Operation DarkNet - war on pedophilia

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Wrong Guy, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Colin Member

    Sounds like a great idea! If you'd like i could make some fliers or cards or something along those lines! Just tell me what you'd like to have on the card and i'll get right to work
    come join us on fb and drop the page a message so we can get the talks started.
  3. Colin Member

  4. V3nD3774 Member

    let's keep up the good work we are doin...
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  5. V3nD3774 Member

    hi all, any news here ??
  6. Stigmata88 Member

    Why doing so ?
    It's stupid.
    Deleting porn won't bring back those children.
    It will avoid it by erasing evidence and clues to find them back.
    Many of them are still in jail of rapers house (probably like the sister of a close friend...)

    If you want to do something, track them, watch all those movies and find them back.
    Catch them if you can
  7. dmarksbarber Member

    Pedo bear - isnt really something that can be gotten rid of, the same with the pictures that are on the internet, someone somewhere will always either remind the internet of them, or upload them to a place where people can see them again.
  8. Stigmata88 Member

    pedobear is cultural, like Forever Alone
    It's just massively stupid too think about deleting it from the net
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  9. Colin Member

    Pedo bear is just a joke... It shouldn't be taken seriously. Although child pornography is very real and wrong, pedo bear is just a joke that should be taken lightly
  10. Agreed. Pretty much every instance I've seen of the Pedobear image was in a sarcastic or "that's fucked up" manner, sometimes both at the same time.
  11. Colin Member

    And also I was just thinking. I know that child pornography is wrong but the thing is, wasn't anonymous fighting for the un-censorship of the internet? Just remember when Tunisia blocked wiki leaks, remember the fights and the protests we had and how angry we were that the internet was being censored.
  12. Lrn2Anonymous. Some Anons hate kiddie porn and censorship. Other Anonymous couldn't give two shits. I'm sure those Anons, if they even care enough to think it through, realize the two are not necessarily incompatible. With kiddie porn, children are the victims, and it is in society's interest to shut it and its producers and consumers down. The initial crime is the production, and those child predators should be found and prosecuted. Next, we have the distributors and consumers who profit either tangibly or intangibly from the commission of the initial crime, which is another crime. I happen to believe both should be hunted to the ends of the earth by law enforcement, and that the producers should receive the worst sentences.
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  13. Colin Member

    Look I know what your getting at, but eliminating kiddie porn wont stop anything. Children will still be victims of these terrible acts no matter what. Whether on or off the internet, we cant stop things like this.
  14. Kilia Member

    Eliminating kiddie porn will help some, and some is better than nothin.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Have you as a young teenager ever been picked up in a van by a man wearing black-gloves and realized that you had then made a mistake as you saw the door lock on your side of the van?

    Have you ever been to an adults home where they talked about making videos while showing you the beautiful women you would get to have sex with along with photographs of other young people who did videos?

    Both of these things occurred to me can't say it was pleasant to remember that time in my life.

    Luckily for me I ran away and escaped as the pedophile was distracted others are not so lucky.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Eliminating pedophiles will make the planet better.

    Expose them, and someone will kill or maim them if they don't kill themselves.
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  17. Kilia beat me to it. The fact we can't eliminate all of it is no reason to avoid taking measures to eliminate as much of it as we can. That said, I find it sickening that some who are busted for mere possession of kiddie porn have gotten worse sentences than the child rapists themselves.
  18. Colin Member

    What im saying is there isnt a chance to end this on the internet, but we could stop it outside it. Find out where these people live and where they run there businesses. Protest outside those businesses. Make it hell for them to live.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    We can only do what we can do. I am not a policeman, I can't arrest anyone. But if I can help smoke out the child abusers, than by God I will!
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  20. Anyone that seriously thinks that OpDarknet is the work of "anonymous" is right partially, it was a joint operation between "anonymous" and various feds. "anonymous" as we know has died a while ago, before sabu and lulzsec, before WITP and some time after the Ryan Cleary incident. It's #opnewblood. i TOLD them it was a stupid idea... the whole idea of diluting "anonymous" for more cannon fodder to legitimize the botnet DDoS was the thing that started the entire downward spiral.

    Good riddance.

    ~ Dagnos_ -- "retired" anon now i2person
  21. Emma Peel Member

    That's nice, dear.
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  22. I don't want child predators to be killed or maimed. I want them brought to justice and imprisoned. That's a nastier fate in the long run.
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  24. Anonymous Member

  25. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology Minister Accused Of Molesting Thetans | The Onion


    Ordained Scientology minister Frank Linehan being arrested for sexually molesting alien body thetans

    LOS ANGELES — The Church of Scientology plunged into scandal Thursday when Frank D. Linehan, a prominent minister who has helped thousands of parishioners move up the Bridge to Total Freedom and achieve Clear, was arrested on 471 charges of molesting alien thetans.

    Police said Linehan, 56, was arrested after a federal investigation revealed this week that he sexually abused dozens of body thetans in the past year and possibly more than 400 thetans over his three decades with the church, in most cases when the murdered alien spirits were left alone with him in auditing rooms after being exorcised from their human hosts.

    Most victims were between 60- and 65-million-years old with some as young as 58 million, investigators said, prompting accusations of serial abuse that have shaken the church to its core. If convicted, Linehan could face life in prison for his crimes, according to California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

    “The thing that makes this case so troubling and so shocking is the total abuse of trust,” Harris told reporters at a press conference outside the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles, where police believe the majority of assaults took place. “These are unbelievably horrific cases where someone abused their position of power to target those who are defenseless. No one in the community could believe someone could do this to a thetan, a thetan who is voiceless.”


    One of the alien life forces Linehan is accused of fondling

    “Both as an attorney general and as a person with possibly hundreds of murdered alien souls clinging to her body, it shocks the conscience,” Harris continued. “But I’d like to take this opportunity to tell everyone that we are doing everything in our power to protect young immortal spiritual beings and pursue this case to the fullest extent of the law.”

    Federal prosecutors say that Linehan forced a reincarnated essence of life to perform sexual acts on him as early as last week, just days before he was taken into custody by authorities. During that encounter, the minister allegedly assaulted a 62-million-year-old thetan that had just been exorcized from a parishioner during a Level OT II solo auditing session.

    A videotape of the incident recorded by Linehan and obtained by police shows him laying soft kisses upon the alien spiritual being until it becomes frightened and cowers in the corner of the room. Before the thetan has a chance to escape and latch onto another human host, the minister and Class 12 auditor wrenches the omnipotent entity from a fetal position, unzips his pants, and forces the eternal presence to perform oral sex on him for the next 25 minutes.

    “The footage was extremely graphic in nature,” said Det. John Carr, who uncovered “hundreds and hundreds” of compromising photos of the immaterial souls on Linehan’s computer. “What I saw on those tape was beyond anything I had ever witnessed. Nothing had prepared me for it.”

    “You trust these people with your thetans, and they abuse that trust,” Carr continued. “Those thetans, they didn’t deserve this. And some looked like they couldn’t have been reincarnated more than a thousand times or so."

    The latest revelation comes as federal investigators in Los Angeles say they have “credible evidence” of cases of sexual abuses committed by Linehan as far back as 1978, suggesting a decades-long coverup by church officials. Employment documents confirm that over the past three decades, Scientology leaders have repeatedly transferred Linehan to new compounds and allowed him to continue working with thetans, even after a 1982 conviction of fondling an alien soul in the back of a solo auditing room.

    At the Celebrity Centre on Thursday, practicing Scientologists and Suppressive Persons alike gathered to demand that that the church excommunicate Linehan and formally apologize to the thetans.

    “On behalf of everyone in our church, I would like to apologize to all the body thetans and clusters that have suffered so grievously from this horrible abuse,” Church of Scientology leader David Miscavage said in response to the protests. “Thetan abuse is never excusable, and we are shocked and saddened by the molestation of everlasting life forces detailed in this investigation. But I urge all of you, in this time of uncertainly, to continue your solo auditing and help our church renew its commitment to the care of forlorn alien spirits.”

    While Miscavage’s apology has been accepted by some, others have reportedly not been so forgiving. Religious experts say that no matter what the church says in defense of Linehan, the scandal is likely to have far-reaching consequences for Scientology, with some predicting it may have lost a generation of followers.

    “The church needs to reassure people that they can be trusted again, that people can leave their thetans with them and not worry that they’ll be injured or raped,” Duke University professor Elizabeth Hoffman said. “If you can’t trust your clusters of alien body thetans with the Church of Scientology, then who can you trust them with?”

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  26. snippy Member

    You had me until this:
    Like that would ever happen.
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  29. Howard Hunt Member

    Wow thread....just wow
  30. Anonymous Member

  31. rickybobby Member

    Help educate me on why this is a WIN. Honestly. I am disturbed that our government infiltrated a Tor hosting service, didn't just take down said service, they kept it going and used a vulnerability to unmask IPs of users. It's sad that I don't trust my government to use that information wisely and justly, but I don't. I just don't. Wasn't there a better way to do this that didn't invade the rights of others?

    Tell me what you see that I don't. Our government is using the hideousness of child porn and the fear of terror to erode our privacy, invade our lives, and track everything we do.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Doing a TL;DR for your fails me at the moment so I suggest a search of - #OPeration Darknet - on WWP or the entire Internet.
  33. FloGold Moderator

    There I fixed it for you.
    If you rather put the privacy of some jack off child molester before the shutting down of an entire empire of child abuse and pornography then you need to just go an hero somewhere.
    if you really cant see past all the shit you're bawwing about to see how this is an epic win then I refuse to waste my time explaining it to you.
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  34. Howard Hunt Member

    Please understand i mean no disrespect,,,, but I thought the whole point was to expose and remove pedos. anonymous doesn't have a jail house some where to put said pukes.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Rights of others?
    Oh, do you mean the rights of grown men that think its ok to have sex with children? and even go so far as to make a national holiday about it for themselves?

    Oh please... Go fucking kill yourself rickybobby
  36. Howard Hunt Member

    Wait....there is a sick fuck holiday?
  37. Howard Hunt Member

    Did I miss that somewhere on this tread?
  38. Howard Hunt Member

    Thread......getting late
  39. Anonymous Member

    google alice day bro...
  40. Howard Hunt Member


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