Oliver is a fugitive from justice in Germany?

Discussion in 'Anonymous gegen Scientology' started by Anonymous, Aug 9, 2011.

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    Glen Beck?
  2. Anonymous Member

    GO! GO! GO!

    Ollie needs to visit Germany soon and we should assist him to get there soon.
  3. Anonymous Member

    the myspace account get closed
    the pic get removed
    lots of other pics get removed
    videos get removed

    oliver is ready to play the game
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  5. Krautfag Member

    Olli Schaper ist wieder im Gespräch?
    Hatten wir schon, kommt immer wieder rein.

    In der Regel beendet dann die Nennung von OLIVER SCHAPER's Kumpel JÜRGEN GROBBIN und SCIENTOLOGY das Auftauchen von Olli schnell wieder.

    And no, I got no idea what Olli is wanted for over here, but it will most likely have to do with the dubious tv-businesses that OLIVER SCHAPER and JÜRGEN GROBBIN did together, i.e. MAXX-TV, BOXX-TV,, 29.07.2008
    " Wie jetzt bekannt geworden ist, arbeitet die MAXX‐TV.AG unter anderem mit der Makro Capital
    GmbH, deren Geschäftsführer der einschlägig wegen Betrug vorbestrafte Rüdiger Beuttenmüller ist, zusammen"
    Translation: "It recently became public that the MAXX-TV AG works together - among others - with the Makro Capital GmbH whose CEO Rüdiger Beuttenmüller is already sentenced for fraud"

    So, it'll be the usual Scilon playbook, take cash in, don't deliver.

    Und wer mal Lust hat, sich eingehender mit JÜRGEN GROBBIN zu beschäftigen, kann als Start mal die TAZ Bremen anrufen, was die so alles über JÜRGEN GROBBIN zu sagen haben :)
  6. Anonymous Member

    [quote="Krautfag, post: 1859224
    So, it'll be the usual Scilon playbook, take cash in, don't deliver.
    Thanks for the update.
    So who was defrauded? Maybe they need some more information.
  7. Krautfag Member

    Dunno really, but there seems to have been a lot of commotion around the delisting of MAXX-TV AG (AG describes in German that the corporation is giving out shares) form the stock exchange with a lot of very unhappy investors. Olli Schaper was at one time consultant to maxx-tv and promoting shares to his contacts.

    Lots of German Olli info here:

    After a little more reading I think that the State Prosecutor of Bremen probably issued the extradition request for Oliver Schaper. Sadly they are barred from giving out information due data protection acts. If Oliver Schaper wasn't extradited there was no court trial and in that case no public court dox.
  8. Anonymous Member

    k thx
    if you identify a poon target, I'll send some
  9. Anonymous Member

    I had to use Google Voice to translate the page but i am not sure the information provided are right at all. Ollie must be American because from what we know he is able to communicate without accent, speaks fluent Spanish and French (according to AO who is franco-Canadian) all with native speaker accents.

    Who is this Juergen Grobbin dude?

    Seems like has changed its name or has been sold because the site is being redirected.

    Do we have more information on MaxxTV and can we get the case rolling again? Ollie needs to be back in Germany ASAP
  10. Anonymous Member was sold year ago

    Try: "Jürge Grobbin"
    maxxTV ag is onlyin german speaking pages/forums

    Try; "maxxTV betrug"

  11. Anonymous Member

    Belive us he is German.

    We spend weeks digging all that shit up.
    After it was done he even turned up in the german sektion of WWP to BAWWWWW.
  12. Ackerland Member

    And no accent? I think I heard him speak once and he had quite a thick accent then
  13. Anonymous Member

    I just checked my sources and it looks like Ollie is actually American but must have spent quite some time in Germany and went to school in Germany too. Ollie has been knows to place false information about himself online but people that actually meet him like AO confirm that he is not German at all. Ollie would have been extradited if he had been a German citizen.
    I also looked at the alleged residence and he must have moved years ago and the new owners are not amused about the attention received...
    We do not know if the real Ollie really went on WWP to BAWWWWW (not like trolls are anything new to WWP).
    Facts are needed about this fine doctor and it would be an epic win to see him in jail or whatever they like to do with him in Germany. Maybe they can reactivate some old camps for him too?
  14. Anonymous Member

    AGP posted the first confirmed audio recording of him and the previous audio tape was done by CrazyD as part of one of his videos about Olli.
  15. Anonymous Member

    then lets get all the dox straight, post all you got.

    AGP's videos, AOs Moonbattery, the dox we have.

    Lets get the motherfucker once and for all!
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  16. Anonymous Member

    I remember too from the dark ages of Chanology that QAnon talked to Ollie. I can't find the post but he stated that Ollie must have been American too.

    AGP has posted some good stuff at incl. some personal information and from what I read AGP and Ollie are going to spare over a video in court if the good doctor is not pulling out again.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Googlesuche "Oliver +Schaper University of California Los Angeles School of Law "

    ergibt auf "" (Google-Cache)
    Dr. Oliver Schaper

    Media House Enterprises, Inc
    Tustin, United States


    Dr. Oliver Schaper the President & CEO of ACOS Broadcasting Corp (, an independent radio and television network, which he co-founded in 2005. He owns Media House Enterprises, Inc. a niche broadcasting company, specialized on mobile and Internet based video applications.

    Dr. Schaper is fluent in English, French, German and Spanish and has spend many years abroad on business and studied in Europe and the United States. He provides consulting for media and broadcasting project including project development.

    Multi-lingual (English, French, German and Spanish) with extensive knowledge of American and European markets.

    Professional Experience

    Jun 2005 - Present
    President & CEO
    ACOS Broadcasting Corp.
    Broadcast Media

    ACOS Broadcasting Corp. Inc launches, owns, operates and plans niche Radio and / or Television networks in the Americas and Europe.

    Mar 2007 - Present
    Media House Enterprises, Inc
    Broadcast Media

    Niche broadcast network with focus on Internet and Mobile content distribution.

    2006 - 2007
    (1 years)

    2009 - 2010
    (1 years)
    Maxx TV
    Broadcast Media


    University of California, Los Angeles - School of Law (High School)

    More about Dr. Oliver Schaper

    First Name
    Dr. Oliver

    Last Name

    Interests / Hobbies
    New technology development, mobile broadcasting and video application.

    My Affiliations
    Crackberry Addict

    Multi-lingual (English, French, German and Spanish) with extensive knowledge of American and European markets.
    Das hier ist er eher nicht:
  18. Anonymous Member

    Oliie claims he's filing a lawsuit in federal court against AGP..

    Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

    Unfortunately, Mr. Myers has not reconsidered his position and we are filing
    a case against him in the U.S. District Court, Central District - Santa Ana.

    If you require any additional documents, please notify us so that we can
    provide you with copies if necessary. We expect the Defendant to be served
    soon by the U.S. Marshal Service.


    Dr. Oliver Schaper
  19. Anonymous Member

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  20. Krautfag Member

    >> implying AO knows his ass from his head

    That means nothing. You would take me for a crackpot from New Orleans if you heard me talking or some fat bloke from Glasgow if I want to.

    Giving the usual procedures, I'd say the criminal case is stalled until Olli returns here one way or the other. The civil/stock stuff around MAXX-TV will be done with by now.

    Edit: I just listened to the voicemail on AGP's site and that dude clearly was brought up in Germany...can't pronounce "heard", pronounces "Frankie" like a German, plus the fillers "eh" "ah" "äh" are a dead giveaway. He has acquired a rather good American accent in most words and rhythm of speech though, so probably an American would fall for it.
  21. Anonymous Member

    LOL, not sure if you're right on the money. Have we a German sample of Ollie? From what I know about him, his German must not be very good at all with a strong accent. Yet from talking to QAnon back in the days, Ollie loves to play with accents and was able to speack in different engish / american accents. Have not seen a non native do that yet. Plus AO claimed that Ollie had a native French speakers command of French and he should now as froggy Canuc.
    Also if Ollie was German, the U.S. Would have returned him to Nazilandia but he is still here. Someting does not add up with this guy and -/ or COS leaders have paid the U.S. Court to have him relesed. If that was the case what secrets does he have?
  22. Anonymous Member

    Has a Germanfag ever tried to call the good doctor? His phone number is posted on AGP's site. Don't forget to record the call.
  23. Krautfag Member

    Ah, finally here, being able to read helps:

    Oliver Schaper was born in Germany and attended school at Integrierte Gesamtschule Hannover-Linden, where he completed his Abitur (final exam) in 1996. After his Abitur he _emigrated_ to the US.

    So he took up US-citizenship, I guess that explains the whole business.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Sorry to fuck with your efforts but how was his birth confirmed? Where was he born? Some facts are not clear because at all. From what I have been able to read about Germany is that you could be born in country but not receive citizenship. Looking at AGP's site states that he has a french mother and an american father and only been in Germany for some time.
    Again we need to get correct dox in order to assist the good doctor to his jail cell.

    Being U.S. Citizen alone does not explain the extradition case because you can and will be extradited if another country wants you. Something bigger must have haapened which could provide epic lulz if made public.
  25. Krautfag Member

    Nowhere on AGPs site I see that Olli has an American father and honestly, all this shit has been researched thoroughly in '08, in the course of this thread.

    And sorry, but the USA never extradite own citizens, only foreign citzens.
  26. Smurf Member

    The federal courts would not entertain a motion to extradite Ollie to Germany if he was not wanted there. German prosecutors would have had to submit an extradition request for Ollie to be arrested & taken into custody. Maybe, it had something to do with his entrepreneurial activities there.

    Ollie may be a naturalized citizen of the U.S. He did marry an American woman of Hispanic descent and has remarried another Hispanic... Ivon Carrillo Zaragoza Schaper.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Do a better fact check:

    Redman is not only a U.S. citizen but his hand is going to be handed off to Mexico. In addition some reading material on extradition:

    France is the only country refusing to extradite hence DSK was caught at JFK.

    Look at the AO comment section on AGP's site and you see additional information on Ollie's family.

    Wrong information in 2008 are not better in 2011. Why has Ollie never been punished for all the DMCA action too?

    The reason issue here should be: HOW CAN OLLIE BROUGHT BACK TO JUSTICE?
  28. Anonymous Member

    He could be a born citizen too if his Dad is / was an American even if he was born outside of the U.S... like Military children born on bases outside the U.S. We know really nothing about Ollie and that has been a problem ever since his DMCA shenanigans.
    Is there any way we can get the Germans to provide additional information about Ollie?
  29. Krautfag Member

    Okay, you're right. But that's really new...German law offcials can tell long and sad tales about the impossibility to get any US citizen from the US. I guess murder makes a difference.

    I don't see it, maybe we are on different sites. Ling plox.

    I stand by the information that Oliver Schaper attended school in Hannover, Germany.

    Dunno. US turf.
  30. Krautfag Member

    One can send a IFG (FOIA) request to the authorities and given the circumstances of fraud likely get a decent answer, but it would include namefagging oneself. Not willing to do that. Any germanon up for that?
  31. Ackerland Member

    I know someone who would be up for it. contact me in pm plox
  32. Krautfag Member

  33. Anonymous Member

    I hope Ollie is reading this and starts to shit bricks.

    Oh yes dear Shaper! YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR CRIMES TOO and I am sure >9000 are happy to see you behind bars.
  34. Anonymous Member

    This is information AO claims Ollie gave him on the telephone. Are you that stupid to believe Ollie would be honest & forthcoming with an enemy of Scientology?
  35. Anonymous Member

    According to AGP (on ESMB), Ollie has claimed he is in the process of suing AGP in federal court. We'll see, if anything, comes from that.

    AGP & Ollie are infamous for mouthing bullshit and making false claims.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Usually when Ollie gets pissed, videos start to disappear on YouTube...
  37. Anonymous Member

  38. Anonymous Member

  39. Anonymous Member

    Is Ollie getting away again? No new Dox on Ollie?
  40. Smurf Member

    Ollie threatened to sue AGP in federal court, and sent a letter to YouTube DMCA to that effect, and that AGP would be soon visited by U.S. Marshals, but nothing has been filed yet. That was 2 weeks ago.

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