OP Metal Gear: US Spy Op to Manipulate Social Media

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    Operation Metal Gear

    Operation Metal Gear
    This operation stems from a string of leaked HBGary emails wherein a company by the name of Booz Allen Hamilton, in direct contact with Aaron Barr, is believed to have bid on and successfully won the contract to develop an unnamed software from the US Air Force. This software will be known as "Metal Gear" for informational purposes.
    We believe that Metal Gear involves an army of fake cyber personalities immersed in social networking websites for the purposes of manipulating the mass population via influence, crawling information from major online communities (such as Facebook), and identifying anonymous personalities via correlating stored information from multiple sources to establish connections between separate online accounts, using this information to arrest dissidents and activists who work anonymously.
    The primary goal of this operation is to find out exactly what metal gear is and why they are developing it.

    What is 'Metal Gear' ?
    We codenamed the software that we believe Booz Allen Hamilton and some of their partners are working on.
    The nature of the software is partially known, from the documents that we have seen and from what some employees have said it is a software that would allow a single agent to command an 'army' of sockpuppet accounts on social networking mediums. It is sophisticated enough to develop a 'profile' for each puppet to add a level of 'realism' to each. In short, there would be no fesiable way to distinguish between 100 people commenting on a subject, and 100 of these puppets doing the same.
    This is nothing new for those of us familiar with how the net works. However, given recent events across the world, the idea behind Metal Gear seems to be 'weaponizing' sockpuppets, in order to influence the face of revolutions that are based within social networking sites.
    ;What you see below is the actual document we used under the investigation (which is still going) so there may be some random notes and other weird things that we haven't removed yet.
    ;If there is something you can't understand, please contact us in #OpMetalGear on IRC.
    ;For reporters/press, join #reporter

    Audio recording of our announcement (16th of March 2011) (try various browsers if stream does not work)
    IBM Patent
    Airforce contract
    The Patent:
    Li Chen
    (Documentation Needed)

    Yongcheng Li
    (Documentation Needed)

    Govndaraj Sampathkumar
    IBM Corporation 3901 S. Miami Blvd
    Durham, NC 27703-9315, USA

    Ryan Urquhart
    (Documentation Needed)

    (This is the profile for Holman IP Law. It is no longer active.)
    (These are profiles of Jeff Holman, formerly of Holman IP law, now with a firm called WH&H. Same person.)
    (IBM RSW is believed to be an IBM office near the SW Regional Airport in Florida.)

    4037 Del Prado Boulevard South, Cape Coral, FL
    (239) 945-1013

    Patent application number: 20090313274


    Meeting/training class between NSA, USAF, HBGary, Booz Allen & other various sec companies
    Note: Why are the exact same companies that are intrested in Metal Gear have a seminar about a malware analyzing software?

    The purpose of the meeting/thing was to school them in Responder Pro
    Phil Wallisch was the instructor.

    Dox of guys in the meeting

    Parties involved;
    Booz Allen Hamilton

    Here's the list of folks who will be attending 'class':
    Protip: call these people, ask them about Metal Gear, ask them about the air force, NSA, USAF, Aaron Barr. Get them worried, get them talking.

    Keesok Han USAF - some document about Keeseok.

    DEPARTMENT OF FUCKING HOMELAND SECURITY <- someone check this out, search for his name
    <- whitepages say 3 or less with this name, it may also be Kesook, misspelt on purpose?

    Jose Faura NSA NTOC

    Zane Lackey iSEC Partners <- check this out ?
    Have written book about :
    H.323 Attack And IAX Attacks
    Txt msg attacks
    Scott Brown NSA - Blue Team
    > Scott K. Brown
    > Technical Director
    > NSA Blue Team
    > (410) 854-6529

    George Peslis DISA

    Jimmy Lloyd DISA

    Eric Potter DISA

    Phil Geneste BAH

    Patrick Upatham Verdasys
    Security Solutions Manager
    Verdasys, Inc.
    Mobile: +1 339.222.4022

    David Black IBM*5byrne%2F13%2F3B5%2F43B
    Engagement Manager
    Emergency Response Service
    IBM Security Services
    Kansas City, Missouri USA
    Office: (+001) 816-525-5494
    Tim Sherald DISA
    > Tim Sherald
    > Computer Scientist
    > DISA FSO - IRRT (FS42)
    > Comm: 717-267-9370
    > DSN: 570-9370
    > Cell: 717-414-3450

    Christina Smyre NSA <- real, matches with email <- someone dig in this

    John Laliberte NSA <- not sure

    AAPC G-PPE Task Force Members <----
    Eric Potter brought us to that link <- check it out
  3. Anonymous Member

    In other news, dog bites man.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Can we somehow shut off the Kool Aid supply to the NSA? Seems way too culty there.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    ^I don't mean Scientology. I mean the NSA's own special brand of cultish fidelity toward itself at the expense of all the rest of us.

    Spying on people without warrants is not cool.
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  6. Orson Member

    This is, to me, something worth paying attention to closely and perhaps becoming involved with...the disturbing nature of what the government is attempting to do with this potential software should send chills down your spine.

    I do not favor illegal action in support of this, however, collecting publicly available information and the identifying dox on those involved is not illegal. We do that all the time around her when it involves culties. Acting on that information by using successful tools and methods familiar to and developed as part of Chanology is also not illegal.

    If you have room in your world for this, please consider looking into it a bit more and consider opting-in to do some work on it. From my perspective, this fits right in with the FoI initiatives here. (may suggest this thread gets moved there, fyi).

    Having said that, never doubt my #1 priority is fucking up scientology. But there is a cancer out there that threatens our internets in ways we never expected, and that should concern us all.

    As an aside, it would really fucking please me if the FBI/DOJ would get off their collective ass and drop the banhammer on Miscavige, CSI, COS, etc. so we can move onto other shit.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    So, where is the la le lu lei lo?
  8. DeathHamster Member

    Huh. The last few months, social media has been manipulating military and governments, especially in the middle-east.

    What's the score so far, hmmmm?
  9. Anonymous Member

    We always said that OSA was like the Secret Service ... or something.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Remember back in the day when Government had to have a reason to investigate you, and a Warrant needed to be provided for surveillance and confiscation? I miss those days....
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Full agreement from me. This kinda stuff is always on my radar.

    Thanks to the OP but it needs some TL;DR abbreviation. Where'd that come from? Cryptome?
  12. Anonymous Member

    I do too and they are most certainly gone for the foreseeable future.
  13. Gary Busey Member

    It's only going to get worst, we are heading towards police state :(
  14. Anonymous Member

  15. Anonymous Member

    Hey! Hepcats!!

    We're all down with whatever our betters think will be good for us, right? Yeah. Cool. Right on!

    We all want bad propaganda to be countered with cool stuff, yeah? Right on.

    Hey, what about American Idol? Cool. Yeah. Right on.
  16. Anonymous Member

    You are a fucking retarded moron. We're in a police state for at least the last decade. Get the fuck over yourself!
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  17. Gary Busey Member

    Geez people are so nice here
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  18. Clarksdale Member

    I would be highly suspicious of those on twitter, remember what the purpose is of the ware.

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