"Open-Your-Eyes-And-Wake-Up" Informative Flyers/Business Cards

Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by Anonymous, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    okay, well I'm asking for help since, I'm not good at designing or photoshoping. Any help will be appreciated so please help me out if your able to. The cards/flyers i would like is something that informs and yet catches the peoples attention. I've tryed looking some up for the past week and 1/2 but no luck. Please help, I don't want to let the bankers take our world away from us.

    The goal I'm trying to achieve is to wake up my community from the trance the government has put on them.
  2. Honigdachs Member

    Would you please die silently without harrassing others with your stupid?
  3. Anonymous Member

    Wow, thanks for the support.
  4. Anonymous Member

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  5. Anonymous Member

    Only serious responses please
  6. Anonymous Member

    these are the serious responses
    It's all downhill from here
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  7. RightOn Member

    oh man, I love you guise
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Why? Because they jump on a perhaps somewhat inexperienced n00b like a pack of dogs? Because after all it would be so beneath them to respond in a helpful and educational manner.
  9. Anonymous Member

  10. Ron B DED Member

    Where's that LRH quote about 12 bankers controlling the world? Maybe RJ 67? I forget.

    here it is

    The organization, under the direction of Mary Sue, employed - and actually had employed earlier
    than I returned from southern Africa - employed several professional intelligence agents who had
    long and successful professional backgrounds, and they looked into this matter for us, and the
    results of their activities - although still in progress - have told us all that we needed to know
    with regard to any enemy we had on this planet.

    Our enemies on this planet are less than twelve
    men. They are members of the Bank of England and other higher financial circles. They own and
    control newspaper chains, and they are, oddly enough, directors in all the mental health groups in
    the world which have sprung up. Now these chaps are very interesting fellows: They have
    fantastically corrupt backgrounds; illegitimate children; government graft; a very unsavory lot.

    And they apparently, sometime in the rather distant past, had determined on a course of action.
    Being in control of most of the gold supplies of the planet, they entered upon a program of
    bringing every government to bankruptcy and under their thumb, so that no government would
    be able to act politically without their permission.
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  11. Sonichu Moderator

    OP Perhaps you should start with the content you wish to put on the cards, and then start from there asking for revisions or help making the info pretty. Anons certainly aren't going to help you find information to get you started

    tl;dr don't show up to your own project empty handed.
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  12. RightOn Member

    ONE of the reasons is because they make me laugh out loud
  13. RightOn Member

    this is freakin' genuis and hilarious at the same time
  14. Anonymous Member


    i has made one for you
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Be smarter next time you come here. Tough sell.
  16. Sonichu Moderator

    I feel somewhat responsible, since I suggested this idea to OP in the first place. But I have to agree, I didn't expect OP to show up to the thread empty handed, and to expect Anonymous to do all the work for them.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    It is the luck of the draw. Sometimes an idea is received well, sometime it isn't.
    Hopefully the OP will learn and come back.
    (And for all of you assholes rating this dumb- have at it. Also- Fuck you and your sister)
  18. failboat Member



    Good luck OP.

    Remember that successful activism results in action.

    What are you trying to get people to do besides "wake up" and be informed? How do you want people to prevent the bankers from "taking the world away?"

    Take Sonichu's advice and don't show up empty-handed next time.
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  19. Anonymous Member

  20. CarterUSP Member

    Hello noob.
    You may find the less than positive response here is because you turn up out of the blue, empty handed, unclear about exactly what you think the problem is and unclear about exactly what you want a bunch of strangers to do about it.
    A useful tip is to think about how you would approach this situation if in real life. If you went up to a bunch of strangers in a public place and made an opening gambit like this, it would be unlikely to receive a positive response. Try and make your point more clearly. And lurk moar. Get to know the forums a little better and what goes on here, and you're more likely to make an impact when you post.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Always ask yourself, what does it have to do with the internet?
  22. WMAnon Member

    I would also recommend the OP take the time to get themselves out of the conspiracy theory trap and make sure to find a single target and back up their complaints against said target with irrefutable, unbiased evidence. Y'know, dox or gtfo like we used to.
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