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    OpDeatheaters and operation yew tree and Savile is too much. This is the place for the case of Cyril Smith, the UK MP arrested for pedophilia who was released and never tried. The evidence against him vanished while in police custody. He died before an investigation was slowed to continue. He was on the Board of a home for children who needed care.
    Here is a recent article on a theory of how he was protected and how he was exposed.
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    This is also the place for the case of an idiot being a pest.

    I wonder who I am thinking of?
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    Lord Steel, the former Liberal leader who has defended the party’s refusal to hold an inquiry into sex abuse allegations, said on Tuesday that he had confronted Smith about his “unusual” behaviour with teenage boys at a hostel in Rochdale.

    An article in Private Eye in 1979 alleged that Smith, who was secretary of the Cambridge House boys hostel, put teenagers across his knee, pulled down their trousers and spanked them as a “punishment” in the 1960s.[/quote]
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    The Cyril Smith case is just the tip of the iceberg. The British hierarchical system allows abuse to go on without the perpetrators ever being confronted because they belong to government, education, medical, local authority upper echelons.
    The whole system makes me sick.
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