Oliver is a fugitive from justice in Germany?

Discussion in 'Anonymous gegen Scientology' started by Anonymous, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Would be funny to see AGP making a video of the Marshals. We know AGP is into cuffs so he might even enjoy it. Ollie is planning something because he got other anons (QAnon, CreazyDelany) to remove their videos. I remember that QAnon started to praise Ollie as a good guy. Not sure why but something was up.

    Any word on his extradition matter? I would REALLY HATE to see him brought back to Germany soon.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Just been reading upon Marty's statements that the current U.S. Government is very much Sci-friendly. Could that be the reason why the U.S. Government requested the case against Ollie to be terminated? Has Ollie some knowledge DM does not want to leave the country, especially to Germany?
    Maybe Ollie is hoping that the Obama regime stays in power for another four years to be safe? Germany must still want him because you don't ask for extradition for nothing serious.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Tinfoil much.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Not at all but I can't explain why Ollie was NOT extradited to Germany. No country starts the process to have somebody extradited which is usually a rubber stamp process and not get their target. The U.S. Government requested to terminate the case and nobody knows why or why Ollie beat the case against him.
  5. Smurf Member

    AGP's video of a recorded telephone call to AO from Ollie was removed by YouTube after Ollie claimed his privacy was violated. He also threatened to sue AGP. YouTube put the video back up... and Ollie has been unusually quiet since the incident I doxed his being arrested & held in custody for a period of time while an extradition request was being heard in federal court earlier this year...

    Hi there,

    In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we've completed
    processing your counter-notification regarding your video:

    This content has been restored unless you have deleted the video(s). Your
    account will not be penalized.


    The YouTube Team
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Ohh Ollie

    y r u DMCA?
  7. Anonymous Member

  8. I am David Marchant, the publisher of Miami, Florida-based OffshoreAlert, and I can clarify the extradition proceedings against Oliver Schaper that were started and then stopped at federal court in California.

    In a court filing by Schaper's own attorney on July 11, 2011, it was stated that Schaper was sentenced to two years in prison and fined Euros 4,800 at a criminal court in Hanover, Germany on February 11, 2005 after being convicted of 13 counts of fraud and one count of breach of trust. The prison part of his sentence was suspended.

    On August 23, 2006, the court revoked the suspension of his prison sentence on the basis that Schaper had breached the terms of his sentence by not making any payment towards the fine. He was supposed to pay monthly installments of Euros 100 towards the fine but, allegedly, he had not made a single payment.

    The German court ordered Schaper to serve the two-year prison sentence and started proceedings to extradite him from the USA to Germany so that he could begin the prison-term.

    In extradition papers that were filed by the US Government at federal court in California, which included documents from the German authorities, it was stated that Schaper had actually admitted the 14 fraud and breach of trust charges at trial. It was also stated by the Government that Schaper had a prior criminal record in Germany, having been fined for two counts of fraud on November 23, 2000 in Hanover, Germany.

    It was further stated that "two further proceedings" against Schaper for alleged fraud were "pending" in Hanover. One of these alleged that Schaper had misused the title of "Dr.". According to the German authorities, when asked to explain why he was entitled to use the title, Schaper claimed that he had "studied law in the US" but he could not or would not tell them the name of the university where he had allegedly studied.

    It was also stated in court filings that a Receiver was appointed in Germany for Schaper's assets on February 20, 2004, with the Receiver determining that Schaper's liabilities were at least Euros 3.6 million and that he had little or no assets to satisfy his liabilities, meaning they went unpaid.

    The attempt to extradite Schaper from the USA to Germany failed on procedural grounds because a court in Germany determined that Schaper had not been properly or legally served with notice that an application to lift the suspension of his prison sentence had been filed. Therefore, the extradition complaint failed due to a technicality.

    All of the above comes from records filed at federal court in California. I obtained the information after Schaper contacted me yesterday asking me to remove a copy of the extradition complaint from my firm's web-site at, which I refused to do.

    In his correspondence with me, Schaper claimed that "the German Government ... made a mistake in charging me with a crime in the first place" and that "the court in Germany reversed its decision to convict me on 13 counts and FULLY exonerated me AFTER the extradition case was terminated". He did not provide me with any evidence.

    Schaper also informed me that "I have forwarded the information found on your site to my legal representative for review and to take any actions necessary."

    I hope the above is of assistance in clarifying this matter.

    David Marchant
    Publisher, OffshoreAlert
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  9. DeathHamster Member

    Since the extradition was dismissed without prejudice, I wonder if he's been properly and legally served yet, and if the clock is ticking on a new extradition?
  10. amaX Member

    thank you for the information on why shaper got away with this.
  11. Anonymous Member

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  12. Anonymous Member

  13. Krautfag Member

    Thank you for taking the time to clear up the issue, good Sir.

    We're toying around with Ollie for years now and his mixture of stupidity, criminality and overall dickishness is pretty unique. Just ignore any legal threats, despite Olli's claims no attorney or lawyer is ever showing up, simply due to the fact that "Dr." Schaper can't afford one.

    However, due to the amount of cash involved, I am pretty sure German authorities are working on a new extradition. Hopefully a little more duly this time.
  14. Anonymous Member

    So what can we do to help the Germans to take care of Ollie??? It should be a very juicy opp. Justice at last.
  15. Mr. Schaper contacted me today and, among other things, blamed the allegations against him on "unsubstantiated claims by a rogue Germany DA". Mr. Schaper also stated that he will attempt to "take down" my firm's web-site. I removed the copies of my email correspondence with Mr. Schaper because it is unclear to me what the law is regarding copying and pasting email correspondence.

    Anyone can locate and download the extradition documents from the U. S. Government's federal courts database - known as PACER, which can be found at
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  16. another123 Member

    Oh, that must part of that Double Secret Probation clause..... Wait... What?... Do I hear Barbra Streisand warming up?
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  17. Krautfag Member

    Huhu Olli, Du kleiner Schnuckel! Schön, daß du weiterhin hier fleißig liest. Aber du weißt doch allerdings auch, daß du in Deckung bleiben sollst, weil sonst der Jürgen Grobbin wieder ans Licht kommt, mitsamt, Idee Media, und den Millionen, die fehlen. Jürgens kleine Schlageruschi weint doch jetzt schon rum, daß ihre World Angels in die Nähe zu Scientology gerückt werden, also haltet gefälligst die Füße still. Außerdem könntest du echt mal lernen, richtig Englisch zu schreiben, wenn sie dich schon in einem Anfall von Leichtsinn eingemeindet haben.

    As for content:

    Of course you can get a phony doctorate from the University of Dagestan or any other such place of education appended to your name in Germany too, if you bring proper papers from the University of Dagestan. The registrar isn't going to go to Dagestan to evaluate the scientific merits of the named University or their doctorates.

    His birthplace is Hannover, I don't really have an idea why he blacked that out.

    And I would really really like to know what a "rogue DA" is.
  18. another123 Member

    Oliver seems to have morphed into the Kenny Powers of Scientology
  19. Anonymous Member

    Sounds pretty much like Ollie is the reincarnation of L.R. Hubbard...
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  20. Krautfag Member

    Nah, where Hubturd was smart in extracting people's cash, Olli is just a twat.
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  21. xenubarb Member

    What's a 'schnuckel?' Is as amusing as it sounds?
  22. Ackerland Member

    it's like "honey" as in "my honey" when applied to people.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Ollie is rather toothless without a DCMA claim. Maybe he needs to copyright all of his court documents and extradition orders?
  24. Anonymous Member

    I'm sure the tart is sitting home and shitting brix. What I don't understand is how he is able to remain in the states and why the Germans are not taking any action. They got him before and why not making it final???
  25. Krautfag Member

    He is an American citzizen now, prolly much harder to extradite. Congrats, you get to keep him :p
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  26. DeathHamster Member

    There was a problem with the German paperwork last time, so they're probably making sure that they get everything exactly right before reapplying for extradition.

    Oliver can't or wont pay off a lousy Euros 4,800 fine, never mind his liabilities of Euros 3.6 million. He fraudulently claimed to be a Doctor of Law, so he's probably going to pretend to be his own lawyer. (A cartoony of law.)
  27. DeathHamster Member

    Did he admit to his criminal convictions when he applied for citizenship? If not, that might get revoked too.
  28. Krautfag Member

    Unknown. You'd have to contact Immigration with a FOIA maybe.
  29. Anonymous Member

    I'm playing devils advocate for a moment but can we be sure that Germany is going to try again to get him extradited? Even if he is an American, the U.S. is known to extradite its own citizens. So why the hold up?
    I want him back in Germany and I hope the krauts request his departure soon. Who is to be contacted or motivated to get his case rolling again? Can we be sure there is still a case against him?
  30. Anonymous Member

    From what I know, his first records in the U.S. are from 1996 so he could have secured citizenship before his troubles in Germany unless he was U.S. born and lived in Germany a long time as some have speculated.
  31. DeathHamster Member

    I expect that evidence to appear right after I've been pooped on by a flying pig.
  32. Anonymous Member

    I downloaded some doc from PACER. There were 5 cases. One criminal extradition case terminated and turned into another civil case. So his crimes were listed twice with increasing details. I think the sealed part is only why he got of, because of embarrassing incompetence.

    The 3 other bankruptcy cases are fairly interesting. He represented himself so he didn't need to pay a few grand each time for the filing. Chapter 13 pays every penny he owed with interest - just a delay tactic. Each time, he got out without paying anything. So the debt piled up.

    It seems he is fighting foreclosure, but how he managed to do it is not clear. He owes mortgage 100,000, (overdue) line of credit 50,000, (overdue) association fee 3,000, car payments, and 20,000 tax. If he still lives in the same house (Wedgewood) or get another mortgage or buy another house, hats off to him and his gay porn empire.

    Was he jailed pending bail hearing? That would had satisfied his ass.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Porn must have paid his debt because I saw records of him being at Wedgwood in 2007 and these cases were earlier.
    He is slick and I have to get him credit for that because nothing seem to stick to him and he manages to get himself out of a jam. If he needed a bail hearing means he was most likely detained.

    AO mentioned something about him driving an SUV. I suspect that the BK's are related to his troubles in Germany and an attempt to produce a smoke screen from creditors. What disturbs me is the note on PACER "dismissed for other reasons".

    Everytime there is more information about him, more questions come up about he managed to stay in business. There seems to be much more than we have seen yet.
  34. Krautfag Member

    AFAIK the state prosecutor of the state of Bremen (Citystate) filed the initial extradition request, but I could be wrong. The PACER extradition record should have that info.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Bremen, isn't that the same city that other guy Grobbin (I saw his name in a prior post) is from? Could there be a connection? If they filed ones, they need to be motivated to re-file the case again Ollie.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Both criminal and civil extraditions are withdraw due to request from Germany via diplomatic channel. So there's no record for the reasons in PACER. The civil case contains German documents detailing the offences with official translations. I would like to know how many months and days, if any, he spent in jail awaiting bail hearing, before I or someone make a movie with all the dox. This guy is a youtube addict, must have watched over 4000 scn clips before taking them down. And will the bankruptcy case files be online/public only for some years? About 7 years now.

    PACER accepts gift cards, those you can fill in the info online like any other credit card, for yourself or the person you give it to. PACER do not check the balance. I think anything more than the 8 cent per page charge will do. You will have a bill every 3 months. And anything under $10 is forgiven.
  37. Krautfag Member

    Grobbin resides in Syke, which is a smaller town close to Bremen.
    And yeah, they are mates or at least were, they did the tv-stock-scam together, with Olli being the idiot who got the blame. It's unsure and unconfirmed though if Grobbin is a Scilon too, but well, he used to give motivational- and communication-seminars. And where did we hear that before?

    You can surf his current front here:

    If you're interested in the stock-scam, search for MAXX-TV and BOXX-TV.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Court: Hanover. Crime scene: Hafenstrasse in Essen
    Detention time served: 71 days !!!
  39. Krautfag Member

    Ah, those pacer docs are pure gold....

    Oliver Schaper, born in Oldenburg (not Hannover as we all thought)

    is sought by the

    Staatsanwaltschaft Hannover / Hannover Department of Public Prosecution
    i.e Staatsanwalt / State Prosecutor Arnold

    to serve a

    2 year sentence (minus 71 days for pretrial arrest), issued on a probation (but Schaper broke probation terms),

    on charges of

    fraud and breach of trust

    to which he admitted of being guilty.

    The sentence was legally effective in 2005, with the probation revoked in 2006.

    Now, if Olli applied for US citizenship after 2005, he should have included that sentence in the application, right?

    Edit: wow, gets better.

    Olli was already convicted of fraud on two counts back in 2000.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Now the movie title is changed to "OS - 3 bankruptcies, 3 convictions, 71 days in jail, 659 remaining."

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