#OpCharlieHebdo - Anonymous and Charlie Hebdo (en Anglais)

Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by Disambiguation, Jan 9, 2015.

  1. Im not a hacker by any means but I applaud the fact that anonymous would like to stop the terrorist use of social media as a outlet for information transferal and recruitment. There are many great hackers out there that I feel would be a great help in the war on terror by tracking and locating confirmed terrorists and perhaps giving this information to authorities for disposal. I know the government doesn't always do what we agree is best for the people and I understand the need for social change but in this situation I feel those of you that are advanced enough to elude the powers that stand could indeed be a great service to humanity even in a Anonymous capacity. And let us not forget that Terrorists are a very small percentage of the world and not all are Muslim and not all Muslims are jihadists.

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  5. White Tara Global Moderator

    Truly disgusting people. FYI Toorak includes some of the most expensive property in Australia.

    A MELBOURNE family trust is trying to cash in on the Paris terror attacks by applying to trademark the phrases “Charlie Hebdo” and “je suis Charlie” in Australia.
    Just over a week after two masked gunmen forced their way into the offices of the French satirical newspaper and killed 12 people, the M & G Besser Family Trust has made a joint application to trademark both names.
    Both applications were lodged on January 12 — just five days after the massacre.
    The claim for the phrase “Je Suis Charlie” covers electronic desktop publishing, magazine publishing, publishing by electronic means, publishing of books, and publishing of printed matter.
    The “Charlie Hebdo” claim covers clothing, footwear and headgear.
    If successful the trust could stop others from using the two phrases, or charge a licence to do so, across clothing and electronic media.
    The address for the trustee of the trust is listed as a Toorak address.
    Last year Intellectual Property Australia came under fire from friends of MH17 plane victims for accepting a trademark application for the term “MH17”.
    More at link:
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  6. "Why I Am Not Charlie" - a thoughtful article that's worth reading.

  7. Sekee Member

    I think that the problem with a public dialogue about the use of images of Mohammed is that it gives the impression that our freedom of speech and expression is negotiable. No institution whether political, religious or secular should be beyond criticism. I feel that if the press self-censors on this issue, what will they take offence at next? If we back down do we send the message that we will fold to their ridiculous demands if they start
    killing those who criticise them? I think these apologists should grow a pair, and in the light of current events I find their complacency offensive.
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  29. Hugh Bris Member

    The pope seems a bit confused about the notion of turning the other cheek. He thinks it's so he can slap it again.
    Odd that the Vicar of Christ doesn't quite understand his own religion.

    Jesus Christ, that's crazy:p
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  30. Sekee Member

    A violent mob set light to at least seven churches in Niger during fresh protests against Charlie Hebdo magazine.
    The mob rampaged through Niger's capital Niamey as anger mounted in several Muslim countries over the satirical magazine's depiction of the prophet Mohammed.
    Around 1,000 youths wielding iron bars, clubs and axes stormed through the city, hurling rocks at police who responded with tear gas.
    The French embassy in Niamey urged its citizens to stay at home.
    Yesterday, a rally against Charlie Hebdo in the country's second city of Zinder left four dead and 45 injured.
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