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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by reggycode, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. reggycode Member

    Been reading allot lately about online tracking and user profiling via clickstream data, I have to admit call me naive but until a year or so ago I thought what I did on the internet was fairly private and anonymous (little did I know) just wondering if anyone out there knows to what extent you are followed over the internet I know my ISP can see everything I do and probably records my clickstream then sells it to whoever but who else can form a complete picture of what I do online or track me over the entire internet?

    Say I log into Facebook, I figure whilst there every profile I view, every photo I see, every page I like, every comment I leave is recorded, then I sign out go to another website view some trainers, football boots, ect... They're still watching me yeah? coz when I log back into Facebook I'm bombarded with adverts for sports goods and up coming sporting events.

    My real real question is to what extent are they watching my can they see every Google search I make, every website I view, every file I download, every post I make in a forum, or can they only see what goes on, on sites with which they are affiliated, in other words if they have all my personal identifiable information from when I logged in, can they tie it to every single thing I do online, every query I make in Google every embarrassing illness I research? or do they just record what I'm doing on certain sites?

    Cheers gota say I know very little about this but the more I learn the worse it gets.
  2. Anonymous Member
  3. reggycode Member

    Thanks seen alot about Tor, Proxy and VPN whilst reading up on this, but was wondering how much they can get if all shields are down? and how far their reach goes? don't mind if I being monitored on major retail sites or my interest are being recorded when I look at news and blogs etc...
    But what about things like google searches, browser history do they get all that as well?
  4. Anonymous Member

    Have you heard or read about a recent documentary film titled - TERMS AND CONDITIONS MAY APPLY - ?

    It is worth finding and watching because it answers the questions you've posed in your post.

    As for your question -
    They have it all, and it never goes away.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    First and easy step to take to be tracked less online - stop using Google and start to use something like (it's good)

    Second (and also easy but as most people are socially needy and seem to have forgotten how to write an email or make a phone call to keep in touch with people you actually give a shit about), delete your Facebook account.

    Thirdly, if not already, use Firefox (because Chrome is Google and Google tracks you) and add on some add-ons like: BetterPrivacy / DoNotTrackMe / HTTPS-Everywhere and why not throw in Adblock Plus and Adblock Plus Pop-up addon.

    Fourthly, once this has been set up, use a tool like CCleaner to completely wipe your browsing history, cookies and other bits and bobs. If you have been using Chrome, in the settings somewhere, is an option to completely delete all the data they have on you. Click this.

    Now you can start a fresh.

    Celebrate by having some ice cream.


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  6. reggycode Member

    Thanks the video is very informative and scary at the same time, not seen it all yet but was sat in the car watching it on my phone thinking at least I never signed up for a Google account so I'm still kind of anyomus then I was interrupted by an alert from my Google calender to tell me I had an appointment at 2pm. Oh the Irony

    Read through the terms and conditions at Facebook (quickly) cant see anything about agreeing to be followed all around the web once I signed out or having the history from my browser recorded must be in the small print.

    Yeah gona steer away from Google and Facebook as much as possible now, but they're are a others tracking everywhere cant believe my bank even allows third parties to monitor me whilst banking online.
  7. batool100 Member

    Some evidence suggests that a friend of mine (maybe I am being paranoid) knows what I do online, I have checked and used AVG antivirus, malware bytes and have comodo firewall, also I have checked my ports through command prompt and everything seems normal. But does anyone know if someone can be tracked as to what websites they visit and stuff online without having a program on their computer?

  8. The NSA is burning down the web, but what if we rebuilt a spy-proof internet?

    To realize what we've given away, imagine going totally offline. Better yet, believe in what a truly secure online life might look like


    David Byrne for Creative Time Reports, Monday 24 March 2014 13.55 GMT


    No one can unfriend you, and Mark Zuckerberg won't know what and whom you like or don't like ever again. Online courses will halt; teachers will have to teach their students face-to-face. The Singularity will be postponed.

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