Operation DarkNet - war on pedophilia

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Wrong Guy, Oct 18, 2011.

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    Yeah, I kinda saw that by now... So, so far I havn't really made a good impression of myself, now have I?
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    we're pretty forgiving ;)
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    Ah, you're fine. Not your fault the server has its knickers in a twist.

    Some legal stuff that could be done:

    - co-ordination with law enforcement. Is Anonymous fucking things up for law enforcement? Is Anonymous passing information about possible perps to law enforcement in an effective manner?

    - dox (legally obtained) - e.g. dox on hosting providers who don't take this stuff down when asked nicely to do so. We want to know more about the hosting companies, their owners, their bankers, their lawyers. Who are their local police force and why have they done nothing? Who is their local politician and what is their view? Is the hosting company's activity legal or illegal in that specific jurisdiction.

    - creating media - like the xcellent 'Anon shoots pedobear' graphic above.

    - political support. It shouldn't be hard to find some politicians to speak out in favour of this.

    - explaining Anonymous's position to journalists. Letters to the editor saying, law enforcement was doing nothing about this, so citizens of the net have fallen back on vigilante action.
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    Pedophiles moriendum
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    I might offer a simple observation that while many server builders seem to anticipate processor heat, they rarely address disk array heat -- but that seems like "grey area".
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    The hotter it is, the tastier it is. Nom nom nom nom
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    We Do Not Forgive!
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    Worth a read if only for the malapropisms.
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    hey there anons,
    I'm a journalist with Wired, working on a piece about #opdarknet and the recent trend towards moralfagging amongst anons in various ops. I'm trying to understand not only what's happening in opdarknet, and how long/far it will go, but why it happened now. Any anons willing to chat with me about it, here or elsewhere?* I'm and @quinnnorton on the twitters. Quick description of my beat is here:

    *my standard disclaimer when working with anons: i don't want to know who you are. unless you are totally namefagged, if i find out your real name, i will drop you like a burning log, ie not talk to you anymore.
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    Why do rats panic when you turn on the light in a room?
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    AKA the why question is too simple to answer
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    So ask...

    re your questions above:

    What's happening? Is obvious, surely.

    How long/far? Who knows?

    Why now? Interesting question to which I don't know the answer. Perhaps other Anons can help.
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    Why would a journalist use a term like "moralfagging" ??

    Just saying.

    Anyway, it's about time the powers available to Anonymous were used to expose and destroy pedophile networks.

    The gift of anonymity should not be misused by those who take pleasure from the rape of children, they should be named and shamed, and regardless of legal implications they should be dealt with by the community as they see fit.
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    OK so Quinn has a nice smile, so I'll bite.

    My own take on Anonymous/OWS/DarkNet is that there are no real huge boundaries between them.
    Anonymous was born out of a need to exact retribution, and the mask was initially a simple calling card to extract further humiliation from an Anonymous "target".
    The targets may have broadened but the essential message is the same.

    Scientology tried to fuck with our internet, attempting to shut down the Cruise video. It was punished, hard, and continues to be punished nearly four years later, resulting in several high level execs quitting and zero new recruits since their corrupt and fraudulent empire was ridiculed and exposed, and secret documents distributed for free.

    Naturally such a win is empowering. In light of Wikileaks' situation with Visa and PayPal, the targeting and shutting down of those companies was justified.
    Same goes for HBGary Federal. They stuck their dicks in the hornet's nest, they got stung.

    The more Anonymous gets to "win", by destroying and humiliating these self-important corporate entities, the more powerful it becomes.
    So it was inevitable that in light of organized protests against mega-corporations and banks, that the only real weapon against these big firms was Anonymous.

    One very interesting aspect is that - again my opinion - Anonymous on the whole rejects conspiracy theorists, moonbats like Alex Jones and David Icke are in fact the enemy of Anonymous, and so are the tiresome drum circle chanting hippies who believe they have a divine right to attend every protest and arrogantly install themselves as earth's chakra-healing protectors.

    So the OWS situation is interesting but somewhat removed from the traditional methods employed by Anonymous.

    Operation DarkNet is a project that could lead to the prosecution of a number of people who enjoy watching babies being raped.
    One might argue that this is the primary function of Anonymous - to expose the evil online crime networks that the governments should have done 10 years ago.

    Same could be said about the Mexican drug gangs now apparently being targeted.

    What will be interesting when DarkNet gets the full list of subscribers to the baby rape websites - how many of them are politicians, clergy, high level business people.

    One of the many benefits of Anonymous activity is that it is immune to lobbyist groups, so you can bet anyone well-known linked to DarkNet's pedophilia exposé will have their lives utterly destroyed in a manner that the governments of the world would be too scared to do.

    It stands to reason that if the FBI or whoever were to have listened to Anonymous back in 2008 and had raided the Scientology headquarters in Clearwater and Hemet, then things would be very different.

    As it is, in spite of clear evidence, the government has proven to be cowardly in its approach, and this has served to increase the cruelty and retribution factor now that Anonymous potentially has access to the largest list of long term pedophiles the world has ever known.

    tl;dr - Any cop, politician, company CEO or media star who is proven to have been accessing the baby rape websites - EXPECT US.
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    All too often the law is far to weak to deal with such people in the manner that that they should be treated.
    If the law fails, Anonymous is there to pick up the slack.
    One thing is for sure - these pedophiles, no matter how powerful - will never be able to remain anonymous.

    It's one thing to advocate breaking laws, it's another to articulate the inevitable contempt for law if law is not working.
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    Research reveals she also has nice tits and good taste in t-shirt slogans


    although personally I'd consider those tattoos rather ill-advised, but then what the fuck do I know.

    She seems to know her stuff on Anonymous.

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    Whoa. Now I understand how this op ran. Sort of. IOW, not posing as kiddie bait on chat rooms, but a reach into the very core of their web to pull out, not a wabbit, but a Perry.

    Anon, if you can pull out a subscriber list, that could conceivably change the face of our communities overnight. If 'To Catch A Predator' has taught me anything, the inclination to fuck other people's children resides in a cross section of America; from truckers to pediatricians, from district attorneys to students.

    I'm sure you're already well aware of the potential, but I like thinking about stuff like this and the impact it could have if "opinion leaders" are tapping that underaged pr0n.
    And bishops, and boy scout leaders, and mayors, and senators, and the local car dealer, and...and...

    It sounds like this Perry has skills. This is certainly a bigger challenge than the derp Scilon sites, and I wish you all success. Not just for the children, but for the lulz of watching the mighty fall by their own nasty inclination to watch children being raped.

    Do you think any of them are sleeping soundly these days?
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    I hope a great many are considering suicide, it would be the most honorable course of action given the imminent doxing about to take place.
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    points like
    just mean nothing at all. The world uses Apache.

    WLTKM about Formless Networking LLC.
  25. xenubarb Member

    People who wonder why anon doesn't take this to the authorities should ask themselves; if their own work found a subscriber list, would you hear about who was on it?
    No, likely you wouldn't, because these people cover for each other as a professional courtesy.

    Anon gonna hurl it out into space and let it settle about the world as it will.
    I have great hopes that there are lots of clergymen, politicians, and other "opinion leaders" on that subscription list.
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    Waiting for DarkNet to go after a police sting site...
  27. Anonymous Member

    There is a range of actions involving sex with children that deserve a range of punishments. The punishment should fit the crime.
    Someone watching child porn is not in the same category of criminality as someone producing it, and most certainly does not deserve to die for it.

    People who are sexually attracted to children did not ask for that, and there is no cure. Some of them realize that they can never satisfy this need, and must suffer in a state of permanent sexual frustration. Some of them resort to child porn as a form of relief, even though they would never hurt a child. Should someone caught watching child porn who has never personally touched a child have their lives destroyed? I think there is room in a tolerant society for mercy and understanding for people who suffer from pedophilia but who do not wish to cause any harm. The issue is not black and white, and it should not be up to the mob to decide on what is just and fair.
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    That person is perpetuating a demand for child pornography. If there wasn't a market, there wouldn't be a supply.
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    Yes, which is why child porn should be illegal. But the punishment for being a user should not be the same as the punishment for being a provider or a producer, yet this Anonymous operation makes no distinctions.
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    What if it was all created by computer graphics animation?

    Good, bad or really gross and sick?
  31. Anonymous Member

    And perhaps someday when I have the time I'll ponder the ethical intricacies regarding those distinctions. Until then, neither do I.
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    Then if you are hurting innocent people or if you are causing people to be punished beyond what is legally justified, you are acting in bad faith, unethically, and you may even be criminally or civilly liable if someone gets hurt.
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    I ain't doing nuthin sweetpea. Couldn't hack my way out of paper bag. Just commenting on a post that I found offensive.
  34. Ridiculous generalisation about every law enforcement agency in the world.

    The police officers I know definitely do not cover for anyone, 'as a matter of professional courtesy' or any other reason, on offences such as child porn.

    While of course there are some corrupt police - as there are people in any profession - let's not create a conspiracy where none exists.
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    ok, but why didn't it happen earlier? just right opportunity? i mean, i know anons have been hating on cp since the *chan only days.
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    1679_69f3.jpeg [/quote]

    Here's a pair of great tits:


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    This is an older Op dealing with same stuff. It may just be that Anon has recently grown beyond chan roots to the extent that there are a significant group of people who are not jaded about cp and looking for something productive to do. Doesn't necessarily mean 'moralfags' are taking over Anon forevs, but if you look at what's happening with OWS there's definitely something in the air right now.
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    I'm not talking about LEO. I'm talking about the people to whom they would turn if there were important people (i.e. their buddies) on the list. Ever notice how much shit we'd never hear about if there weren't leaks?
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