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Discussion in 'Projects' started by ibeliveiwillfollowyou, May 14, 2013.

  1. expose china for the things they have done to there own people animals and the things they do behind closed curtans
  2. Are you in China?
    If not, how does any of this to which you allude, even if true, affect you?
    Do you live in a country free of problems?
    How about addressing some of those, instead of Chinese problems?

    And why do you feel the need to post multiple semi-intelligible threads about this?
  3. fix'd that for you
  4. i have lots of family who lived in china and so did i for a few months and seeing pets dragged of homeless people thrown in a tight cage seeing people being chased out of a window and not being able to help and thats why i dis like china and i bet there will be so much we don't know
  5. Document your claims and we will consider your idea.
    We need a bit more than just your say-so. Undoctored pictures and video could help.

    Meanwhile, give some serious thought to straightening out your room. Be a leader, not a follower.
  6. Ok. I will
  7. Anonymous Member

  8. Actually there are no persecutions for having more than one child in China, you just have to pay taxes for them. As in every country, just more openly.

    Or not? I may be wrong. If so, FIFM.
  9. Anonymous Member

    That's a really hard idea to go on. The one child rule is in place for a reason. Also advocacy groups have already submitted reports on how it negatively affected populations and the Chinese government said that it will stay in place till 2015 at the earliest. The best possible way to approach the situation would be to raise awareness by the Chinese people about how daughters aren't bad, but then again that's like telling the fully dressed Muslim woman in the stricter middle eastern countries to show more skin, it's an integral part of their culture. Also dunnobutplaysmartypants
  10. Emptyvoid Member

    that messed up, anyways, the 'taxes' you are referring to are actually heavy fines and the law only fully applies to a third of the country, mostly urban areas, were as we all know, people don't get payed anything. Over all though any idea dealing with China won't end well. Tienanmen square anyone? Also there is the above example of how they wont change the law. Also getting the message to anyone in china will prove difficult, because if you don't know, they have intense censorship. And honestly if you don't want to be done in 'behind closed curtains' or more realistically, spend awhile in Chinese prison, then stay to the less dictatorial governments. If you really want human rights reform over there get a law passed saying that products made over seas must abide to a certain standard to be sold in the USA, ie. a legit minimum wage law, limits on work hours, etc, because honestly NAFTA screwed America making it dumb not to export jobs overseas. Force China to play by American rules THEN push for more reform. An issue however is that companies would use this as an excuse to jack up prices. anyways......(By the way the anon above is me).
  11. ORLY?

    OK, then China should, tomorrow, invade the US because of the threat of WMDs, for starters.
    I'm sure you can extrapolate the rest. Hint: it involves a certain Nobel Peace Prize winner being frog-marched to the halls of the ICC.

    Oh, you say you don't like that idea?
    Knew you wouldn't.

    BTFO China.

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