Operation: 24/7

Discussion in 'Projects' started by anonameusfawkes, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. Bexx Member

    Re: Operation: 24/7

    You have a good point. And since I know I won't have Scilons watching I wouldn't even have to hide my identity. I will be checking into the legality of this. And digging out my tiny tea set as well.

    And I just realized something else. for those of us that don't have a CoS, Org or mission, or places that don't let us set up on sidewalks or metered parking, we can go to local parks. Rent the picnic area and set up there. Or use ones of the tables that aren't rentable to keep your name hidden. Table is already there and everything. You can use the grill most places have to keep water hot, if needed. Wow this could be fun! Thanks!
  2. Kelz Member

    Re: Operation: 24/7

    I love this idea, but we have no org here. There's only one in the country, and its at the other end. [/nzfag]

    However, I'm sure we could do the same just in public (like, Cathedral Square). Would be win.
  3. Re: Operation: 24/7

    It just occurred to me that across from the Toronto Org is a Country Style with a patio.

    A patio. On Yonge!

    HAY GUYS, we could sit there half the day, using their table and chairs and just buy some stuff now and then!

    Operation Tea Party for epic wins!
  4. Heretic Member

    Re: Operation: 24/7

    yeah i might book time off work just for this... if you make it last week of august ive a week off work with nothing to do
  5. AnonOutreach Member

    Re: Operation: 24/7

    The problem here is that in Ontario, it's highly likely that the courts would construe 24/7 as harassment and get a restrictions injunction that keep us completely out of the downtown area.

    It would show dedication but it might also blow up in our faces.
  6. AnonOutreach Member

    Re: Operation: 24/7

    Again, be cautious but this one might be do-able. Run it by a lawyer first, if you can and leave immediately if the shop asks you to [i know you will] And leave BIG tips:smile:
  7. anonyrat Member

    Re: Operation: 24/7

    I would PAY to see a NZFG tea party. Do it!
  8. Puddlewhite Member

    Re: Operation: 24/7

    Sweet idea. We need more ideas like that- something that targetsn Scilons more than it does the general public.
    However, this will be harder to pull off that one might think (althow SO worth it)

    - Permit- The best places woud be where theres no permit required, or where the police woudnt mind small anon groups hanging around.

    - Organisation- Logistically, this is going to be very hard to pull off, since our structuring is non-existant. Everyone must know when his shift starts, ends, etc. Id say the organisation shoud be done mainly on local anon hubs, and on IRC.

    - Timetable- I dont really see any point in 24 hour survailance. Id say best is from 6-7 till 20 o'clock- so as long as there are more than 2 people/hour on the streets.

    - Atmosphare- well, youd be surprised how cold it can be early in the morning

    And offcourse PICS or it didnt happen ^______________^
  9. Yours Truly Member

    Re: Operation: 24/7

    I love love love this idea.
    However, there will undoubtedly be a problem filling in all that time with people.
    You wanted to do this for one whole week, rite?
    Could work, of course, but it would require a lot of pushing on the organizers' part to get enough people.
    I would more than gladly participate, though, if this does actually come out of the womb.
  10. Smoof Member

    Re: Operation: 24/7

    Awesome idea is awesome, do it faggots.
  11. Tony Whent Member

    Re: Operation: 24/7

    It would be cool if we could make it an area where public (and Scientology public) felt safe to sit down and talk to some unmasked members.

    We must remember Scientology is based of fear. Fear of ethics and fear of the big bad world.

    We must look approachable.

    It is unlikely that commited clams would feel safe in doing so in view of the org.
  12. Re: Operation: 24/7

    After going to yesterday's bookathon miniraid, I'm rethinking this.

    None of our monthly protests reach regular staff or 'churchgoers' at all, because they're told the pool is closed due to thetans. The miniraid was different. We got up their staff's butts, fucked with their business, and showed them we're real and local and not just a rumour from Germany.

    So instead of the round-the-clock thing, or the tea party pretence, I think we should try for more business-interrupting flash raids. Toronto saw that 15-20 anons were more than enough for their all-hands-on-deck bookathon, so we could probably get the same effect with 8-10 anons on a regular day. 2 hours a day, every day, is all it would take.

    What say you, Anonymous?
  13. Re: Operation: 24/7

    It doesn't have the same awesome psychological impact as being there when the staff locks up, and still be sitting there when they come to open the next morning. Constant presence is a must IMO. There's nothing more unnerving that to be constantly under surveillance for an extended period of time.
  14. Anonylondon Member

    Re: Operation: 24/7

    Great idea, and from what I can see, Londonfags won't need permits.
    Londoners - TCR or QVS?
  15. AnonOutreach Member

    Re: Operation: 24/7

    I suggest running this one past a lawyer in Toronto. You could get hit with harassment charges if you go 24/7.
  16. Anonygrace Member

    Re: Operation: 24/7

    Even if it's not opposite an Org or a constant presence, there's a lot to be said for finding the closest park, setting up a table in a high-traffic area and having a tea party. It's cracking me up just to think of it -- gingham-covered card tables popping up all over the place, with "Reduce Stress: Free Hugs!" signs and offering passersby iced tea and cake. As summer starts (sorry, antipodeans) people will be heading out of doors for lunch breaks during the week, and if they keep seeing these little tables offering cupcakes...

    Setting up opposite an org means vehicle traffic, accusations of harrassment, possible police protection... The tea parties might be better suited to catch non-scilons who just happen to be passing by on a nice day.

    And how great would those photos be? People taking five minutes from their day (possibly another point for park settings -- more likely to sit and chat) to sit down and actually talk a bit about the protest. Word of mouth would be epic.
  17. Re: Operation: 24/7

    This can almost be like the nerdy lines of people when the seventh book of Harry Potter was released at midnight... (Which.. I actually was in...) Only with more Lulz and fun overall.. though, if a cosplayfag gets stuck with a roleplayfag for a tea party, I somehow see sparks flying... or cute pink china teacups... So choose who you sit with carefully.. if only for good conversation and non-violent discussions, and just to make sure their not a plant of the Co$.. Tell the Xenu story... or.. tempary tattoo your arm visably with XENU down it... or talk about aliens.. You know, all that fun stuff people randomly talk about. This could draw plenty of attention, because a protest is one day! And another bonus, one tea party can be taking itself down after an hour (or two or three), while another is setting up, and the cycle continues, up and down the street, or throughout a park, anywhere and anything, the possibilities are endless for locations of high traffic, like college campuses one (Or two.. three.. etc.) hour, and then at a park the next.

    If people go out of town, well, the miss a protest, and oh well, but if we spend a whole day (Or two, or three, or ten throughout the summer) doing shifts of 2-20 people (Depending on size and whatelse, Clearwater/LA/Chi/DC definatly has the backup for 20 people having a tea party 24/7) drinking tea, and talking to Joe Public, who finds up interesting and amusing, and quite approachable, because none of us are threatening or mean in the least, and we all know what to say to grasp Joe Public's attention, we could seriously make the Co$ crack with the full out insanity of our actions.

    This isn't by far a full out Operation by month theme, I see this as... a side project, or a split off, like the global raids being planned to have huge numbers at the major orgs. Those aren't the main theme/protests, and neither is this. Planning for this should be done on IRC within each cities channel, and word spread to have fun and get some lulz, seeing as O:Reconnect was a bit serious. Time to get back to having fun and being silly. I mean, come on people, you are wearing masks.. live a little and smile under them.
  18. Re: Operation: 24/7

    Then I propose a varient:

    Operation Madhatter's Tea Party

    Whenever 2 or more Anons can, show up and have tea and crumpets (and cake!) near a scion location (Their centers, booths, tables, whatever.) at random. If noone can make it, then it's fine. But there should be a steady stream of irregular appearance of anons.

    The idea here is to make them always look over their shoulders, leapping at the slighest noise, induce paranoia.

    In other words, drive them mad as a hatter. Even though all we're doing is having tea and crumpets. (And cake!)
  19. Anonnumition Member

    Re: Operation: 24/7

    I was reading through this thread, read through it a while back actually... can't remember why I didn't subscribe to it.. but yeah, awesome idea is awesome, I'd totally be up for it.

    Britfags, you know that Kleenex ad with the guy who sets up a sofa in the street and invites people to sit with him for a chat? Reminds me of that... Do it, faggots.
  20. Vir Member

    Re: Operation: 24/7


    This is a hilarious idea. Just make sure you get any permits that might be needed, or do the flatbed idea.

    Selling/giving out books or food might need their own permits - as usual sealed store-bought stuff is best.
  21. anonymoose Member

    Re: Operation: 24/7

    I was thinking exactly that! In fact, why not play on that? Have a box of tissues and a sign saying if you're stressed come and talk to us, free! People will get the ad reference.

    Even better if someone can source an inflatable sofa. Hell, I can source an inflatable sofa- if you want one, I will gladly buy it. PM me.

    Edit: But I would need an address to send it to since I am not a Londoner. :(
  22. Vir Member

    Re: Operation: 24/7

    By the way: In addition to dressing as anons and tea-drinking anime characters, Alice in Wonderland tea times are highly recommended. Dress as Alice in Wonderland characters and pass the time by reading out lines from the book at each other, with proper acknowledgement from the other.

    You SHOULD know why.
  23. avatar2008 Member

    Re: Operation: 24/7

    Yes, we know... but would Joe Public know?

    Without the right signage, this renactment will only give rise to the idea, this is some wierd fetish that Anonymous and CoS share.
  24. Vir Member

    Re: Operation: 24/7

    Of course the shouting of "Off with his head" etc. wouldn't be the only activity going on. Matter-of-fact signs kind of ruin it, but if there was a simple sign saying "Free Communication Course" or something that might be good - of course made in a font fitting to doll house style tea sets.
    Have an ash tray and shout to that too.
    And there would be speaking normally to the public as well, leaflets etc.
    Of course every Scientologist picks up the Alice in Wonderland reference.
  25. avatar2008 Member

    Re: Operation: 24/7

    ^^^ THIS.

    Also, Signage: Reenactment of an acutal Scientology training session.
  26. Alive Member

    Re: Operation: 24/7

    I only skimmed through this thread, so if this was already mentioned, please excuse me.

    Regarding the legality, I thought I'd quote something from the ACLU "Right to Protest" brochure.

    Also, from reading other literature it seems to indicate that most of the time, no permit is required as long as pedestrians aren't being harassed. It would be worth checking local authorities prior to doing the first event with this, but it seems like for the most part, no permits would be required.

    Also, I love this idea.
  27. anonymoose Member

    Re: Operation: 24/7

    I like the idea of a dramatization of the Xenu story, right there on the street. Maybe even in mime, with a narrator. People love to hate mime and it suits the masks well.
  28. Re: Operation: 24/7

    It seems DC has been holding Operation : Tea Party.

    Any other cities doing anything with this?

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