OP: LAKESALT. Anonymous Vs. Scientology UTAH BRANCH

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by SomeMormonGuy, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. SomeMormonGuy Member

    Welcome to Operation #LAKESALT


    >WHERE: Picket and protest Scientology Headquarters located at 1931 S 1100 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84106 (Utah's Scientology branch and headquarters for Utah area.)

    >WHEN: June 7th, 7:00pm. (Scientology holiday where they get together and figure out how to screw and oppress their members even better). Park a distance away, put on masks, and meet across the street.

    >Actions: Picket and protest. Delivery of letters by Anons demanding cessation of abusive practices. Attraction of Media Coverage.

    • Friends
    • Personal letters of protest to be delivered to the Front Desk during protest.
    • Signs
    • Masks (Recommended. Scientology has history of retaliation.) Suit, hat, and tie optional.
    • Video Cameras (Record this adventure for evidence and posterity!)
    • Determination
    • Positive attitude.
    • Negative attitude. Rude, threatening, or unnecessarily demeaning behavior and/or signs directed at anyone including Scientology is HEAVILY discouraged. We can and will protest in a civil way.
    • Weapons of any kind.
    • Build a network of peaceful yet meaningful opposition against Scientology in Utah.
    • To show Scientology they do not go unopposed in Utah.
    • To help Scientology's members be rid of oppression and to see the light.
    • To restore families, hearts, minds, and souls.
    • To bring awareness to Utahn's everywhere of the evils of Scientology.
    • To impede the growth of Scientology.
    >What you can do to help TODAY:
    • We need help getting the word out. Even if you do not live in or around Utah, please share this on facebook, twitter, word-of-mouth, and by any other means possible. With your support, this protest could be one big protest indeed. (Twitter #oplakesalt).
    >FAQ: I don't live in Utah or close enough to protest. What can I do to help OpLakeSalt?
    • We encourage fellow Anons to write an anonymous personal letter of protest and mail said letter. Rude, threatening, or demeaning letters are heavily discouraged and do not further the cause. Intelligent dialogue does.
    Address letters to:
    Church of Scientology
    1931 S 1100 E,
    Salt Lake City, UT 84106


    AKA "TeamLeader" TO OPERATIVES:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    Greetings citizens of the internets. I write this today to inform the reader of a concerning issue. The Utah Scientology branch is growing, inducting more and more members into their cult. In doing so, they are devastating families, ruining lives, and rending souls with their corruption, ideology, physical abuse, brainwashing, and greed.

    We the united Anon people of Utah do not accept this, and we will not stand idle while they continue to bring ruin to families, hearts, souls, and minds.

    I extend to you a formal invitation to join us at operation Lakesalt on July the 6th and/or to help flood the Utah headquarters with letters of protest condemning them for various human rights abuses. Spread and share this message with any that are sympathetic to the cause! Whether we number 5 people or 500, we shall be heard. Join us!

    If you are part of an anon group in the area, plan on attending, or would like to join the Leadership Coalition to help plan this and future events, we welcome you to send an e-mail to or by sending a PM right here in this thread.

    Bring friends!


    P.S. Yes. There will be free cookies and soda. Surely you don't want to miss free cookies and soda, do you?


    >MISSION STATEMENT: For too long Scientology has gone without opposition in Utah. This has now ended. We will help free the minds and hearts of your members, and expose your corruption. Even if we prevent one soul from being oppressed, we will have won.

    We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. EXPECT US.

    >MOTTO: "De oppresso liber!" (To liberate the oppressed)
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Something to help get any LDS people out of Scientology. The leader of the LDS church spoke out strongly in a letter to the entire church dated Oct. 13th 2010
    it states..."
    Self-awareness groups
    In a letter dated Oct. 13, the First Presidency wrote:
    Dear Brothers and Sisters:
    We have repeatedly warned of the risks inherent in participating in so-called "self-awareness" groups sponsored by commercial enterprises that promise heightened self-esteem, improved family relationships, and increased spirituality. It has come to our attention that some of these enterprises continue to express or imply Church endorsement, thereby attracting members of the Church to their programs.
    The Church has not endorsed any such enterprise. We warn that these programs are not in harmony with Church doctrine or gospel principles. Church members should not participate in groups that:
    1. Challenge religious and moral values.
    2. Advocate confrontation with spouse or family members as a means of reaching one's potential.
    3. Imitate sacred rites or ceremonies.
    4. Foster physical contact among participants.
    5. Meet late into the evening or in the early-morning hours.
    6. Encourage open confession or disclosure of personal information normally discussed only in confidential settings.
    7. Cause a husband or wife to be paired with other partners.
    Once again, we counsel members against participating in such "self-awareness" activities.
    Signed by the First Presidency:
    Thomas S. Monson
    Henry B. Eyring
    Dieter F. Uchtdorf
    end quote
    you can find the original published here
    SO, if any LDS person tries to say Scientology and LDS belief are compatible you can show them this... which states clearly they are not!
    hope this helps.
  3. SomeMormonGuy Member

    Very good. Thank you sir.
  4. moarxenu Member

    I am glad to see this.

    One important target is Narconon. Utah AG Mark Shurtleff got $500K in state and Fed funding for Narconon related programs through the state legislature.

    He attended a Health For Heroes gala in Las Vegas with John Travolta. (HFH is Narconon in disguise for cops and vets). See these:
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  5. SomeMormonGuy Member


    It has been brought to my attention that Scientologists usually put off celebrating their made up "holiday" until the weekend. For this and convenience, we have re-scheduled from June 6th to the day after, Friday June 7th.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Dear OP,

    Here's a few problems to consider. I hope this is helpful to you.
    • It's a Friday night - people tend to have plans. Most raids are on Saturday or Sunday.
    • You'll only have about an hour of daylight left from the start of your protest (7pm)
    • They'll probably have you arrested for trespassing when you try to enter their premises and approach their Front Desk with letters of protest - you say you're going to do this in OP, and I'd advise against it.
    • Getting people to send them letters is also probably a huge waste of time, postage, and paper, since the vast majority of these letters will be discarded, mostly unread, upon receipt.
    Good luck and praises be unto the white Mormon Jesus.
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  7. Budd Member

    Call the SLC PD in advance to let them know you will be having a peaceful non-confrontational event/demonstration/picket/march/whatever and ask what the rules are concerning wearing of masks in public, whether you can stand in one place or must keep walking/moving, carrying of signs, etc.

    They need to know your intent IN ADVANCE, so when the "Church" of Scientology calls and complains about whatever, the officers they send out will be knowledgeable about you and your intended activities.

    Works for me in Orlando.
  8. anonsoldier Member

    Put URLs on the signs and have flyers handy. You're basically wasting your time if you don't do those. Also, don't do the letter thing. Nice symbolic gesture that's entirely pointless because absolutely nothing will come of it. Nothing. Well, the USPS will get a few pennies but that's it.

    Also, our motto isn't "De oppresso liber". We are Anonymous, not US Army Special Forces. "We do not Forgive. We do not Forget. Expect Us." That is our motto, that is our creed. Expect us.

    And stop leaderfagging, people will be more open to listening when you stop setting yourself up as a leader. Anonymous has no leaders.
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  9. Bump.

    Awaiting results from OP.
  10. Anonymous Member

    The raid was a lie. (I'm guessing) no cake, no lulz, just people who didn't follow through.
  11. He's got till 7pm, Mormon time, before his raid is scheduled to go off. At least wait till then before using the past tense.
  12. anonsoldier Member

  13. Anonymous Member

    Please tell me if these leaderfagging stinks to high heaven protest attempts are coming from more than one person or if this is all being typed on the same computer.
  14. anonsoldier Member

    The LA Anon (who is NOT made of fail and actually conducted a legit raid and even posted pictures of it) just copied Utahfailanon's stupid crappy leaderfagging message. LA Anon was chastised and rapidly updated and improved their message, whereas Utahfailanon ignored everything because they are made of fail and never executed raid.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Seconded. LA anon proved to be full of win.

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