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  1. Rubeanon Member

    Hello brothers and sisters,
    although the events of operation payback long ago made great strides toward freedom of the internet, we are still not free. Although SOPA and PIPA were stopped dead in their tracks we are still not free. The United States Government still controls the 13 servers that without which our greatest weapon, the world wide web would be destroyed. Our own government is threatening to take away our constitutional rights to protest, and this [the internet] appears to be the last haven for it. But the united states government is threatening once again to take away the freedoms of our safe haven. I suggest that we end the tyranny once and for all.
    we are anonymous
    we are legion
    we do not forgive
    we do not forget
    expect us.
  2. Anonymous Member

    And how do you suggest we do that?
    Your statement is very vague'
    You state the issue of sopa and pipa well, you explained the whole government thing, but then it looks like you stopped explaining.

    i have zero interest in this Op right now.
  3. Anonymous Member

    ^^ over 12 hours on non interest.
  4. What I had in mind was showing the government how weak they really are once and for all. They have seen what we can do before, the perfect example being defacing their homepages, all they did was fix the defalcation the security hole remains unchanged. If we can bring down webpages for CISPA and Coica acts the government would know not to screw with us. I am in the process of obtaining the smtp address for in order to send some fake emails to state reps and just generally troll the bastards
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  5. Anonymous Member

    You appear to suggest here that illegal activities take place. No. Just. NO!

    WWP Anonymous is about legal, peaceful/non-violent activism and protesting.

    Take your illegal OP someplace else. WWP isn't interested.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Operation payback brought forth no tangible change, by its actions encouraged more draconian monitoring, too many got themselves arrested for nothing more than vanity stunts. Lastly, what operation payback boiled down to is a circlejerk of angsty teenagers patting themselves on the back for entirely imagined achievements. "Lol we liberated a country".
    Sure, besides this not being the way things are the US government is going to shut down the driving force of its and most of the modernized world economies.
    Bull fucking shit, you don't need the internet to protest, nor is the internet your last place to protest. Ofcourse if you consider firing LOIC at a bunch of servers protesting, then yes your attempts are becoming more inefficient than it already was.
    You sound like you've got some unresolved daddy issues, may I suggest you talk to your parents.
    What a nice tribute to the people who came up with those lines, you do know that most of them discourage illegal action right?
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  7. They actually do not openly encourage or discourage such activity, I quote a particular anon here "do what you think is right, don't do what you think is wrong, only you are responsible for your actions."
  8. Anonymous Member

    It's the one and only MO that is known to post payback skids. Nigger please.

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