Oliver is a fugitive from justice in Germany?

Discussion in 'Anonymous gegen Scientology' started by Anonymous, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. On March 29, 2013, Oliver Schaper lost his application for a stay of an attempt by the U. S. authorities to remove him from the country pending his appeal against removal. His application to proceed with his appeal "in forma pauperis" was granted, meaning the court will treat him as a pauper and he will not have to pay court filing fees.

    An updated docket sheet in his appeals case is below.

    General Docket
    United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

    Court of Appeals Docket #: 12-74113 Docketed: 12/17/2012
    Oliver Schaper v. Eric Holder, Jr.
    Appeal From: Board of Immigration Appeals
    Fee Status: IFP
    Case Type Information:
    1) agency
    2) review
    3) Los Angeles Central California

    Originating Court Information:
    District: BIA-1 : A098-957-911
    Date Filed: 12/17/2012
    Date Rec'd COA:

    12/17/2012 1 TransportRoom?servlet=doclock.gif FILED PROSE BIA PETITION FOR REVIEW AND MOTION FOR STAY. DOCKETED CAUSE AND ENTERED APPEARANCE OF COUNSEL. Pursuant to G.O. 6.4 (c)(1)(3) A TEMPORARY STAY OF REMOVAL IS IN EFFECT pending further order. Petitioner detained: No. The schedule is set as follows: Certified Administrative Record due 02/11/2013. Response to motion for stay due 03/11/2013 for Eric H. Holder Jr., Attorney General. (Motion for IFP within petition). [8442302] (HC)
    12/17/2012 2 Filed Petitioner Oliver Schaper motion to proceed In Forma Pauperis. Served on 12/13/2012. [8442313] (HC)
    12/20/2012 3 TransportRoom?servlet=doclock.gif Filed (ECF) notice of appearance of Andrea Gevas for Respondent Eric H. Holder, Jr.. Date of service: 12/20/2012. [8447229] (AG)
    12/20/2012 4 Added attorney Andrea Gevas for Eric H. Holder Jr., in case 12-74113. [8447291] (CW)
    01/02/2013 5 TransportRoom?servlet=doclock.gif Filed (ECF) Certified Administrative Record by Executive Office of Immigration Review. [8457284] (DE)
    03/08/2013 6 TransportRoom?servlet=doclock.gif Filed (ECF) Respondent Eric H. Holder, Jr. response opposing motion (to stay removal). Date of service: 03/08/2013. [8543057] (AG)
    03/29/2013 7 Filed order (Appellate Commissioner): The motion to proceed in forma pauperis is granted. The Clerk shall amend the docket to reflect this status. The motion for a stay of removal pending review is denied. See Nken v. Holder, 556 U.S. 418 (2009); Leiva-Perez v. Holder, 640 F.3d 962 (9th Cir. 2011) (per curiam). If petitioner is removed, petitioner must promptly provide the court with his new address. Failure to notify this court of a change of address may result in the dismissal of this petition for review for failure to prosecute. See 9th Cir. R. 42-1. The certified administrative record has been filed. The opening brief is due July 1, 2013; the answering brief is due August 30, 2013; and the optional reply brief is due within 14 days after service of the answering brief. (MOATT) [8570628] (AF)
    03/29/2013 8 Fee status changed ( [Case Number 12-74113: IFP] ). [8570630] (AF)
  2. 0815 Member

    Any updates.
  3. moxie Member

    Yeah. What happened to this pissant?
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  4. Seriously, what happened to this maggot? Has he been shipped back to Germany?
  5. fefe Member

    not jet

    maybe relate infos:
    an USA IP try to vand. his wiki page on 19/01/2015 (dd/mm/yyyy)
  6. White Tara Global Moderator

    fefe long time no see how are ya hun (((hugs))) :)
  7. White Tara Global Moderator

    believe it or not that was actually a sincere expression :)
  8. CE364279
  9. So did he get deported to Germany? Apparently he was arrested by ICE on October 27th 2016. No bail.
  10. Yes, this is definitely him. Date of birth and height are a match.
  11. If anybody had any doubts about what a scumbag he is. Arrested for Lewd acts upon a child.

    Justice is finally catching up. All the lies you told, all the people you betrayed, all the crimes you committed.

    Time is up, you fake Doctor. Hope you are doing time in an American prison followed by deportation and time in a German prison.
  12. DeathHamster Member

    San Jose. I thought he was in San Diego?

    ETA: Lives in San Jose, arrested in San Diego County, quite far apart.

    Too bad they didn't deport his ass sooner.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Things aren't always what they seem.
  14. @Take Care aka Oliver Schaper
    So you were just released from prison in Germany and you still try to convince people that all of this was mistaken identity and that you didn't do anything wrong? I always knew that you are a crook but clearly you are beyond delusional.

    Get some professional help Ollie, you desperately need it. Luckily you will never be able to enter the United States again. Take care :)
  15. Anonymous Member

    My statement was about something he misinterpreted recently, based on a mistake I made.
    He has already moved on without answering in any other ways known to me. So I'm wishing him all the best. That's all I have to say. I have neither time nor energy for your negativity, Game over. Have a great time doing what you're doing.
  16. How was your time in prison, Mr. Schaper?
  17. Anonymous Member

    Just leave him alone. One day he will understand that all that he did to others on the outside was just an attempt to compensate for his own inner wounds. He will learn that there is only one way to heal it by looking inward. He didn't want to listen to me, so he has to find out for himself.
  18. Die in a fire .
  19. Anonymous Member

    Best example of how the projection of inner hatred to the outside works. Thanks! ;)
  20. Take your pity party and work it up your hairy arse biatch.

  21. Pure comedy, Schaper. Stop making excuses for your crimes. You learned absolutely nothing about yourself in prison and you still don't have an ounce of self awareness. You failed in life.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Oliver will understand what I wanted to tell him. Only that counts.:)

  23. Trolling yourself?
  24. Anonymous Member

    Guys, you are free to think what you want.

    @Oliver: Falls du hier tatsächlich irgendwann mitliest: Du solltest nicht alles so persönlich nehmen; auch ich mache Fehler. Ich hätte gern nochmal mit dir gesprochen, solange ich es noch kann. Dass du nicht auf Nachrichten reagierst und offenbar nicht gefunden werden willst, werde ich nun akzeptieren. Mach's gut. :)
  25. So you are saying that "Lewd acts upon a child" is no big deal since he was trying to compensate for his "own inner wounds"?

    Defrauding companies by contracting them for goods and services and failing to pay them (aka never having any intention of paying them), deceiving immigrants and making them believe that for a huge fee you would get them residence permits, breach of trust, false claims of being a Doctor/Esquire/graduated from law school, false claims of being a U.S. citizen, marrying a U.S. citizen to obtain a green card (aka marriage fraud), defaulting on car loans, credit cards, mortgage payments - You are a criminal. Committing lewd acts upon a child - Burn in Hell.

    Shame on you for defending a pervert who touches children. Shame on you.
  26. Translated as:
    If you actually read here at some point: you should not take everything so personally; also I make mistakes. I'd like to talk to you again as long as I can. I will accept that you are not responding to messages and that you do not seem to want to be found. Take it easy.

    Hey bitch you are some fucking hypocrite and a loving supporter of a child molester.
  27. Anonymous Member

    What part of 'Guys, you are free to think what you want' you have not understood?

    Game over, I am only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand. I did not say that it is not a big deal. However, the topic of internal wounds is too complex to explain here in an anonymous forum where the main goal is to condemn rather than understand.

    @verpiss dich: If loving supporter means being able to love and to support someone in an unbiased way so that he understands himself better, then you are right. Then I am a loving supporter.

  29. Anonymous Member

    It is a huge difference if I support him to become a better person or if I support his actions.

    Be grateful for people doing evil things. Without them, you wouldn't be able to perceive yourself as someone who is 'good'. Both terms are mutually dependent, both wouldn't exist without each other. Think about it and let me know when you finally get it... but I suspect it's too much for your brain. Have a great life. ;)

  30. Is that Scientology 101?

    Since by your own account he does not want to be found by you it should cross your mind that he is already on to the next clueless hag that he can scam and mooch off, but if being a "loving supporter" of child molesters gives your life purpose, why don't you try
  31. Anonymous Member

    Since you have always preferred to make wrong conclusions without knowing anything about me, it makes no sense to continue discussing with you. If you had at least asked: 'Why do you have such an opinion about Oliver?', then I could have taken you seriously. But we are not on the same wavelength if there is no openness on your part for other - neutral - opinions.

    I assume that you are done with your accusations and pointless advice.You'll probably find another hobby to get rid of your frustration.
  32. We finally agree on something. We will never be on the same wavelength when it comes to Schaper and there is no point discussing any further. I don't give a flying fig to know anything about you or why you defend that child molester.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Even though you have disqualified yourself from the very beginning because of your prejudices, after all, it was important for you to accuse me and thereby project your own inner feeling. Ask yourself why. Your real enemy is in you. I'm just the trigger, but not the cause.

    'If there is no enemy within, the enemies outside can do you no harm'... Over and out.;)
  34. esad
  35. Anonymous Member

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  36. PainterofLite Member

    Thank you for the update.

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