One Man Army does Hamburg

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Silent, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Silent Member

    One Man Army does Hamburg

    The One Man Army invited himself to Hamburg, and lucky for me I got in contact with sum epic Hamburgers, which I ate at McDonalds and Burger king.

    But I also talked to some Anons From Hamburg, who invited me to stay with them, so off I went!

    View from the train after an hour or 2 on the train. It's not even light outside yet, it's sub-zero temperatures, and I'm thinking "I am going to Hamburg for the first time, I am going alone, and I am going to meet up and stay with complete strangers, and together we are going to raid a dangerous cult, and all that in a foreign language. WTF"

    ... then I met these awsum germans on the train, who for some reason fed me caek, strawberries and alchoholol.

    I was now FUCKING PUMPED AN READY TO GO! erhh... and was picked up by sum anons @ the train station, they gave me a uniform, turned me gay, and we met with other outside the station:

    The rest of the raid in all it's epicness you can read about here:
    and (lulz version) /ide/ - German Insurgency

    Here's just some hi-lights from my perspective:

    Epic Gay Fairy
    This gayfag trolled his sourroundings into submission with his epic gayness. If you are gayer than this, your wrists are so loose they must fall off anytime!

    All the cute Hamburg Femanons.
    ... and the gay fairy... D:

    And just generally having a fucking awsum raid, with epic uniforms, megaphones, speakers blasting and ppl having fun, and scifags hiding.

    They never tried to confront or scatter our suppression, not even when I shouted for them to come and plz to not be out-ethics >:(

    They sent out a single non-communicating scifag, who was met with a "THIS IS NOT A PHOTO OPPORTUNITY" from the megaphone when she took pictures (of people in Then told to plz not be lame by the polizei. FAIL MUCH?

    Anyways, thank you for a great raid, Hamburg, and thanks for having me. I am sure Hamburg is in good hands with you.

    The End.


    Maybe not....

    Since I had so much fun at the raid, and generally being a noisy prick, I forgot to take any pics, which made me sadface, since I was feeling all touristy and all.
    So after saying goodbye to the Hamburg anons, I went for a bit of Sight Seeing to hunt for Kodak Moments...

    It seemed as if Hamburg was all with the V for Valentine Theme as I walked down:
    View attachment fmtedy.png

    And generally, they liked masks it seemed:

    This made me think how sad it was I didn't get a picture of me near that pretty scifag building, so off I ran, and lo and behold:

    As I was rolling on the floor laughing in front of the org, much like a happy baby panda in bamboo heaven, I felt a disturbance in the force...

    A scifag had leapt out the doors and was checking me out (or was it just my ass? Was I ever more than a meat body to her? *sob*)

    I finally got my Scientologist! YUSS!!!1111 I put on my robe and wizard hat, took out my cam, and went to say hi, but as soon as she saw the cam, she got all shy:

    And all there is left to say is:
  2. Re: One Man Army does Hamburg

    good man!
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: One Man Army does Hamburg

    Looks lulzoring! :b
  4. Anonakitty Member

    Re: One Man Army does Hamburg

    Brilliant , epic gay fairy is hilarious!
  5. Kilia Member

    Re: One Man Army does Hamburg

    Ya done good!
  6. Rihan Member

    Re: One Man Army does Hamburg

    you were a nice roommate, if you are in hamburg again feel free to sleep over again^^
  7. Silent Member

    Re: One Man Army does Hamburg

    Thanks :D And thank you for the Nippon-thingies too, kept me alive on the train ride :D
  8. anon0004 Member

    Re: One Man Army does Hamburg

    Video update, watch on vimeo, comment on youtube :-D

    [ame=]V for Valentine - Anonymous vs Scientology Hamburg 14th Feb 09 on Vimeo[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - V for Valentine - Anonymous vs Scientology Hamburg 14th Feb 09[/ame]
  9. anonym0us Member

    Re: One Man Army does Hamburg

    I love the Hell March BGM in the vid ^^

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