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Discussion in 'Projects' started by whywefight, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. whywefight Member

    i just want to mention operation bling again!

    its an easy way to spread the word and to push anon into publics view. i feelt a bit sad that we didnt made it with a bankrun, so i want to push this stuff as step 1.

    its easy to join:

    1. Get a pen or create yourself a stamp
    2. collect all your paper money, ask people you know if you can write on their money (fun is, most people will help you!)
    3. bling the paper notes by writing: "you are anonymous!" on all notes
    4. go out and spend the money
    5. if people ask whats that about, explain that this is an anonymous operation in the fight for the support of wikileaks and the fight for freedom of speech.
    6. have fun and get yourself some cake

    some information for you in addition: <- video <- flyer on anonnews <- more detailed information on <- first call to action video <- just pic of oldschool blinging

    feel free to tell me what you think about this, like it or dislike it? think this is good or bullshit?
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  2. Perikles Member

    I LOLed. I liek this idea.

    Have been trying to find out what is an "unacceptable" level of graffitti in the luck as yet. Will have a call around tomorrow.
  3. whywefight Member

    nice! feel free to take pics or videos an post them. wanna see more bling action! :D
  4. Magnonymous Member

    I'm in UK. I've been writing over my money. If it turns out to be unacceptable, I'll go to the bank and claim someone else did it. They'll have the tech to prove the notes are genuine, therefore I have not lost out.

    If my currency is rejected because it has "We Are Anonymous" written over it then it's going to cause a big scene at the bank. :D

    Perikles: AFAIK, as long as they are able to identify the marks on the note which show it as genuine, the amount of graffiti is not a factor. I'd stick to biro...perm markers and such are likely to soak through the watermarks on the note.
  5. Magnonymous Member

    Photo of Bling. It ain't the best quality photo though, sorry.
  6. Perikles Member

    ^^ yeah, that's the thing. I was hoping to take a £20 and use a perma marker to black out all of one side bar "anonymous" or summat.
  7. whywefight Member

    till now, i had never probs paying with blinged money. if asked, i explain the whole thing. just by writing they dont lose their "value". and at least if this would not work, ill hit a bank for exchange.
    how big was the stuff you wrote on the note?

    nice pic but hard to see ^^
  8. Magnonymous Member

    Normal hand writing in block caps...It wouldn't allow me to post full size pic here...

    Written on both sides of note in places easiest to see and places that people gotta look to verify the note.

    Things on the lines of "We are Anonymous" "We are legion" "You are Anonymous"

    Each note has the word Anonymous on it at least twice, most have the word Legion appearing at least once. Used biro, so I ain't worried about destroying watermarking. I'll get a couple more photo's, close up.
  9. Magnonymous Member

    Appreciate the quality is shit, that's coz I only have a camera phone. Close ups:



  10. Great Idea. I'll get on with this, as soon as I get some money lol
  11. sebbebobban Member

    I like it, finnaly a reason to use paper money
  12. whywefight Member

    nice work @Magnonymous. now go out and spend it ^^

    i cant use my creditcard because it belongs to an evil empire, so i had to switch. i love this op, money is a great medium to spread a message... hehe
  13. Warhawk57 Member

    Great idea, cant wait to start paying for stuff with dollar bills. going to buy a tv or something haha
  14. UMULAS Member

    I am a hard cash person now (had paypal but due to Operation payback) So I will put anonymous or
  15. Anonymous Member

    This works; a tried and proven operation.
  16. Anonymous Member

    How to create our own personnalisez stamp?
  17. Anonymous Member

    So you are telling people that you are anonymous? Oxymoron? Dude, if they ask: "What is this shit written on the bill?" Just tell them you got it that way. There you go. Fucking remain anonymous and don't be a namefag.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    ^^LOL That's certainly a derp.
  19. puhleaze Member

    Tan-fastic idea, GF masks and are blingin on my paper now, we need to promote this idea to raise awareness
  20. uncoerced Member

    All cash is now blinged, next paycheck will be cashed into ones- maximizing exposure.
  21. Anonymous Member

    I know this is under freedom of information, but really...

    And whatever you write, if anyone asks about it say you got it that way. And if anyone won't take it, use it at a self-service checkout.
  22. SuperAnonMan Member

    lets just say i have acess to a decent amount of bills on a daily basis and have been doing this for a couple weeks now. this is def something we should be doing to help raise awareness to the cult and wwp as well as anonymous in general
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Oh ffs, blah-blah-blah anonymous on bills means fuck all to anyone spending it, how about stamping the bills with a small URL to one of the many protest or info sites?
  24. Anonymous Member

    Not Your Personal Army. GTFO!
  25. Ann O'Nymous Member

  26. SuperAnonMan Member

    didnt relize i was using wwp or anon as my own personal army. all i said was "operation bling" would be a great way to spread tbe word about the cult.
  27. Anonymous Member

    No you didn't you said you handled large amounts of paper ca$h and that we should follow suit, aka, join your army.
    It's the "we should be doing" part that states you want a personal army.

    If you issue orders around here, anonymous gets pissed off.

    Who the fuck is "we" ? There is no "we." There is only anonymous. So again, GTFO and this time, also, STFU!
  28. Anonymous Member

    GF mask on the Queen FTW
  29. Anonymous Member

    Hamilton or Washington?
  30. Jilojab Member

    I did this with a bunch of my USD bills a couple months ago, but then I just got too scared of being tracked down so I pussied out.
  31. lulzgasm Member

    Does that also include orders to GTFO and STFU? :p
  32. Anonymous Member

    No pronoun? No problem!
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