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Discussion in 'Projects' started by AnnieOnOmas, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. AnnieOnOmas Member

    Forgive me if this is already here. I had a browse and couldn't see anything.

    I've just been browsing the local library catalogue online and found that my local area is full of Scientology/Dianetics books.

    I live in a small east coast town in Scotland where Scientology is often referred to as something to do with aliens, as people here have very little knowledge on it. What i do find worrying is that someone may pick up one of these books and having the very shallow gene pool due to all the inbreeding around here may actually beleive this shit.( i'm talking mental health issues and such)

    I'm wondering if there is an open letter that i and others if interested can send to the libraries and or mps to get this crap moved into the fairy tales section or removed and burnt (I can wish) I suck at formal wording of letters. You know something with the dangers and what nots. I think that makes sense i don't know, never do two double shifts followed by a drinking session, It's not big and it's not clever. fucking beer has killed my brain tonight or maybe it was the chilli tequila, who knows.
  2. Anonymous Member

    We have them in almost every school library, including primary. Any ideas?
  3. AnnieOnOmas Member

    Burn em?!

    Letter could be sent to schools aswell i guess we all know kids that don't fit in love a good cult to chase away the loneliness. I'm going to wait until i'm not so shit faced to try and type something up. For the moment i just have to contend with the room spinning and a car alarm thats going off so far in the distance i'm not sure if i have tinnitus.

    My local library has very few of the "classic" books and wont keep george orwell stocked but they keep this shit. I have disapoint.

    [EDIT:] Pressed post to soon. my bad.

    Maybe best way to send it out would be on headed paper? But i don't want a whole load of NYPA getting thrown my way. That way it looks as if it's half assed professional and not coming from a a kid who like to write angry letters and enjoys the smell of tipex. There are a few places you can get school lists but they are easy enough to make. I guess the tough part is finding out ifthey have the books on their shelves
  4. Anon PTS Member

    Search for on this website (or go to that website). Many samples of cards suitable for insertion into the scilon books.

    Ideally the libraries would remove them but most librarians are very anti-censorship.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Most of them are dusty and have spines intact from lack of ever being opened. Put some YFTC's in them and come back in a year, they will still be exactly where you left them. Why? Cause anons are the only ones that ever open them.
  6. AnnieOnOmas Member

    I was planning on carding them (even although i think the sites are a little dated) but while i am not focusing on getting these books removed the fact that his dianetics book is in the self help section is a cause for concern, Vulnerable people rape those shelves like there is no tomorrow.

    Very few people of an older age *know about the dangers of scientology (well in my area anyway) the younger ones seem to focus on what they learned from southpark. If people could be made aware of what they are promoting then they can make a more informed choice.

    Has anyone ever contacted the mental health associations to get their view on it? ( in reference into how the co$ deals with health issues)
  7. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Librarians have very strict rules not to ban literature, nor should they. I would agree moving these titles to an adult section or refusing to check them out to minors might get you more luck.
  8. Anonymous Member

    I will remain anonymous, and I will never encourage law-breaking, but if they are placed in medical reference sections I elect to remove them.

    If given a chance I will remove them from the library altogether. These books are placed there not by librarians but by cult members.
    I sometimes wrap them in paper carrier bags and throw them into canals and they rot away like the lives they took in the name of LRH.
    It is a distasteful experience but I find it both cathartic and energetic, and I make a particular point of separating the main cover from the loose pages, it's like a free gym workout.
  9. Anonymous Member

    From my perspectives, the presence of the dianetics/scientology books in libraries isn't a serious issue.

    The "You Found The Card" project is about all that can legally be done with the library book problem. I am opposed to any and all censorship of any published literature.

    However, when the scientology ideologies are presented as worthwhile contributions to any Public School Curriculum, that is the point where I & countless others will strongly object. Those kinds of scilon projects must be resisted and prevented at all costs.
  10. AnnieOnOmas Member

    the removed and burnt line was not serious, it would go against the freedom of speech we all guard. I just forget my sarcasm does not translate well onto the internet. lol
  11. Anonymous Member

    There is a thread somewhere at WWP about a fire at an Oxford, UK Library. Said library had someone's donation of the collected works of L. Ron Hubbard.

    Recently, there was a fire and much of the "prized" collection was lost or severely damaged. I didn't cry myself to sleep on the evening of learning about this tragic, heart-breaking event. /sarcasm]

    [EDIT: Here's the thread. It has some lulzy parts in between derails:
  12. Anonymous Member

    Freedom of speech versus removing proven false medical info from reference libraries.

    Hmm, let me think about that one - nope, I'm still chucking the LRH books away.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Deaccession of library holdings is very common. There is always an end to available space and items that have had little or no use are removed from collections.

    I don't know if there is public input permitted on compiling the list of items for deaccession. It might be interesting to find out.
  14. Herro Member

    I'm sure libraries would be very receptive to book burnings. By the way OP, I'd much rather live in a world full of scientologists than a world full of people like you.
  15. Incredulicide Member

    Perhaps the Libraries should have a mandatory "bonus book" with every Scientology book borrowed, the bonus being any one of the 50+ books exposing the CoS for what it really is.

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