Oliver is a fugitive from justice in Germany?

Discussion in 'Anonymous gegen Scientology' started by Anonymous, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Oh, so much lulz! No wonder he was trying to keep his pic off the intertubes. But then again, being a silly scientologist, he thinks he could kick the hornets nest and stay under the radar at the same time. Pffffttt.
    Pro Tip, Ollie: This is where that part We Don't Forget comes in. Enjoy it.
  2. Anonymous Member

    I guess Ollie is in even more trouble today because it looks like ICE has taken away his domains. DOX???
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  5. DeathHamster Member

    ^^ Fucking lovely!

    Edit: Wait, why does it redirect to YouTube?

    That's kind of lame.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    First they take his domains and than get you a PSA :p Life must be bitch for Ollie?
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  7. DeathHamster Member

    They didn't take all his domains. AGP took one first.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Guess it would be google-friendy to write this full name instead of "ollie" in this thread.

    Like Oliver Schaper. You know, the scientologist who has been convicted of fraud. Yeap, the same Oliver Schaper that took down youtube videos with false DMCAs. Yeap, that guy Oliver Schaper who has been a total douche to chanology. Yeap, Oliver Schaper.
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  9. Anonymous Member

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  11. Anonymous Member

    2005/06/30 Bankruptcy ------------------------

    2011/03/14 Crimal Extradition (first 8 pgs)---

    2011/06/03 Oposition To Bail Request --------

    2011/06/03 Bail Request Denied -------------
  12. Anonymous Member

    LOL, not the Defendants attorney but the Government (Plaintiff) claimed Schaper made a plea in Germany. I have looked at the dox which are pure GOLD and it does not show the Defendants site.
    Still, what can and should be done to have Ollie (OLIVER SCHAPER) removed from the country. It would be such a shame if the Germans would give up and not take him back to deal with him.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    What I don't get, they denied his bail on 6/3 and a little while later let him go on a $25.000 OR bond (can somebody tell me that that is). What has Ollie done to get released?
  14. Anonymous Member

  15. DeathHamster Member

  16. another123 Member

    They ran into a SNAFU. from original leaker post:
  17. Anonymous Member

    Could be because he was claiming "Special (medical) Circumstances"(see 4~6) and also trying to claim asylum (just throw the kitchen sink in too, why don't 'ya.)
  18. Anonymous Member

    Okay but WTF? Don't they verify this before they waste all the time & money? Ollie is now tipped off and I am sure the Germans are now really butthurt about this epic fail.
    Still, why deny his bail request first and than let him out? I have looked around and there is NO RIGHT TO BAIL in extradition cases. No Judge gives you a own recognitions bail on an extradition case. C'mon, $25.000 and he would have been gone to Mexico or other countries. I read that he has contacts to Mexico and they don't care about extraditing people.
    Makes no sense to me if Germany wanted him so bad to issue a German, EU and Interpol warrant. According to the treaty which was so generously supplied by David, Germany had a charge against him and their request was legal. All the U.S. Court has to do is to make sure 1. a treaty is in place and 2. that a crime or alleged crime is punishable in both countries. It is even possible to request extradition of you just want a person to testify!!! Germany supplied the documents, the U.S. nicked Ollie and put him in prison and the U.S. waited until the Germans made a formal request which was all done. Now that should have been his ticket home because the U.S. Judge's job is not to judge on evidence in this matter, according to Nexus Law Library but to ensure a request files gets executed.
    All the Germans had to do is to serve him with a new notice that he violated his terms and collect him while he was behind bars. Nothing was done and Ollie is back in freedom, still not punished and a nuance to Anonymous. WTF IS WRONG WITH THE GERMANS? I always thought Nazifags are very accurate?
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  19. Anonymous Member

    How can I get my hands on that report? Is it available on PACER?
  20. Anonymous Member

    And somehow it worked for him. Not sure what the fuck di to get out but he was able to fool the court because a day later on 7/12 he was released on bail. Yet I am not sure were he got the money to make bail if he is broke but I am sure his scilon buddies helped him. :eek:
  21. Ackerland Member

    The mills of justice turn slowly, even in Germany. And if you think us Germans are exact in everything we do - maybe that's right. But it's also true that our authorities can be painfully slow.
  22. Anonymous Member

    LOL SRSLY? How much motivation do Germans need to finally order Ollie to be arrested again and extradited to Germany? What can, could or should be done. I am still pissed off him because he took down three YT accounts and never paid for it...
  23. Krautfag Member

    Probably the prosecutor got annoyed and thought "fuck it, let them keep him if they want him so badly" :D
  24. Anonymous Member

    That would not be really German and I am sure that there is more to the story as been discovered by now. Why would Ollie risk to be in the spotlight?

    The warrant is from 2006 and Ollie got noticed during chanology in 2008/2009 and his picture got blasted online. In 2011 so two to three years later, Germany decides to have him arrested and extradited. Either German police is that lame and unable to locate people or we have missed something completely. C'mon, which police agency is waiting so many years to arrest somebody they want? Who pays for all the costs in this proceedings? Ollie had an attorney so who floated the bill? Why would Germany ask the U.S. to release him again? Why not keeping him, have him extradited and deal with him in Germany. I'm pretty sure that the local court in Germany would have been able to work it's magic?
    I found a this ( and if I am able to translate it correctly allows for Anonymous police reports against Germans. I hope I can file a couple of reports against Ollie and that should motivate them to investigate him again and hopefully request extradition again.
    >9000 police reports filed against Ollie make for an epic win!
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Who is to say what's German and what's not?
  26. Anonymous Member

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  28. Anonymous Member

    So that's it? WTF Germany? You took finally care of a major problem and he got away.
    Ollie found again another loop hole to get himself off and it looks like that the German tax payers have to float the bill for the mistakes of their law enforcement. So what is going on with the case now? Did he paid the amount? How was he able to get such a high profile lawyer to work on his case (have you checked their website, not some low-lever legal pretender). That should have cost money he had to cough up first, even if the Germans had to cover his costs at the end?
    I would freak out if Ollie managed to get compensation for the time he spend in prison in the US.
    So what is next? Can and will Germany still request Ollie to be shipped back to Germany or is that case now done with?
    Nothing seems to stick and although we post all the dox online, he still manages to make money?! (based on the assumption that he had to pay a lawyer in the US and Germany) and he is still around fucking with anons.

  29. Anonymous Member

  30. Krautfag Member

    I guess they withdrew the request because before it would have been rejected due to the errors in process/formality. Once the request had been rejected they couldn't have used the already rejected reasons again to send a new request, I think.

    Also rumour has it that Oliver Schaper is trying to get back to Germany. Reasons unknown, so here comes

    speculation: With him being a habitual fraudster the only reason I can think of why he wants to come back is that a German jail is way more endurable than an US jail.

    Any word of a coming up criminal trial for him in Socal?
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  32. Liza Member

    Maybe the German people not want him anymore. Now Olly is defrauding people in US and you will have to deal with him. Congratulations.
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  33. Pique Member

    That was my first thought too.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Hogwash, you should read the US / German extradition treaty. If they wanted him, Ollie would be in Germany now unless he was able to find another loop-hole. Maybe he sold information to the OPC?
    I tried to look and I wasn't able to find any record of Ollie being currently detained or charged with any crime and I was hoping so much that he would face a judge soon again. Anyways, I filed about 20 reports online against him (it helps if you date a chick who speaks German) and I am sure they will investigate him in Germany. I made sure that the crimes reported are extraditable offenses. Germany can even request extradition if they want him to testify, as witness or accused so I'm hopeful that we will give him hell.
    I have to admit, I love the German online police report filing system and I hope it brings results.
  35. DeathHamster Member

    The American court dismissed the case without prejudice, so they can try again with the same reasons once the paperwork is in order.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Unless Ollie has been taken care of the problem in Germany. Still how was he able to afford the legal services of a lawyer in the US and in Germany at the same time? Where is he getting his money (and how can it be stopped?)
    We should be clear on this, Ollie needs to suffer and it should be done everything to get him back behind bars.
  37. Anonymous Member

    I think he could have hidden assets, which he wouldn't want to tell the bankruptcy court. That's why he filed for chapter 13 - he got to pay all the debts but keep his assets. If he filed for chapter 7 (the normal one), the court would have all his books to see what asset he should be disposed of to pay his debts.
  38. Anonymous Member

    His bankruptcy case was dismissed back in 2005 and it could mean that he made enough money to pay his debts or he walked away from it. I tried to order a copy of his credit report (his social security number was posted by anons before) but I failed on some of the security questions because I would like to know what he owes and if there is a listing of his assets. I have to find a way to get a look at it so I can post it for review.
    Still I looked at the lawyers he used in Germany and they seem to be a high priced firm with good attorneys (non affiliated with COS).
    Nothing makes really sense with this guy and why is he still out? #OllieNeedsToGo is needed!!!!
  39. xenubarb Member

    Dear Germany,

    If we present Ollie to you all gagged and wrapped in cling wrap, will you take him? We will throw in Babbles Schwarz for free!

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  40. Krautfag Member

    There is absolutely NO WAY we take Babbles back.
    Forget about it.
    Not even if you throw in some free nuclear missiles and an aircraft carrier and a piece of Florida.
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