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  1. Callsign Ace Member


    To the Anonymous Community,

    As many of you may have possibly heard, there have been large and growing sit-ins and strikes over the past few days at the American University of Cairo - ones which involve masses of both students and workers.

    We, the community of the American University in Cairo, ask for your solidarity and support. We implore you to join us in our stand against management for the fulfillment of our legitimate rights and to put an end to the numerous violations of student and workers' rights on campus.

    Historically, student and youth movements have always been pivotal in determining the course in which popular uprisings turn. The American University in Cairo has always been integral to the entire student movement in Egypt both before and after the events of the 25th of January, 2011. We, the students of Egypt, have proven and continue to prove to the world that we are a vital aspect of the Egyptian revolutionary flame. Time has come for the revolution to trickle down into our universities in objection to the administration’s continuous violations of both student and workers’ rights. Hence, we announce our open-ended strike starting on the 11th of September, 2011 until the following overall demands are met:

    · -Cancel and reimbursement of t he 9% increase on tuition fees for t he academic year of 2011-2012
    · -Cap tution fees on all returning students
    · -Effective representation of students during the decision-making strategic ddecicisions that affect student life
    · -Giving more attention to general principles of workers’ rights in t he affairs of staff at AUC
    · -Improvement of student services and quality of education
    Desert Development Center Demands (DDC):
    1. -200EGP – or $33.59 Meal Compensation per month
    2. -Friday and Saturdays as non working days
    3. -Change of uniform
    4. -Provide temporary dailyl workers with contracts
    5. -Change of bus or imporovement of means of transportation
    6. -2000EGP - or$335.86 equivalent minimum wage per month
    Security Staff Demands:
    1. -The resignation of the directory of security, safety, and the clinic: Mr. Mahmoud Zouk
    2. -Reinstating the 60-hour overtime policy
    3. -Provide the temporary Bus Security workers with contracts
    4. -2000EGP – or $335.86 equivalent minimum wage per month
    5. -Reinstate unjustly expelled security workers (2 safety and 1 Security Worker)
    6. -Priorotizing existing workers for higher positions and promotions
    Custodial Workers Demands:
    1. -200EGP – or $33.59 Meal Compensation per month
    2. -Saturday as a holidy or the choice to work overtime
    3. -Provide temporary daily workers with contracts
    Students Demands:
    1. -An end to tutition increases and a reimbursement of the 9% increase of the Fall Semester of 2011-2012
    2. -Cap tution fees on all returning students
    3. -Student representation in all decisions that directly affect them
    4. -Improvement of student services and quality of education
    5. -Improvement of buses, parking, copy center and food
    6. - The complete prevention of any censorship and police-like supervision of all student and political and non-political activities
    7. -No attendance should be taken during the drop-add period of registration for courses
    8. -An end to t he mismanaged overloaded and chaotic registrationn process.


    In conclusion, we the students, workers, and faculty of which we have an overwhelming majority of, implore and plead that the Anonymous community stand with us in solidarity and engage in any and all means necessary to help and support the cause for which we stand for.

    We deeply appreciate any and all attempts and actions taken by the Anonymous community.

    Yours Truly,
    The Community of the American University in Cairo.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Human rights: support.

    People being paid a living wage: support.

    No increase in tuition fees = a human right? Not so much.

    'Improvement of copy center': meh.
  3. i am tempted to say "not your personal army" ah screw it. NOT YOUR PERSONAL ARMY
  4. Anonymous Member


    " The complete prevention of any censorship and police-like supervision of all student and political and non-political activities "

    could be our kind of thing.
  5. hmm..its just it seems like something socialist youth would do. I have seen no anons at student rallies. But then again could we defend students rights?
  6. Anonymous Member

    As far as you know. :)

    It's not a million miles away from the Iran thing.
  7. well..i think we could get some anons involved with the student protests hell most students support our cause why not support theirs?
  8. none given Member

    let me suggest you hone that list down a bit. say, 5 total points.
    Copy center? buses? change in uniform?
    You are coming across like a spoiled, butthurt baby and this community barely has the attention span to read a bumper sticker.
    Also, act locally; you have a community right there that cares more than we ever could.

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