Open Letter to Sky Dayton, Earthlink.

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by DodoTheLaser, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. DodoTheLaser Member

    Marty is up to something again, me thinks. Hopefully something good.


    Check out the log entries below from the office of David Miscavige’s “COB orders on the internet” excerpt book.
    #1 shows he is excerpting some comment made to you (whether verbal or written you’d be the most qualified to recall) and distributing it to Scientology Inc international and Golden Era Productions executives and staff.
    #2 and #3 are subsequent utterances he made to Gold staff over the next two days – referencing his ‘comm line’ to you and your recommendations to him.
    #4, a year and one half later he is still dropping your name while uttering the usual utterly incomprehensible, do-less drivel. This time it is to the four ‘highest’ execs he’s got at that asylum. Incidentally, 2 of those 4 are long-since on the outside looking in, while Guillaume and Yager remained imprisoned, see e.g. ABC Nightline Special on the hole.
    Note well that Miscavige does nothing with the fact of your communication of ideas except to make others wrong with them. Hell, he could have passed along your comm in full and told them to execute it as a strat plan and program if he had any intention whatsoever of disseminating Scientology. But, he didn’t. You can read myriad testimonials on this blog about how Miscavige handles all communication like this. Check your Science of Survival and compare.
    Now, compare this to another – one of hundreds of such random, off-the-wall orders – order he delivered on ‘marketing’ just a few months earlier, see earlier marketing order. Good reason I suppose for using your suggestions for no other purpose than making others wrong – I am sure your suggestions cross ordered his psych drug company marketing implementation plans.
    Dude, bottom line, you spoke or corresponded with this guy almost TEN years ago. Has he listened to a single thing you advised? After TEN years do you think he is ever going to? Do you really think you are serving the greatest good for the greater number of dynamics by supporting this suppressive sociopath?

    Cheers, Marty"

    There is more at the link location.
  2. Anonymous Member

    DM evil . . . L Ron Hubbard God . . . no DOX . . . Marty yadda yadda yadda . . . also DOX or GTFO.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Martyr: word-clear "paragraph" Method 2 and clay demo.

    Every time I read, "Marty is up to something," I think, "self-serving aggrandizement".
    Don't blame me if the guy is a narcissistic, lying, culty cunt...
  4. DodoTheLaser Member

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  5. Anonymous Member

    Marty's writing is terrible. i tried to read it again, and at this point i don't even give a shit to try to translate it into normal english, because i know that whatever it is, if it is coming from Marty, it is bullshit.

    Marty, why don't you be a man, use whatever information and funds that you are raising to just do a proper lawsuit and have a trial. Y'know, good old American Wog Law.
  6. Anonymous Member

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  7. 700

  8. Old news. Marty's a fuckwad and the Scientology Celebrity & Human Rights blog ( was the first to report that Sky Dayton and his dad, Wendell Dayton, are both borderline out of the cult. A few other guys reported on other blogs that Dayton and family are moving up to Oregon and pulling a Neil Gaiman to cut ties (but not yet ready to go public because of their relatives).
  9. Kilia Member

    Yeah Sky, just keep shoving your money to the CoS. Can you imagine what you could have done with your "donated" money for truly worthy causes??
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  10. Kilia Member

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