been big celeb for them (prior to him becoming a murderer).
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  22. I tried to put him on The Big List, but it 404'd.

    Get on that shit my personal army. please. not my friend.
  23. I did hear his name mentioned when I was in ('70s), but only a couple of times, and was unsure what to think about it. When a celeb was only mentioned a couple of times, that usually meant that they got in and out pretty quickly. His story about "nothing above Clear" would have only been true until about 1968, so unless he was in during his period at USC, that sounds wrong. Bad memory? Putting the spin he wanted on things? I have no idea. But he may have been in at one point, and this definitely deserves another look.
  24. OJ makes a killing with pounds 10,000 for Ruby Wax TV show.(News)

    OUTRAGED viewers have attacked the BBC for paying OJ Simpson pounds 10,000 to appear on Ruby Wax's TV show.
    Though a murder trial found Simpson not guilty of murdering ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman, a civil court later declared that he was to blame for their deaths.
    Last night an angry watchdog organisation's chief condemned the payment for an appearance on Ruby Wax Meets, saying: "To make money out of tragedy is tasteless." The Rev Graham Stevens, chairman of the National Viewers' and Listeners' Association, also questioned whether OJ was a suitable guest for Ruby, known for her irreverent style and lighthearted approach.
  25. anonanchovie Member

    The Clear quote came from an interview, widely disseminated inside the cult back in the 90's where OJ described his playing on the field:

    'Its like scientology and the state of Clear, there are just no barriers. I am out there with nothing holding me back'.

    (That is a rough quote based on my memory of the twenty times or so the clip was shown to us dumb fuck alien infested robots in sailor uniforms to shore up our commitment to eventual world domination).
  26. Do you know if he used that Scientology example because he was a Scientology customer at the time?
  27. anonanchovie Member

    I have no idea, it may have been a 'sponsored' quote, I never heard of him as a Scientologist, just that widely disseminated talk show clip.
  28. Herro Member

    JUICE NO!!!!!!!!!!
  29. JohnnyRUClear Member

    IKR? What kind of example is he setting, here? It's as if he doesn't even care about his reputation.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    He should go OT, then he could use his powarz to prove who the real killer is!
  31. Anonymous Member

    Guilty Negro am guilty.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Looks like Scientology has a new hired gun to train their new recruitments in the fine art of:

    1. Home invasion
    2. Scare tactics
    3. payback murder
    4. Evading arrest
    5. Legal advice

    David now has a couple of well known spokesman on the other side of that hire wire Charly manson, OJ and im sure a whole lot more. Im sure it just brings tears of happiness to David's eyes!

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