On-line Promotion on major sites and community forums

Discussion in 'Projects' started by WhySoSerious, Jan 30, 2008.

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    On-line Promotion on major sites and community forums

    There has already have some publicity in digg and youtube but we should not spam those sites with videos especially on digg as they will be forced to filter same stories everyday.

    I'm a member of few forums and i've made some posts about Feb 10th here and there. Try not to post everything all at once so you can keep the thread bumped. don't get banned for posting hate messages or threats ...obey the rules.

    So which ever site you go to be it cars, gossip, fashion, college sites..raise awareness.

    I was thinking besides youtube there are similar sites like,, could use some Feb 10th awareness...Thoughts?
  2. There may also be some untapped potential amongst furfags, people with FA accounts could link to here and other sites in their journals.

    Raising awareness on dA might also be a good idea. They jump on activism bandwagons like athletic fat kids jump on cake.
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  4. googoomuck Member

    copypasted from the "Get Mark Bunker on CNN" thread:

    Dear CBC,

    You may have heard by now about a group of anonymous critics of the Church of Scientology who have become active on the internet. I am writing to you as a strong supporter of the legal, nonviolent actions of this group, which is being referred to as Anonymous.

    To call these critics of the Church of Scientology "Anonymous", the group known for prior DDoS attacks, is only partly correct. The initial declaration of "war" by Anonymous has attracted thousands of law-abiding people.

    Anonymous does not hate Scientology or Scientologists, we hate the abusive and intimidating body known as the Church of Scientology. Scientology is a belief system which is farfetched, but its believers are free to believe. If anything, the low-ranking members of this church are victims of extortion and extremely forceful persuasion.

    The Church of Scientology has a long history of attacking and harassing its critics by legal and illegal means. Remaining anonymous allows law-abiding people to protest the human rights abuses, willful abuse of the legal system, and acts of censorship for which the Church is so well known- without fear of harassment.

    Mark Bunker is an Emmy-award-winning journalist who has devoted much time to exposing the Church of Scientology's mistreatment of its own members, the legal system, and its critics. You can find his website at

    If your news organization wishes to reap the massive page-hits of a story regarding Anonymous and the critics of Scientology, we strongly suggest that you contact Mark Bunker. Where we are anonymous, he will speak to you without fear of reprisal.

    Anonymous wish to stay anonymous. Our goal is to publicize the misdeeds of the Church of Scientology. Mark Bunker can enlighten you to their misdeeds better than any anonymous could.

    An anonymous viewer of CBC
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    Re: On-line Promotion on major sites and community forums

    Old OP, I know, but here are the Stumbleupon page for
    Sites tagged with scientology

    Looks good - check out sites tagged with 'cult' and 'cults':
  6. WMAnon Member

    Is someone willing to brave the cesspool of Second Life to spam over there?

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