*Operation Bait* Protesting or not, please read this.

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Hakumei_Kohaku, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. *Operation Bait* Protesting or not, please read this.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong area. (Or if this has been mentioned before.)

    Something just came to me while reading, and I haven't seen it mentioned for everyone to easily find. (I could just be blind.)

    I know some people will be unable to attend protests, and/or unable to protest on the 15th for various reasons.
    How about the people who are not protesting calling into the local news stations asking them "what's going on at __________ with the picket signs people have near the Church of Scientology?" Or anything along those lines?

    I know media is a big thing, and the more people who try to contact them the more likely they will be to come out and "see what's going on".

    Example. I have emailed multiple media companies, and sites, informing them of the 15th, among other things. Yet I have not heard a reply from any of them. Now if they show that'll be awesome, but if they don't maybe they would be more inclined on the 15th with some calls from locals asking what is going on.

    It could work. I mean trying is better than doing nothing...right?

    It is easy to find local media contact numbers, and everything online.(Not to mention for those who are google fanatics, use it.) As for locations, they are in a nice list, along with times.

    Protest locations list:

    Links to finding some stations around you: (It's harder trying to look them up using multiple cities, instead of one.) (USA) (Newspapers) (Association of Electronic Journalists.)

    (I fail at looking up the links.)

    Also Note: Anyone can and should do this, but I wouldn't suggest pulling out your cell phone at the protest to call the news.
  2. anonspitfire Member

    Re: Anyone Not attending the Protests should read this.

    great idea! i agree. i won't be able to go, but i'll inform all my local news channels
  3. saerat Member

    Re: Anyone Not attending the Protests should read this.

    why just the people who cant make it eh? =F
  4. Re: Anyone Not attending the Protests should read this.

    It's not just for the people who can't make it, although everyone should have been contacting the media to begin with.

    I figured it would get the attention of people who would really like to help out, even if they are unable to make it to a protest.

    There I edited the title, and so on.

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