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Discussion in 'Projects' started by Anonymous, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Has anyone thought of using the infamous loop file to clog the NSA? It's a tiny 35KB zip comprised of a series of zipped DLLs 4GB each. When fully extracted they add up to a whopping 256TB. They can clog or crash any computer system trying to find what's in them. Hint hint.

    You can forward it to friends, and have them forward it to their friends ad infinitum. But for the file to avoid automatic detection, every recipient must change its "fingerprint" by renaming and resizing it. An easy way to resize is to drag and drop a small random image on it, such as the one I put in its root folder.

    File is attached below. You can browse inside it if you want, but whatever you do DON'T unzip it on your computer.

    Have fun!
  2. Anonymous Member

  3. That's sill something they wanna do in the future. Like time travel or singularity. The Utah data center can only carry 5 million PB's when complete.

    I don't believe their storage capabilities matter because we're looking at processing not storage. Think Ram not HD space.

    Anyway attached is 2.5 PB file. I just made 10 copies and put them in a new zip. You can make 25 PB if you want.
  4. Anonymous Member

    If your idea actually worked, it mean that far greater public resources would be needed to attempt to counter threats to American interests and American citizens, would it not?

    And this would be a win for . . .
  5. There are no threats buddy. You're more likely to be killed by furniture or lightning than by terrorists. Assuming there are terrorists.
  6. White Tara Global Moderator

    Hmmm, in context of law would this be deemed legal or illegal? Cause ya know...wwp peaceful protest...etc etc
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  7. Never heard it's illegal to send a loop file. But to be honest they don't give a fuck about what's legal anymore. That's why I'm here.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Terror what? I've never even heard of that thing.

    All other countries and people have America's interests at heart and would never think of doing anything to America's detriment. That's why America doesn't even need a Defense department, CIA or FBI. No threats.
  9. Anonymous Member

    I suspect it's more along the lines of (a) misguided; or (b) malicious; than either (c) effectual; or (d) illegal.

    I don't know anything much about the law in this regard, but intent might go to determining whether someone broke the law in attempting to obstruct (Lolling my ass off here at the irony) potentially unconstitutional government wiretapping.

    By which I mean to say, the government ain't going to send itself to jail for breaching the consititution, but might find an excuse to punish someone else.
  10. Cool let's snoop on every citizen in the country, give the gov unlimited powers, wipe our ass with the constitution, invade 2 countries and threaten 3, in order to reduce violent deaths by less than 1%.
  11. No they won't. They said they're not spying on American emails, which means we're not clogging their system.

    If you're worried you can rename it to and "casually" email it to your friend after explaining what's it about. But the detection chance is reduced a notch.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Anti-virus programs have been able to detect this kind of thing for years, so I doubt it would be effective.

    Emailing this to a friend might be potentially illegal - certainly as illegal as emailing them a virus, and there is always a chance a friend might be dumb enough to open the thing. Emailing yourself, however, would be legal.
  13. Oh dear, one of these newfag mad scheme threads.
  14. It's not a virus, nothing bad will happen if you open it. Also it's not detectable because the hash changes whenever you add or remove files from it. If you send it to yourself it won't pass the NSA filters as it won't cross from a host to another.
  15. PresidentShaw Member

    1. That is retarded, if you think you can crash the NSA with a silly file like this.

    2. Not sure about the legality of what you are proposing, you are probably on the wrong site.

    3. How about thinking constructively instead of desctructively.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Some would regard eating your hard disc space as a bad thing, but ymmv. Also, this shit HAS been detectable for years. My a/v flags this as a ‘zip bomb’.

    So, yeah, you’re just wrong.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    From a fella who came to this site to participate in the dismantling of a cult….
  18. To anyone doubting this scheme let me tell you. Last year I send this exact same file to the NSA and three weeks later I got a visit from men in suits who wanted to ask me questions or I would be arrested. Turns out the loop file crashed 11 embassy listening posts and almost half of all current generation x86 server farms like a wildfire. They wanted to hire me and make me their new Chief Technical Director but I said no. To beat them was enough. The conversation ended and we shook hands like gentlemen. Sure I am a marked man and now the best I can hope for is to live another day.

    True story.
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  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Anonymous Member

    Lolled. Recovered for a bit. Lolled. Then Lolled.
  21. Shut up, sheeperson.

    You have no fucking idea what "American interests" are, and are also a goddamned stupid motherfucker for thinking the NSA can protect anyone from anything.

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  22. Oh, this^ fucking ragass cunt, yet again.

    Still stealing our oxygen, are ye?
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  23. fify, and video or it didn't happen.
  24. Anonymous Member

    I made a pithy remark about this above, but I think a further elaboration is worthwhile.

    In societal and political discourse there can be a tendency to label things in a way that isn’t helpful, and to view things in an overly simplistic way that does more harm than good. Your “think constructively not destructively” is a good example of a sentiment that, on the face of it seems reasonable, but is actually quite harmful.

    The ability of the people to say ‘no’ is a wondrous thing, and an absolute cornerstone of democratic participation. And yet, such is often labelled as a negative.

    Sometimes an institution or procedure becomes so corrupted and beyond salvation that it needs to be dismantled and replaced. And yet, such a sentiment is often labelled as a negative.

    Both of these sentiments are important, and should be a viable option in any society claiming to have democratic overtones. The current spying regime in the US, which the NSA has come to represent, is so laden with secrecy, legacy and bureaucracy that it may be salvageable. It was originally founded to fight a particular enemy (or, depending on who you ask, was founded out of abject groundless fear), but that enemy either doesn’t exist anymore or is so hopelessly unlike it original incarnation that the spying regime is unsuitable.

    What we have now is a spying regime that strives for a reason to exist and an enemy to fight, and will target the very people it claims it protects in order to survive. That is not the will of the people, that is not the product of input from the people, that is not in any way what the people deserve. It is a financial drain that has come to benefit a small group of companies in a toxic industrial-intelligence complex. It has become a rotten misdirection of taxpayer funds and of valuable resources. In its present form it simply cannot be salvaged.

    The only solution is to destroy it, and rebuild it brick-by-brick for the present day in a manner respecting both the rights and the will of the people. It needs to be rebuilt to be made fit for purpose, and not be allowed to remain a bloated feather-nest for companies like Booz Allen.
  25. The human race has a parasite feeding on it, and that parasite is called Government.
  26. Hi.
  27. Anonymous Member

    The human race is the government, but don't let that stop you from composing fabulous new taglines in your mom's basement.
    Funny coming from you.
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  28. I see you remain the failfaggot you always were.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Shaw has more wisdom and street smarts in his thumb than you do in your entire body.

    How about: GDIAF and take this illegal fail shit out of here with you.

    Seriously: Do you really think the NSA, with all it's sophisticated computer systems and people with multiple degrees in computer science, forensics, psychology, and technology would really be that retarded to be outwitted by a basement dweller in Buttfucker, GA who's only accomplishment is getting a quarter raise from his mom?

    If you say "yes", then please go kill yourself. Even if you or some fucktard managed to pull this stuff off, and assuming the NSA is protected by an outdated copy of Norton AV, then you/their ass would be grass and the NSA would smoke it. You are talking major ass crime here with a sentence that could result in you/them being a permanent edition to Fed Prison or Gitmo.

    To sum it up: Fuck off. Go die in a fire. Not your personal army especially with retarded and illegal shit plans. See this thread in the dome or in the trash can.
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  31. Well, I'd have to agree. After all, weren't the NSA the ones who provided all the transcripts of the Arab terrorists' conversations, who were plotting to blow up the World Trade Center buildings, thus foiling the caper? They've always been top-of-game, yes?
  32. Anonymous Member

    No. Just no.

    He looks good when compared with moonbats, yes. But, in truth, he is little more than a walking platitude-factory. It take you one hell of a search on this board to find just five posts from him that contain anything substantive.
  33. PresidentShaw Member

    Dox or gtfo
  34. PresidentShaw Member

    Your assumption that there is a single will of the people and that you can build a society based on it is overly simplistic and harmful to intelligent discourse.

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  35. PresidentShaw Member

    True story
  36. Anonymous Member

    I present the above as exhibit A in support of the contention that Shaw is little more than a walking platitude-factory who offers practically nothing in terms of substance.

    If you can point how, logically, your claimed assumption follows from what I wrote I would love to hear your reasoning. Hell, I’d settle for any fucking reasoning from you rather than this strawman bullshit.

    Unless, of course, you really are so bereft of reading comprehension skills that you read my suggestion of incorporating public input into the decision making of governance (a radical concept in a democratic country, I know) is an assumption of the existence of a ‘single will’. If so then you should probably just GTFO.

    As an aside – why did Fusion fail?
  37. PresidentShaw Member

    Speaking of logical fallacies, nice ad hom. Now I will highlight the parts that led me to the assumption, because you need me to take your hand and show you. I will also put commentary in italic.

    See the problem is that you were so busy being full of yourself and trying to make yourself sound good, that you completely missed the point that I said that OP was being destructive by suggesting vandalism as a solution, and you strawman'd the whole thing into me being against freedom and that oh ever so elusive will of the people. Which led to me giving you a less than satisfactory retort because I felt you didn't diserve a well thought out one.

    I hope this clarify my point for you.

    As for fusion, that was what, 4 years ago, who gives a shit. Get over it. I sure did.
  38. Anonymous Member

    I thought it was a rather accurate assessment of your posting history on WWP myself. That you offered a whole posting history of contentless platitudes on WWP means that point such out isn’t an ad hom. Sorry.
    It is rather comical how blatant the strawmen are, not to mention how easy it would have been for you to answer your own questions had you thought about them for more than 2 seconds. But then again, if you had put at least a modicum of thought into your posts then you wouldn’t need the platitudes, now would you?

    (Bold comments are yours)
    The ability of the people to say ‘no’ (which people?)

    (again, which people?)

    You seriously can’t work which people…??? Seriously? You know the population? The populace? The folks that elected the elected officials to represent them? Those that make up society? The ‘demos’ in ‘democracy’? Those who vote? The citizens of the state who are supposed to have some say in who governs them and how they are governed? The same citizens who, last I checked, never consented nor were informed or consulted about this shit?

    Seriously Shaw, don’t pretend to be so stupid you couldn’t answer your own question here.

    (who labelled that as negative?

    You ever follow US politics? Ever? And never noticed the labelling of people who said ‘no’?? The Patriot Act was arguably the basis that led to the current NSA spying debacle – and only one senator (Feingold iirc) voted ‘no’. That ‘no’ was labelled a negative. It was ‘anti-american’, ‘terrorist-sympathising’, etc. etc. etc. Maybe it escaped you that a wider point was being made (hence the whole introduction about societal and political discourse).

    (yet again the same strawman, you are still missing the point I was making sir, and by a mile)

    I got your point, but you seem to think that my comment was solely about you. My comment was about the harmfulness of “think constructively not destructively” within the broader context. That would be why I talked about that broader context. Radical idea, I know, but sometimes (just sometimes) comments from posters can inspire a touch-point for other posters to carry the discussion forward in the exploration of new topics. You should try it, it’s actually really cool.

    (according to whom? Who decided there was only one solution?)

    According to me, obviously. When a poster posts sentiments, and do not attribute those sentiments to others, I think it is quite reasonable to infer that the poster is the one making those sentiments. I even fucking briefly explained my reasoning for that sentiment….
    I reiterate the point I made above:
    I got your point, but you seem to think that my comment was solely about you. My comment was about the harmfulness of “think constructively not destructively” within the broader context. That would be why I talked about that broader context. Radical idea, I know, but sometimes (just sometimes) comments from posters can inspire a touch-point for other posters to carry the discussion forward in the exploration of new topics. You should try it, it’s actually really cool.
    Not really, no. You comment that I challenged was this:
    Your assumption that there is a single will of the people and that you can build a society based on it is overly simplistic and harmful to intelligent discourse.”

    I pointed how your ascribing of this assumption to my argumentation was simply wrong, and asked for your reasoning to the contrary. What you posted never bolstered this point, and in fact didn’t even seem to be the same train of thought.
    My question was on that wasn’t a snide comment or intended as an insult. It was a genuine question and inquiry for information….
  39. Anonymous Member

    Rereading my shit above and its missing what I really want to say to you Shaw.

    You have a caustic wit, a nose for bullshit and some nuance in rearranging the English language to express a thought. Fuck, you’ve been doing Chanology for so long that it almost feels like, on some strange level, like I know you.

    People come and go from these forums, as they also do for the decentralised forums. This whole thing with WWP and Chanology and anonymous is pretty fucking unique. It forces people, who manage to survive long enough, to change and to think and to check their egos at the door. It gives a learning experience like no fucking other.

    This place teaches people skills that they cannot practice anywhere else. To troll and roll with trolling requires some thought, some understanding of the human condition, some understanding of human psychology and a decent mastery of facts. You’ve rolled with the best of them on here, and never disgraced yourself.

    You’re better than the odd marginally funny one-liner mixed with a dose of fortune-cookie wisdom. Much better. Be nice if you fucking showed in a bit more, you know?
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  40. The Internet Member

    Please you two, get a room.
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