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    Good evening, fellow Anons.
    We wish to inform you of an operation we are currently leading in France: Operation Red Mail.
    Its objective is to warn companies against the dangers of sects in the management world.

    The following mail will soon be sent to a hundred companies, informing them of the danger that represent the sect they are collaborating with.

    YouTube video (in french)

    Madam, Sir,
    It has come to our attention that you are, or have been collaborating with a company called "Eagle's Flight". This company is notoriously linked to the so-called "Church" of Scientology.

    Anonymous wishes to remind you that this "Church" has been sued and condemned by the Tribunal of Paris for organized fraud and illegal practice of Pharmacy

    Scientologists have made an appeal, which will be heard at the "Cour d'Appel" of Paris on November, the 3rd. Your company is currently listed as one of "Eagle's Flight" clients, on their website.

    We do not know if you were aware of this list, or of Eagle's Flight's link with Scientology.
    One may ask himself what image your company would give to its other partners in business if you were to be publicly associated with Scientology.

    If you do not wish to figure on this list, we advise you to do whatever is necessary with "Eagle's Flight"

    We are Anonymous, we are legion.
    We do not forgive, we do not forget.
    Expect us.

    That is all, good day to you all.
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