#OP JULY 4TH Hartford, Connecticut

Discussion in 'Projects' started by anonymous562, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. anonymous562 Member

    Any CT anons wanna meet near the Hartford Capitol building and hand out constitutions for #op July 4th?

    Official website is here...
  2. anonymous562 Member

    I'm trying to get CT anons to go because on the website it says Hartford hasnt even been registered as a city with people going to contribute.
  3. Rockyj Member

    Hand out constitutions? Instead if wasting paper why not provide a link?
  4. Anonymous Member

    I swear I’m getting blue in the face repeating this same tired set of fucking obvious points, but here we go again:

    1) Have you researched your local laws and ordinances regarding protesting? Have you contacted local law enforcement to find out if you need a permit to protest?

    Since you have not posting any such information I’m guessing no.

    2) Have you identified an ideal location for your protest? Have you made inquiries into what permissions you would need to protest there? Have you identified the best time for such a protest?

    Since you have not posting any such information I’m guessing no.

    Since no one has done the above, and thus haven’t informed the website of Hartford’s participation, Hartford is not listed as a consequence.

    The $64,000 question 562 – what do you think you now need to do in order to get Hartford listed and to provide potential protest attendees with the information they need to participate?

    This may seem strange, but protests and similar events don’t just happen. It takes someone to do the groundwork and to make some calls. It appears that no one in your area has done this, which leaves you with a choice. First choice: you can choose to do nothing and then you may find that nothing will happen. Simply assuming someone else will do the work for your area is a recipe for nothing to happen. Second choice: you could do the above, find out the information needed in order to hold a protest, circulate said information, and then get your city listed.

    This isn’t fucking rocket science.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    According to the website, this is not a protest, this is a progress. It not about protesting, its about handing out constitution to remind people of our basic liberties.
  6. anonymous562 Member

    Im just trying to find out if theres anyone in hartford who would like to hand out constitutions near the capitol
  7. anonymous562 Member

    I will follow these instructions carefully
  8. anonsoldier Member

    Because handing them a book is more fulfilling in this ludicrous masturbatory exercise than just handing someone a link. Same reason I look at boobs instead of just picturing them. Sure all I'm accomplishing is the same either way, but it FEELS like I've actually done something.
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  9. Anonymous Member

  10. anonymous562 Member

    I am following the instructions given a few posts ago but im just trying to get some feeback.....would it be more beneficial to hand out constitution at a heavily populated mall or at the state capitol park? what do you think....i need some insight before i make any calls because i think both locations would work
  11. I thought the CT area for Op July 4th was west farms mall ct
  12. anonymous562 Member

    It is as of right now, the capitol would be too hard....
  13. anonymous562 Member

    So plan on west farms mall, let other ct anons know
  14. anonymous562 Member

    details will be up on the site
  15. I agree that the capitol will be too hard, but I don't think enough people are informed about west farms mall. is for Ct anons
  16. anonymous562 Member

    I agree completely, the word needs to get out and soon or else it will be too late if we wait any longer.
  17. Perhaps the NYC one would be a better idea.
  18. Hiya, today (July 4th, 2013) at the capital in Hartford, we assembled near the park. We started with 3, went to 6 and by the end of the day we had about 30 people that came and went. Someone said they ran the story on Fox and so that brought some more people. Cops drove by and gave thumbs up. A professor from Trinity took down emails addresses and I did the same after he left. Once he shares the list, we hope to get a website or Facebook going to help get more people together for further activities. There are some by another group in July. You can read it about it on the Justice Party of Connecticut's Facebook page (or contact us directly.) Our chairman was at the event today. (We are pushing transparency and whistleblower laws in our up-coming platform and have pushed this issue to our state parties.)
  19. Connecticut is faggot cuntry, no one caers
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  20. anonsoldier Member

    Pics? Dox? Any proof of any of this? Cause I'm calling bullshit, especially since there is no Fox story i can find and you're hiding behind a guest account. Don't even have the deceny to post as Anonymous.
  21. Anonymous Member

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  22. anonsoldier Member

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  23. Anonymous Member

    Good job for getting out there! I think it's the start of something good. Now just keep it going, Hartford!!!!!!!

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