On-going targeted abuse?

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  1. I'm in the UK but I have been watching the regular F.B.I. policy of creating Home-Grown Terrorism by manipulation and under-hand tactics for a good few years now. The Nato 5 were a classic example, perhaps some of you have even signed the petition but I am reading the latest injustice...

    Prisoner Sent to Solitary for Having "Copious Amounts of Anarchist Publications"

    'An inmate in Illinois has been in solitary confinement since July for possessing "copious amounts of Anarchist publications" and "handwritten Anarchist related essays," according to prison documents.
    Mark "Migs" Neiweem is a prisoner at the maximum security Pontiac Correctional Center who, in addition to the publications and his writings about the prison industrial complex, was also found in possession of anarchist symbols including a "Circle A" and "Circle E" (the latter, which stands for equality, is described in prison reports as representing "class warfare, the 99%").
    "I've been doing this work since 1979 and I can't think of another case where someone has gotten a disciplinary report for something so obviously political as this," said Alan Mills, who is Neiweem's lawyer and a professor at Northwestern University.'
    source = The Vice.

    I don't know what the general thought's on this forum are, relating to The Vice's credibility of late, but putting that aside, I would be interested in others thoughts on this and any other similar happenings.
    In my opinion Migs Neiweem is being persecuted for his refusal to comply or give up his beliefs and is continuing his fight against this corrupt system. Even if you didn't believe his initial crime was mainly fabricated and constructed by F.B.I. agents and their joey's, you must agree that he is being unjustly punished. Read this account and tell me what the final affront of housing a White Supremacist in his cell looks like to you?

    "I reach my arms out and touch both walls with room to spare," he said in a letter to his legal team. "I don’t know the dimensions but it’s by far the smallest cell I’ve ever been in. The front is steel plates with some holes drilled in them and the tiny view is of a brick wall ten feet away. No light but the one they leave on nearly 24 hours a day…
    "Please send pictures of people, places, and things. These walls are ugly."
    Mark "Migs" Neiweem. Pontiac Correctional Center. Illinois.
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    I like VICE and subscribe the the RSS Feeds.

    Some sifting & screening is involved, and always needed with feeds as large as what VICE sends, but I end up with something interesting or useful very day.
  3. Forgot I was this member! :O
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    big lumps blood droplets hitting the floor, jailer coming back towards the cell were the love birds having their fun together! then the newbie falls to the floor like all the life in him drain away in to blackness

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