Oliver is a fugitive from justice in Germany?

Discussion in 'Anonymous gegen Scientology' started by Anonymous, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Maybe Germans can help to bring him to justice. We want to get rid of him not only for DMCA shenanigans but for his porn biz too.
    I looked on the nets and normally people get extradited and it seems like a mystery why he was exonerated at all. What strings has Scientology pulled to get him out, is the Judge a Scilon? WTF is going on here?
    Interesting... it looks like Oliver is a fugitive from justice in Germany and they were seeking his extradiction. He was in U.S. custody earlier this year, but later exonerated of whatever charges were brought against him..

    United States of America v. Oliver Schaper
    Case Number: 2:11-cv-05228
    Court: California Central
    Nature of Suit: Other Statutory Actions
    Judge: Manuel L. Real (Los Angeles judge)

    July 22, 2011 - Withdraw

    ORDER by Magistrate Judge Stephen J. Hillman, Upon the request of the United States of America, the Court HEREBY DISMISSES WITHOUT PREJUDICE the underlying criminal complaint and the request for extradition in the above-captioned case. Defendant Oliver Schapers bond is hereby exonerated. IT IS SO ORDERED.$FILE/hillmancalheader1.pdf
  2. Anonymous Member

    thank you for this happy info.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Dox on the Judge? Is he a Scilon or why has Ollie been able to beat an extradition case??? What does Ollie know the cult wants to keep $ecret?

    Stephen J. Hillman wasappointed as a Magistrate Judge in 1992, and currently serves as the Chief Magistrate Judge. Prior to his appointment, he practiced as a Deputy Federal Public Defender in the Central District, rising to Chief Deputy Federal Public Defender, with duties that included the supervision and training of all attorneys. He also practiced civil litigation, both in Los Angeles and Seattle. He serves on the Ninth Circuit Magistrate Judges Executive Board, and has also served as an Adjunct Professor of Law at Loyola Law School, where he taught Trial Advocacy.

    Judge Hillman received his undergraduate degree from University of California, Berkeley, and his law degree from the University of Washington.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Not a lawfag but I believe that the phrase "Upon the request of the United States of America" means that the US attorney requested the charges be dropped. "Without prejudice" means the Government can charge him again. Guess: They didn't have a strong enough case to go to trial.
  5. Anonymous Member

    After lurking around I found out that the U.S. Government acted on behalf of Germany's request to extradite him to Germany or Germany wanted his ass. That they folded their efforts is not only rare but I have not found another case like it. An extradition case is not cheap and Germany would not initiate a case against our porn baron unless they had a strong case. In normal circumstances, a foreign country requests the fugitive and the host country delivers the person to the requesting country. There is no defense or availability of exonerating evidence that can be delivered.

    I think that the $cilons have paid off somebody in the U.S. Governments Attorneys office to have the case dropped before the Germans were able to get this hands on him. Again, what may Ollie know that kept him in the U.S. and are we able to assist Germany to get him???
  6. Anonymous Member

    i'll just leave this here for
  7. Anonymous Member

    Do you have any proof for this assertion?
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  8. Anonymous Member

    How do you think he was able to get released?
  9. Anonymous Member

  10. Anonymous Member

    I don't know however scientology paying off a government attorney is but one of the possibilities, and perhaps even the least likely.
    You know the old saw sweetpea, docs or stfu.
    I'm not saying don't research it if you can, but asserting it without proof, especially when you use the term '$cilons' makes you look, well, a little moonbatty.
  11. Anonymous Member

    1. Please explain why the porn baron was able to be released on bail if there is NO right to bail for extradition cases in the U.S.?

    2. Moonbatty or not, fact is that Ollie got caught and was not deported / extradited or punished!

    3. It would not be the first time that COS paid off Government officials - Riverside's Stone is one of them - and a Government Attorney may come cheap.

    4. Why was Ollie to be extradited? Has any lawfag docs on what grounds extradition is possible?
  12. sooleater Member

    i like the dollar in it
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  13. Anonymous Member


    lrn the term dox or d0x
    or get a real job
  14. Anonymous Member

    you sounds like OSA
    lrn the term dox/d0x
  15. Ackerland Member

    That would not be the first time that a Scientologist would run from justice in Germany. Back in 2000, Ursula Caberta was visiting the United States after US authorities had granted requests for asylum for certain Scientologists.
    They were really running from German authorities because they had committed several cases of tax fraud, and other criminal mischief in an effort to help Scientology to more money.
  16. Anonymous Member


    Can somebody supply dox on the case?
  17. DeathHamster Member

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  18. Anonymous Member

    The question remains: Is Ollie wanted in Germany and how can we help to bring him to justice aka behind bars.
    What is his status in the U.S. ?
  19. Sponge Member

    The questions is: What did Germany actually want him for?

    The fact that he able to walk out of court could possibly be because, when it came to the crunch, Germany just did not pony up with a representitive with all the required evidence on the day. Who knows but like somone has already said, it is "without predujice" so it isn't completely over yet. If we knew what it was about then maybe it could be given a little push from the right quarters.
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  20. AnonRanGER13 Member

    Fucking full of win (although of course 10 years old). I can't believe I read the whole thing.

    Edit: Oh right, Olli Schaper. Almost forgot what this was all about after reading 50 pages of that article. Since I am a Nazi Germanfag, this is relevant to my interests and I will gladly contriboot if I can, jawohl!
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Hopefully for something involving many years behind bars.

    I'm reading a lot online about extradition proceedings and it looks like that the German Government was represented by the U.S. Government after the Germans filed a request through diplomatic channels. It looks like Germany made a request, the U.S. arrested our porn baron and placed him into custody. Now interestingly he was able to get out on bail which is in 99.9% of extradition cases not possible. You need to be able to offer a lot of securities and special circumstances so that the court even considers bail. What were his special circumstances? - Being a Scientologist would disqualify him in my eyes immediately. Now, Germany has x-amount of day to present paperwork after the initial documents were submitted. Can we verify date of arrest and date or release to see what happened?

    German fags should start digging so we can do the world a favor an remove this creep from society and place him in a secured environment and maybe even loose the key. Whatever Germany wanted him for, it must have been a major case because I am sure they spent a lot of Euros on the case.
  22. DeathHamster Member

    Perhaps a fuck-up in the paperwork itself? If there was some fatal flaw in the extradition request, the judge would have no choice but to toss it, but without prejudice (it could be fixed and filed again).
  23. Smurf Member

    This is more likely and is similar to the Swiss authorities rejecting the extradition of Roman Polanski to the U.S. last year. "The justice ministry said that the US authorities had failed to provide confidential testimony about Polanski's original sentencing procedure."
  24. Anonymous Member

    What can we do to make sure Germany gets him now?
    Smurf, any way you can get case access?
  25. Anonymous Member

    some rumor:
    google - BOXX-TV & MAXX-TV dr. oliver sharper

    (you need a lot of translation into english;)
  26. Anonymous Member

    it would be epic if we get him extradited and make it public. Guess DM would start another rampage.
    I remember that AO had contact with him and he may be able to use his direct line to contact him.
  27. Triumph Member

    Cultist Oliver Schaper spreads lies about Scientology protester "Angry Gay Pope"

    posted on AGP You tube channel

    from a message on AO answering machine?
  28. Anonymous Member

    AGP claims this is Ollie Schaper and that Ollie has called AO over 100 times with no dox to back up the claim. Ollie has a distinctive German accent.
  29. Anonymous Member

    AGP is an attention fag and sure he was getting on this train-wreak. Can we be sure that Ollie has a German accent?
  30. Anonymous Member

  31. Sponge Member

  32. tippytoe Member

    Maybe his OT powerz will soon falter and fate will catch up with him...


    ....what an outstanding twit!
  33. Ackerland Member

    Oliver has even posted on this message board before. It's not like his vanity makes it very difficult getting in touch with him if you so wish.
  34. Anonymous Member

    We need a Oliver Schaper mass shoop thread.
  35. Anonymous Member

  36. Rheinländer Member

    This is real, there are no friends. ^^
  37. Anonymous Member

    He nuked the video and several images too. Let the lulz coaster commence.
  38. Anonymous Member

    MySpace account is nuked too. Guess Ollie needs moar attention.

    Any word yet why the Nazifags wanted the porn baron?
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